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Tattoos! Really?

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Children who know that they have not completely matured yet are making decisions that will effect them until the end of their lives. They want to stand out and be different and what actually happens is that they disappear into a sea of other people who have made the same mistake. People who know they are not mature enough to know what classes to study, in school, seem to have no problem having their body marked up with Tattoos.

Does this accomplish the wish to be seen as different and outstanding? No! What it does is mark them as someone who is not a good decision maker, marks them as someone who does not think ahead and brands them as people who are insecure and unsatisfied with what Mother Nature has given them.

When I see people with tattoos, wether they are girls or boys (Notice that I didn’t refer to them as men or women) I pity them and think of them as Lemmings who haven’t got the gumption to be different. I do not see them as Rebels! I also question their intelligence. People who are smart and forward thinking do not have Tattoos. They are not people who get swept up in fads or un-realistic expectations. I would not date a women that has Tattoos. I would not hire anyone who has Tattoos, even if the Tattoos could be hidden, when one is fully dressed.

Tattoos are for chumps! Chumps finish last! Tattoos? What were you thinking?

Kip Addotta



I admit to watching my share of porn. I’ve seen the Deep Throats, Hot Moms, MILFs, BBW, Lesbians, BBCs, Cuckolds, Strap Ons, SM, and a few more I won’t mention. The problem I find with all of these is that they’re pros. I’m bored with pros. If I see the word “Staring” in the title, I don’t even bother. So, after much in depth and thorough study I have decided that I don’t like porn!

I used to host a game show called “Everything Goes” on The Playboy channel. The tag was, “Everything Goes, Including Your Cloths. The One With The Most On, At The End Of The Show Wins” The producers of the show also had no idea of what was sexy and kept bringing on pros, as contestants. It was boring. One large breasted woman after another. And the men where always, “Hunks”

This is what the producers thought the viewers wanted to see. They were wrong and no amount of complaining, on my part, did any good! What the audience wanted to see was real people. People that reminded them of someone they might know. Someone they could identify with. I know what Pamela Anderson, and all the Pamela Anderson wannabes, look like nude. What I would like to see is what the checker, at the market looks like nude. Pros aren’t sexy! They’re pros. People that I would never and wouldn’t want to have sex with.

Big tits aren’t sexy! Especially when you wake up the morning after and get a look at then slumping into her arm pits. Boob jobs aren’t sexy because they don’t move in a natural way and, like bad face lifts, make my pity the person that has one. And don’t get me started on Tattoos! Or, as some people refer to them, “Tramp Stamps”

And I am

Kip Addotta



Time is the only currency, in life! Take my cash, steel my car, but don’t waste my time. Time is the only thing that cannot be replaced.

If you live to be seventy-two you will have lived twenty-five thousand days. Sobering, huh. And yet we have no problem wasting it. We give it away, we throw it away and we kill it.

I would much rather do something than reading about someone doing it. To me, reading is a waste of time. Ho, I have read many books. All of them are autobiographies. I like to read about peoples lives in past times. I’ve read Shogun, The complete annotated works of Arthur Conan Doyle, Charlie Chaplin, The Marx Brothers, W.C. Fields, Hitler and on and on. But, I have no use for fiction, of any kind. They seem, to me, to be a waste of my time. and yet people who read it get quite haughty about it. They consider themselves above the rest, more elegant, somehow. They join groups of people who discuss books that they have read. And brag to each other about all the time they have wasted. i consider these people to be pompous morons.

I see people reading many books. And I think, “This person is throwing their time away reading about someone else’s fantasies. I think playing sports is a good use of time. However, I believe that watching sports is a complete waste of time and the creator of many a pot belly and fat ass. Put the book down, turn the TV off and go out and do something, for God’s sake.

I know that I will receive the slings and arrows of righteous indignation for these opinions, but at least I did something. I wrote about it!

Kip Addotta


Of course, lying under oath is against the law and can carry stiff consequences, even jail time.

But, what about lying in every day life? Ninety-nine percent of the commercials we here or see are lies. The gas milage io cars is always a lie. Insurance companies lie and then there are politicians. “If you like your health insurance you can keep your health insurance. If you like your doctor, you can keep your doctor.” Obvious lies and, yet, there is no punishment for it. Car salesmen, of any kind, lie to us all the time. “Let the buyer beware!” is a point of law.

We all tell “Little white lies” all the time. Are you cheating on me? Did you break the lamp? How many drinks did you have? How much do you weigh? How much money do you make? Have you been wearing my cloths? How old are you? Are all examples of things we lie about, all the time.

He or she’s a lier is considered an insult. We don’t trust people who are described as liars. And tet all of us do it all the time. As a matter of fact, telling the truth about someone is considered, “Out of line.  You may be a thief, but if someone calls you that they will suffer your righteous indignation! Lying is considered an inalienable right.

And then there are the lies we all tell in order to be kind to someone. “That dress looks great on you, I love what you’ve done with this place. It looks lived in and no, honey, those jeans don’t make your ass look big at all” Most of the time, all of these things are lies.

As far as I’m concerned, I want people to lie to me. Please lie to me, because the alternative is much to painful for me to deal with. And if you can’t lie to me, please have the decency to withhold the truth!

However, in my personal life, there are those who I pay to tell you the truth. My doctor, my lawyer and my financial advisor are the most common examples. And that, my friend, is the truth!

Kip Addotta

A Friend In Need

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A Friend In Need

Someone once said that if you have one true friend, you are a rich man, indeed.

If this is true then I am a rich man. I have a friend, that I met, in Atlanta, many years ago. One of my friends is a man named Allen Nechy. He is a salesman and the best salesman I have ever known. When I met Allen he was also the heaviest drinker I had ever known. He would drink a fifth of Jack Daniels before he went out for the evening. However, he never drank during the day. During the day he sold siding. In other words, he was a “Tin Man.”

Allen has been a salesman since he was sixteen years old. And all of his buddies were and continue to be his pals. These men were and are twenty to thirty years older than he. So, he is old school beyond his years. Allen loves movies and everyone who knows him would rather hear about the movie, from Allen, than actually go to the movie itself. Being the best salesman in the world, his description of a movie is always much more entertaining than the actual movie.

One night, many years ago, he was in the hotel room of a very important and famous person known for having the most successful TV shows in the history of the medium. His name is Jerry Seinfeld. As usual, Allen was drunk. Jerry said to him, “Allen, you gotta loose the booze. It’s not cute anymore.” That was twenty-five years ago and Allen has not touched a drop since. No twelve step program! He simply quit.

You might be thinking that without the booze, his sales ability would suffer. It has not. If anything it has gotten better. Allen moved to Los Vegas and went to work for a company that shall remain nameless. Suffice to say, the company exists by selling a commodity that has come and gone in popularity.

Allen went to work for this company as it’s lowest ranking salesman and within eighteen months rose to the position of general manager, having tripled this companies over all sales and is now general manager.

Jerry Seinfeld has drifted away having become a little too important to hang with the lower classes. However, Allen and I have remained close friends. If I ask him to do something for me, (And I mean anything) there is no hesitation. He simply says yes. The same goes for me, in return. If Allen asks me for something (No matter what it is) the answer is yes.

I am truly blessed to be able to say that I have one good friend!

Kip Addotta


My Question To You:

It is clear that institutions, governments and legal systems have been dominated by men for thousands of years. In turn, women have been persecuted and cast as temptresses/witches/distraction throughout the ages. (NB Some witch hunts and claims of witchcraft did also affect men and some were killed, however 95% of deaths were women).

But why is this?

Why would women be un-allowed/excluded?

Why does/would sexism/anti-feminism exist?

How does sexism serve the elite?

Are women a threat to men?

Are women more powerful than men?

I have read much to do with religious founding and texts that speak against women, but not very much on the invested interest or original incentive to exclude women.

Some say that, as child bearers, women were given the role as primary care givers, thus meaning that their role was in the home. – If this is the case, why were women, as primary care givers – a very important role-, not given as many rights as men to make important social decisions (ie. not given right to vote, not legally owner of their property, their children or themselves)?

Personally, I have a non-essentialist view which means that I believe that, despite our reproductive organs being different, woman and men are equal in our minds and our capacity to be and feel all things. For instance, I do not believe that men are innately aggressive or women innately nurturing. It is my belief that these traits predominantly recur in both men and women through the constructs of our society, and the impact on personality, identity and therefore gender identity. Thus, I do not believe that women necessarily ‘chose’ their role in history.

Here is a possible thoery. Women are genetically coded to choose what they see as the alfa male. They seem to vote for men who are good looking rather than someone who is most capable of and suited for whatever political office. Example: There has not ben a bald headed man voted into office since women began to vote. The last bald man to become president was Dwight Eisenhower. And he was a war hero, commanding all alied forces during the second world war. Then Kennedy came along and women came out in droves to vote and since then “Looks ” have played a great role in being elected President.

Another question is wether women would vote for a candidate simply because the candidate is female.

I am trying to understand the reason for this historical positioning of women and I would love to hear your thoughts on why women have been excluded.


I am, unwittingly, involved in a feud between Matt Alan and Lori Downey Jr, on one side and “Johnny Cosmo” and Ralph Odierna on the other.

This Feud has involved spying on each other, back stabbing and name calling.

It all started when I was helping “Johnny Cosmo” promote his book “The Players Guide To Playing.” (Available on Smash Words) I brought “Johnny Cosmo” to “The Outlaw Radio Show” (Which airs every Sat. from 3 to 6PM PST) to talk about his book. After that first show, “Johnny Cosmo” returned to the show every week, for seven years.

“Johnny Cosmo,” proceeded to endear himself to the people, on the show, and they took him in with open arms. He, in what is his usual mode of behavior, began to imitate everyone, on the show to the chagrin of most members, including myself. You see, “Johnny Cosmo” doesn’t exist. He is a conglomeration of other people he has come into contact with throughout his life. The only personality he is unable to portray is himself. He is the quintessential chameleon.

This is unfortunate because “Johnny Casmo” has a wonderful wit, but chooses to wear the guis of other people, rather than his own. However, he is, after 21 years of prodding by me, begun to have the confidence and the willingness to come out of his many disguises and  speak with his own voice. Thank God!

Then, Ralph Odierna showed up on the show and was given the title of Talent Coordinator. The guests he invited on were “D” level, so called, wanna be celebrities. Most of them women who Mr Odierna was grooming as possible bed mates. The show suffered from this and it wasn’t long before Mr Odierna was relieved of his duties, although he continued showing up every Saturday.

Then, Mr Odierna decided to begin a spin off of ‘The Outlaw Radio Show,” first called “Historic American Bars” and now called “Historic Holes” which airs on TradioV every Saturday at 11AM PST.

However, to make a long story even longer, “The Outlaw Radio Show” believes that, “Historic Holes” is using the contacts they made during their tenure on “Outlaw Radio” to populate “Historic Holes.”

There! I believe that I have made a noble attempt at recounting this highly convoluted story that, even I, have had some trouble following. Good luck to anyone who compliments me by reading this article.

Kip Addotta


Writing my blog has become my favorite part of the day, I sit here wondering what I’m going to write about. I enjoy the anticipation of it. Will I be scorned for what I write or will people praise me for it? Who knows?

I have been thinking about Hilary Clinton, of late. She is beginning her campaign for The Presidency. She is being supplied with the use of a jet by someone. I wonder who that is? If you find out, let me know.

What we do know about Hillary is her denying any involvement in the Benghazi massacre of our ambassador and three other people, even though her signature is on the document that ordered our troops to stand down and not attempt a rescue. She said, “With all due respect, the fact is we had four dead Americans. Was it because of a protest or was it because of guys out for a walk one night who decided that they’d go kill some Americans? What difference, at this point, does it make? It is our job to figure out what happened and do everything we can to prevent it from ever happening again!” I wonder what she would have thought if “She” had been in that embassy, that night?

Most of what we know about the Clintons has been forgotten or people are too young to have ever known. I would suggest that everyone do a little research on the death of Vince Foster (An alleged former lover of hers) and the death of Ron Brown, a state department official who went down in a plane crash and was found to have a bullet hole in the back of his head.

Who will i vote for in the next Presidential Election? I am not sure. It may be Hillary. After all if one can get away with what she has, maybe she is capable of getting away with even more skullduggery on our behalf.

Kip Addotta



As I sit here, in front of my keyboard, I do not have a clue as to what I am about to write.

I think the biggest problem people have with writing is that they think what they write must be important. I put no such standards on myself. You see, I’m already writing.

I just got a notice that my Netflix movie will arrive tomorrow. I am looking forward to watching “The Lone Ranger” even though it has been panned, by the reviewers. I never pay any attention to reviews. Reviewers are a bunch of cloaked, shadowy figures who sit in theaters and fail to do the most important thing one must do when viewing an entertainment. That one thing is, “Suspend Disbelief.”

If I were to go to an entertainment and proceed tp pick it apart, I am not only wasting my money, but more important than that, I am wasting my time. I am there to go along with whatever the director, of the film wants me to believe.

Now, of course, there are times when the director is a nincompoop and has no vision of the story he or she is intending to tell. These idiots should be taken out and, publicly, whipped and sodomized directly after the premiere.

Now, there are movies that I am not emotionally mature enough to watch. Examples od these are “Cruising” and “Looking For Mister Good Bar.” I walked out of those before my brain became permanently scared, However, I watched “Blue Velvet” in its entirety and, although I was disgusted by it, I made it through the film and promised myself I would never see it again. The same happened with”Apocalypse Now.” It depressed me and I’m shire that’s what Mr. Copolla (The director) had in mind.

So when “The Lone Ranger” arrives I will sit and watch it as if I were a nine year old. That’s the way a film should be watched, in my opinion.

There! I have written an article without knowing what I was going to write.

Kip Addotta


Be careful what web sites you go to, be careful who you call on your phone, be careful where you go. All of this information is being stored in your permanent record.

If you don’t like a TV show or video, don’t watch it. You are being surveilled. If you watch something you don’t like you will be sent more of what you don’t care for.

As far as porn is involved, don’t watch it. When you apply for a job all of this information will be available to your potential employer. and it will come to bare on any sexual harassment suit you may file.

When we were sold on digital media we were doped into thinking we would benefit from it. In reality digital media is what enables the surveillance of what you are up to.

I wish I had a solution. Making all transactions in cash would help a little, but it is a difficult and time consuming thing to do. And you run the risk of being mugged.

So, maybe the solution is not caring. So what if one likes watching chimps having sex. “Build my gallows high.” Yes, I went to a sex shop and bought hand cuffs and yes I plan to run for public office. My life is an open book! Even to my children. “Mom can’t come to the phone, right now, she’s cuffed to the bed having sex with someone.” “My son likes wearing a carrot up his butt. He’s simply expressing himself.” My daughter has head to toe tattoos depicting “The Passion Of Christ.” It’s a stage she’s going through. Her future planes are to become a third grade teacher.

What have we become?

Kip Addotta