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In 1989 I was a man with a plan!  I wanted to take a production crew into a Maximum Security Prison and do a concert for the inmates.

My producer, Reggie Fisher and I went to prisons all over the state of California.  We paused our search at one of the most notorious State Prisons, in the world.  San Quentin State Prison is California’s oldest and best known correctional institution, which was established on the site currently known as Point San Quentin.  San Quentin was and is an intimidating location, in every sense.  It was old, big, bad and wonderful!  The warden was interested in our idea and we went to see him and the place several times.  (If you ever commit a crime, be sure that you cross a State Line, because, you do not want to be put into a “Sate Prison”)

Each time we went to the horror that is San Quentin we were required to sign a ‘Non Hostage Agreement, which stated that if taken hostage, no inmate would be released in order to spare our life!  This, in itself, made our sphincters tighten!  The warden gave us several tours of the facility and, I must say, familuarity did not make the place any less creepy.

During our negotiations, we saw every nook and cranny of this sprawling, dungeon of a long gone era, including Death Row!  The paint was peeling, the walls seeped water which ran down to the floors in a never-ending waterfall.  The inmates were dark, shadowy figures who mumbled and screamed at will!  San Quentin is a noisy place and a mere visit to this frightening location could make any criminal change his ways and follow the “Straight and Narrow” I stopped driving over the speed limit! Just in case.

At one point the warden asked us how much we wanted to be paid for this concert.  I wisely said nothing, wanting to avoid the paper work and scrutiny that I knew would ensue!  The deal was don and we set a date for one month in the future!

We began to prepare for this adventure.  A crew had to be gathered and background checks were run on everyone that would enter the facility. Trucks had to be rented, recording equipment and cameras were rented, rehearsals had to be done and as the date grew nearer we all began to wonder if we had bitten off more that we could chew!  I also brought along my back up singers Lauren Adems and V. Paterson, AKA ‘The Bitches”

We arrived at San Quentin before sun up!  Serious men came out and began the rigorous task of searching every crate, box, purse, pocket and sleeve!  Hostage Agreement were signed and when the gate finally opened with a clank and a grown we all knew there was no turning back!  We pulled onto the grounds and two sets of gates closed behind us.  We were in the slammer!

We slowly rolled over to the auditorium and the crew began to load in.  “The Bitches” and I were escorted to the dressing room area and got into out stage cloths.  The ladies and I went over our notes.  We had one shot at this and I had no intention of making even one small mistake!

When the riggers, the camera crew, and the sound engineers were ready and before our audience was escorted in, we did sound and light checks.  Nothing was left to chance!  The three of us went back stage and began putting the finale touches on our hair and make up.  We could hear the men filing in.  They were loud and talking and joking with one another and were two-thousand strong!  The inmates that were on lock down like Charlie Manson were not allowed to attend.  Thank God!  I knew that Charlie would have tried to do something that would draw all the attention to himself and I did Not Need that!

Showtime arrived and the inmates were not to be kept waiting.  This was a treat for them and one could both hear and feel the anticipation coming from them.

I sent “The Bitches” out first and they took their place, at their mic.  Of course, the inmates erupted into “Cat calls and whistles.  My producer and I were back stage waiting and listening for the men to settle.  It took about ten minutes for this to happen.  I gave Reggie the nod and he went out to begin the music for my entrance.

I stood alone in the dark of the wing waiting for the music to arrive at my walk on Que.  Pecisley on the down beat I put my best foot forward and walked out.  Prison guards were on the floor and lining the stage between us and the “Audience”.  At this point a great calm came over me and I went into committed mode!  I walked to center stage and was given a reasonable reception.  I paused and waited for the men to settle again.  This was “It”!  When the room went down to complete silence, I said, “Good evening ladies and gentlemen!”  When they heard this and realized that I was paying respect and showing some knowledge of “Life in the Joint” they exploded into chears out of returned respect for me.  It was all I coild do to keep from bursting into tears!

The concert went of without a hitch and you can get the DVD at my web site at: http://www.

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One time a few years back I was doing my laundry at a laundromat in the early morning. While the clothes were drying I figured I’d grab a quick meal at the newly opened Waffle House just down the street. They had been open for only a week.

It was Sunday, the joint was packed. As a night worker I was not prepared for the stress of the day. I couldn’t believe all the people. All I could get was a stool at the counter, directly in the path between the work space and the door for customers entering or leaving.

It was brutal. Every time the door would open or close, the waitresses would yell, “Good morning!” – straight through my head. A very unenjoyable meal.

I thought about it later and realized that because the place was new the wait staff had likely been instructed to say “Good morning”, to everyone coming in or going out – and they did it to the letter, no exceptions.

I’m sure after a few weeks on the job they began to develop their own style, their own ways of saying “Good morning!”, such as, “I’ll see you later, Joe”, or, “Thanks, Sally”, or whatever comes to mind. But in the beginning, fearful of losing their jobs, they stuck with the script as given – and man, was it brutal. My head was rocking when I left that restaurant. It was funny afterward though. Most things are.


José Feliciano

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I’ve worked with José Feliciano many times!  The first thing that comes to mind when I think of him is his love of life!  José Feliciano, has never had a bad day.  He cruises along, singing a song and enjoying his profession like no one else.  He is a person that one could learn a great deal from.

Wether I was traveling with him of visiting his home it was always a mutual admiration society.

When I say him playing himself in the movie “Fargo” it disturbed me that the Coen Brothers played him off as a second rate act!  José Feliciano is not now and has never been a second rate act!  The Coen Brothers should be ashamed of themselves!  This “What have you done for me lately and what is your current hit” attitude that many people have is disgraceful.

Feliciano was born in Lares, Puerto Rico, on September 10, 1945. Left permanently blind at birth as a result of congenital glaucoma, he was first exposed to music at age 3; he would play on a tin cracker can while accompanying his uncle, who played the cuatro. When he was 5, his family moved to Spanish Harlem, New York City, and at 9 he played the Teatro Puerto Rico in The Bronx.

He started his musical life playing the accordion until his father gave him his first guitar in a brown paper bag. He would play his guitar by himself in his room for up to 14 hours a day, and would listen to 1950s rock’n’roll records of classical guitarists and jazz players. Andrés Segovia and Wes Montgomery were among his favorites. He later had classical lessons with Harold Morris, who had been a student of Segovia. In a 1969 interview, he also mentioned soul music in general, and Ray Charles in particular, as influences on his singing.

At 17 he quit school to play in clubs. He had his first professional, contracted performance in Detroit.

In 1963, after some live performances in pubs and clubs around the USA and Canada, especially in Greenwich Village, New York, and Vancouver, BC, where he played at the same time as Bob Dylan and Joan Baez, he was signed by Jack Somer, an executive at RCA Victor.[6] In 1964, he released his first single, “Everybody Do the Click” (which become a hit in the Philippines, at #2, staying 14 weeks in the TopTen Hit parade). In 1965 and 1966, he released his first albums: The Voice and Guitar of Jose Feliciano and A Bag Full of Soul, two folk-pop-soul albums that showcased his talent on radios across the USA, where he was described as a “10-finger wizard”.[citation needed] He was also invited to the 1964 Newport Jazz festival.

In 1966 he went to Mar del Plata, Argentina to perform at the Festival de Mar del Plata. There, he impressed RCA Victor officials, who asked him to stay and record an album in Spanish. They were unsure what they wanted to record so Feliciano suggested bolero music. The result was two smash hits with the singles “Poquita Fe” (“Little Faith”, also entitled “Sin Fe”, or “Without Faith”), a song written by fellow Puerto Rican Bobby Capó, and “Usted” (the formal version of “you” in Spanish).

A year later, Feliciano was due to perform in the United Kingdom but the authorities would not allow his guide dog into the country unless it was quarantined for 6 months. The stringent quarantine measures of those days were intended to prevent the spread of rabies. Feliciano later wrote a song entitled “No Dogs Allowed” (becoming a Netherlands Top 10 hit in 1969), which told the story of his first visit to London.

During his British visit, on July 16, 1967, Feliciano gave a live performance on the pirate radio stations Radio 227 and Radio 355, on board the MV Laissez Faire off the British coast less than a month before the stations were due to be closed by the UK’s Marine Broadcasting Offences Act. He also guested on a popular British television show with Dusty Springfield and recorded a rare single for UK RCA called “My Foolish Heart / Only Once” which was played on London radio. Earlier, on June 4, 1967, in London’s Speakeasy Club, Jimi Hendrix came to the stage and jammed with him.

After two more successful albums, Feliciano, now a household name all over Latin America, moved to Los Angeles. He got together with Rick Jarrard who was, at the time, also producing Harry Nilsson and Jefferson Airplane. They recorded The Doors’ song “Light My Fire” in a Latin style and released it as a single, and in the summer of 1968 it reached #3 on the US pop charts with over one million copies sold in the US market alone. The song became a #1 hit in many countries, including Canada, Brazil and the UK and was awarded a gold disc. On the strength of this success, Feliciano won two 1969 Grammy Awards for Best New Artist of the Year and Best Pop Song of the Year, bringing him worldwide recognition as a pop star and stylistic leader because of his ‘crossover’ from Latino music to English-language pop rock. He is widely recognized as the first virtuoso classical guitarist to bring nylon-string guitars into the pop rock scene.

On October 7, 1968, at the height of protests against the Vietnam War, Feliciano was invited by Detroit Tigers broadcaster Ernie Harwell to perform “The Star-Spangled Banner” at Tiger Stadium in Detroit during Game 5 pre-game ceremonies of the 1968 World Series between the Tigers and the St. Louis Cardinals. His personalised, slow, Latin jazz performance[5] proved highly controversial. In an October 2006 NPR broadcast, he expressed pride at opening the door for later interpretations of the national anthem. His World Series rendition, which features him accompanying himself on an acoustic guitar,[5] was released as a single which charted for five weeks on the Billboard Hot 100, peaking at #50.

During the 1980s, after a brief attempt at an English album produced by Berry Gordy, (Feliciano was a guest on the famous 1983 CBS television show Motown 25: Yesterday, Today, Forever), record companies recognized his primary affinity for the Latin market, and he began recording an impressive number of hit records for that market including the Motown albums Escenas de Amor and Me Enamoré, as well as others from RCA, EMI, and Capitol, garnering four more Grammy Awards for best Latin performer. He recorded a duet called “Por ella” with the most popular Mexican singer at the time, José José, which became a Latin hit. In the 1980s and into the 1990s, José recorded duets with Natalie Cole (Everlasting), Gloria Estefan (Alma Caribena), jazz singer Diane Schuur on her 1985 album “Schuur Things”, and with Paul Simon on a particular version of his album Songs from The Capeman.

Feliciano received his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame in 1987, continuing as a very popular singer for the rest of the 1980s. He had his hands cast on the famous Madame Tussauds Museum’s Wall of Fame and has a star on the Walk of Fame of his native Puerto Rico. He also had a hit in 1987 in Austria with the song “The Sound of Vienna”, which reached number 1 there for four weeks, and recorded with the famous Vienna Symphony Orchestra. The Orchestra also performed with him live on national television at Danube Park in Vienna before more than 60,000 people.

In 1994, Feliciano recorded a dance record in English entitled “Goin’ Krazy” (MJM Records) under the pseudonym JR. Latino disk jockeys around the world supported the record, helping the 12-inch dance record chart on Billboard and earning him new and younger fans.[citation needed]

In 1995, Feliciano was honored by the City of New York, which renamed Public School 155 as the Jose Feliciano Performing Arts School. In 1996, he had a short cameo role in the film Fargo where he performed as a lounge act that Steve Buscemi (as Carl Showalter) took an escort for and evening out.

Feliciano was also an inaugural member of the Independent Music Awards’ judging panel to support independent artists.

Feliciano performed the theme song “Behind the Mask” for the television series Queen of Swords in 2000. A promotional video sung in Spanish but never published can be found on YouTube. The full English version, never published, sung by Feliciano and the composers Spencer Proffer and Steve Plunkett is also on YouTube. He would be presented the 2000 Grammy Legend Award at the 42nd Annual Grammy Awards, the same ceremony that saw Santana win 9 Grammys and Christina Aguilera become the second Hispanic to win Best New Artist.

In 2003 Guitarra Mía, a special tribute to Feliciano, was produced by the Banco Popular de Puerto Rico and aired both in Puerto Rico and in US cities with large Puerto Rican populations. This television special (and its soundtrack) featured Feliciano and many Puerto Rican and international stars singing some of his most famous songs, along with his personal favorites from other artists. It was first aired in December 2003, just two days after his mother died unexpectedly from a heart attack. The special’s last scenes featured her giving her son a standing ovation, recorded for the occasion a month before.

On December 6, 2006, Feliciano’s new Spanish album, José Feliciano y amigos, was released by Universal Records, featuring Feliciano in duets with other Latin American stars including Luis Fonsi, Lupillo Rivera, Luciano Pereyra, Rudy Pérez, Cristian Castro, Marc Anthony, Ramón Ayala, Alicia Villarreal, Ricardo Montaner, and Raúl di Blasio. A special edition was later released, featuring Ana Gabriel and Gloria Estefan.

In 2007, Feliciano released an album called Soundtrack of My Life, the first English-language album composed and written by him.

In 2009, after winning his 8th Grammy for the album Señor Bolero, he left Siente Music and released two new English-language albums for digital download, only available from his personal websites. One was dedicated to American Classics, including songs made famous by Frank Sinatra, and the other was an instrumental album in homage to jazz guitar legend Django Reinhardt who inspired Feliciano, and features Feliciano’s song “Djangoisms”. A single from the Kumbia All Starz features him and the Tejano band Los Dinos, released April 28, 2010.

On May 10, 2010, Feliciano performed his rendition of “The Star-Spangled Banner” at Comerica Park in Detroit. This was part of the remembrance of Detroit Tigers radio announcer Ernie Harwell, who had died the Tuesday before. He played it similarly to the way he had in 1968 with his acoustic guitar and his slow tempo-ed, Latin jazz style.

On December 15, 2010, Feliciano appeared as the featured guest on the 37th wepisode of Daryl Hall’s Webbie-Award winning webcast Live From Daryl’s House. Feliciano and Hall took turns on several numbers, including Feliciano’s version of “Light My Fire.” On November 9, 2011, Feliciano received the Latin Grammy Lifetime Achievement award from the Latin Academy of Recording Arts & Sciences.

In January 2012, he was a guest in Memphis for the celebration of Elvis Presley’s birthday, where he announced the release (on 2012 August 7) of his new album The King, a tribute to Elvis produced in collaboration with Elvis’ former manager, George Klein. In July 2012, he signs with managers MBM/Howard Perl Management and then on August 7, 2012, Feliciano released The King, a tribute to Elvis Presley. The record was executive-produced by Elvis’ former best friend George Klein and released by Johnny Phillips’ Select-O-Hits label.

On September 19, 2012, in honor of Hispanic Heritage Month, he was invited to sing “God Bless America” for the seventh-inning stretch of the New York Yankees game at Yankee Stadium. Additionally, less than one month later, on October 14, 2012, Feliciano returned to baseball’s post-season, and on national television, once again rendered his stylized version of the Star-Spangled Banner in San Francisco before the first game of the National League’s Championship Series against the St. Louis Cardinals.

Take that, Coen Brothers! What have YOU done lately?

I am Kip Addotta

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When I call you Addotta instead of Kip, that means I am serious, very serious. I went into your site as requested but could not find the “licking “It” is a sin” post. I even clicked on “Kip’s Quotes” and didn’t find it there either. I would like you to not stress over this. All I can say is, I looked and did not find “It”. In a way I’m glad as I really was not in the mood to comment on “It” as I’m really more of an butt man, although I’m not into “The Starfish” thing, just looking and grabbing perhaps an occasional whiff. The smell of “It” on the right woman also turns me on.

But eating “It” is not my idea of a great time. It’s work. Since I don’t have “It” – even with a great imagination I find it hard to imagine how to make “It” feel good. Everything revolves around me. That is why, even though I am not “Swishy.” I wouldn’t mind a female with a penis.

I’m talking about a real female here, not a transvestite. I can understand the penis but am at a loss with “It”. I’d rather gently sniff one and fall to sleep with head resting on “It” than to stick my face all the way in, pretending to know what I’m doing, but really don’t. If the “It” looked more like a “Staff” I could identify with it easier and hopefully show its owner a good time. Anyway, I could not find the post. Just thought I’d let you know as I did not want you to think I forgot about “It.” I am a man of my word. Word up.


People seem to be surprised that I am so available and approachable, but, you see, this is the way I have always been. When I get up, in the morning, skid mark in tow, I never feel like I am anything but a blue collar guy, going to work. And that, indeed, is who and what I am!

Kip Addotta

Dean Martin

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One night, I got off stage and a man approached me.  He introduced himself as Danny Simon (I found out later that he was Neil Simon’s brother)  He asked me if I would like to do The Dean Martin Comedy Hour?  I said yes and my TV career began.

My Dean Martin Comedy Hour segment was to tape at the Playboy resort in Great Gorge, Pennsylvania.  I got on a plane and flew to Philadelphia.  I’ve never liked flying and the changes in time zones that required me to change my body clock. These changes to my body clock would, someday, come back to haunt me.

I landed in Philadelphia.  I got into a taxi, I told the driver that I wanted to be taken to The Playboy Resort at Great Gorge, where The Dean Martin Comedy Hour was being taped.  The elderly gentleman, behind the wheel, nodded, and off we were off.

In minutes we were out of Philadelphia proper and into the countryside. That’s when I began to become uneasy.  My driver seemed disoriented.  He was all over the road and more than once, barely missed semi-tractors and trailer rigs going in the opposite direction.  I would say: “look out, watch it”, and “were going to crash!”

My driver admitted to me that he had never been outside of the city of Philadelphia and was having trouble seeing. (Everything is closer in the city)  We continued on, using my eyes to guide us.  When we finally arrived at The Great Gorge Playboy Resort I was terribly agitated.  I paid him and tipped him and checked into the hotel.

I had been through one of the scariest experiences in my life, so far! I went straight to the outdoor location to do my spot. There was no audience so I pretended that there was, stopping a bit after each joke so that the editors could put a laugh track in its proper spot.

Also appearing with me was Andy Kaufman. (Later to be characterized by Jim Carry, in the film “Man on the Moon”)  I did a G rated set, as usual, and Andy Kaufman did his Elvis Presley impression, as usual.  I tried to always do fresh material on all of my TV appearances, but Andy would do that same routine at least fifteen times on fifteen TV appearances.  This guy got a lot of mileage out of the same routine! Boring!

After doing my set, I felt good enough about it to be able to go back to my room and sleep.  The next morning, I flew out to God knows where, but at least the man who drove me to the airport could see!

I did the dean martin shows many times. I use the plural “Shows” because Mr. Martin had many shows all with different names, but they all had one thing in common.  Dean Martin!

Dean Martin had done many things, in his life!  He had been a bartender, croupier, boxer, singer and of course the partner of Jerry Lewis!  They were called Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis. Notice the order of billing.  Dean Martin’s name came first! This is no diminishment of Jerry Lewis who I consider a genius!

However, Dean Martin was under estimated by everyone!  In truth, he was also a genius at what he did.

Dean Martin was a great entertainer, in his own wright.  And he knew all the trick of the trade.  One of those tricks was that he could do a pratfall.  Jerry Lewis could not!  A pratfall is one difficult maneuver.  One must swing one leg out to the side and when the leg is swung back, with great power, the inertia of it would bring your body up about five feet in the air and in a perfectly horizontal position.  Then, one would fall straight down and hit the stage.  This is a very funny thing to watch, but not an easy thing to do.  It just looks easy!  One small slip or slight mistake, in judgment can do tremendous damage to ones body.

This is what happened to Dean Martin.  One night he one od thousands of pratfalls and missed it by only a small bit and when he hit the floor, of the stage he did not hit it with his entire body at the same time!  dean Martin suffered an injury to his back that would stay with him for the rest of his painfull life.

He was prescribed Percocet, a pain killer that made his speech slurred and his movements rather slow and glide like!  He had to come up with a reason for his behavior that people would accept.  So he decided to promote the misinformation that he drank a lot.  Dean Martin seldom drank and when you saw him dringing whiskey, on stage, the bottle was actually filled with tea.

So, you see, what we all believed and made jokes about was a myth!  Imd that is the truth and the fact!

I met Mr. Martin several times and he seemed to like me.  One day he called me, at my home and asked me if I would like to write material for him.  Respectfully, I begged off saying that I was so busy writing my own material that I wouldn’t be able to do him justice!  He seemed to understand completely and said, ” I understand, ‘Pally” you are a talented young man and I enjoy your worl.  Good luck Kip. I love ya!”

I am Kip Addotta

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Take my advice. Never proposition a female under the age of twelve. Wait until you are twelve!



Marine Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi remains in a Mexican prison after accidentally making a wrong turn and entering Mexico with his otherwise legal firearms.

To say that the Obama administration has abandoned him would be an understatement. Last week, President Obama spoke with Mexican President Enrique Nieto. At no point during the conversation did the President bring up the fact that there was an American Marine who was unjustly imprisoned in a Mexican jail!

It wouldn’t have been too difficult. All President Obama had to do was tell his Mexican counterpart that this unjust detention was unacceptable. Whether Obama would be willing to back up harsh language or not, the fact remains that Andrew Tahmooressi has been jailed in deplorable conditions for almost three months and the President of the United States couldn’t possibly care less.

I don’t know what is worse: to be beaten and abused in a Mexican prison or to know that the President of the United States – your Commander-in-Chief – could care less that you are there! Now, more than ever, we must raise our voices and DEMAND the release of Marine Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi!

Tell Congress that it MUST bring Marine Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi home and fax blast all of Mexico’s consulates demanding his release!

All we heard when Obama traded five Taliban commanders for deserter Bowe Bergdahl was that the United States left no man behind. Well, Barack Obama has left a man behind in Mexico. He has turned his back on a decorated Marine who is being punished for making a wrong turn and accidentally entering Mexico.

This is a young man who served two tours in Afghanistan and is a bonafide hero, being credited with saving multiple lives. Now, because the U.S. government could care less about his plight, Sgt. Tahmooressi faces 6 to 21 years in prison!

Tell Congress that it MUST bring Marine Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi home and Fax Blast Mexico’s consulates demanding his release!

A lot of people have bought into the misinformation that has tried to discredit Sgt. Tahmooressi.

Many claim that because he was in Mexico the previous day, he must be lying about accidentally crossing the border. The fact is that the day before the incident, Andrew Tahmooressi was, in fact, in Mexico… except he didn’t drive into the country. He parked his truck on the American side of the border and walked into Mexico over the pedestrian bridge.

When Sgt. Tahmooressi later returned to his car, he left the commuter lot and accidentally took the exit for the U.S.-Mexico border crossing. By the time that happened, it was too late for him to turn around.

So no, Andrew Tahmooressi is not lying. The Mexican government is making an example of him to show us “Gringos” what happens when we violate Mexican law.

The fact is that Andrew Tahmooressi never should have spent even a night in jail. He made an honest mistake and his frantic 9-11 call illustrates that. If the Mexican government was reasonable, it would have let him return home with nothing but a warning.

At every level, the system has failed this brave Marine. He has been beaten and attacked by prison inmates. He has been emasculated and abused by Mexican officials. And to top it all off, his own Commander in Chief won’t even take the time to press for his release!

When I saw that President Obama would be having a conversation with the Mexican President last week, I was hopeful that in addition to discussing the illegal

immigration problem, Obama would take the time to at least mention the injustice Sgt. Tahmooressi is facing.

We have known for a while that Barack Obama is a lousy Commander in Chief. But never in my wildest dreams did I think that the President of the United States would leave Sgt. Tahmooressi to rot in a Mexican prison! Every day that this Marine languishes in a Mexican prison is a reminder of just how little the Obama administration cares about our veterans!

Tell Congress that it MUST bring Marine Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi home and Fax Blast Mexico’s consulates demanding his release!

Please join me in continuing to hammer Congress and the White House with faxes demanding that they do everything within their power to release Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi.

Now, more than ever, we must keep up the pressure and demand action! However, we cannot limit our campaign to just Congress. We must widen our scope!

That is why for every fax sent to Congress demanding the release of Sgt. Tahmooressi, we will also be sending a fax to the Mexican embassy on your behalf!

And if you send a fax to the entirety of Congress, then we will also send your fax to all FIFTY Mexican Consulates in the United States!

We know that when we hammer Congress with thousands of faxes sharing a single message, we can generate real results. We have gotten calls from Congressmen complaining about how annoying it is to have hundreds of faxes coming through their system daily.

We know how crippling it can be to send tens of thousands of faxes to Congress that effectively shut down their system until they read every fax! We need to also make sure that EVERY Mexican consulate hears from We the People as well!

Together, we will create enough noise so that Sgt. Tahmooressi’s plight can no longer be ignored!

Tell Congress that it MUST bring Marine Sgt. Andrew Tahmooressi home and Fax Blast Mexico’s consulates demanding his release!


I bought the New York Times today. $2.50, only 50 cents more than USA Today, and triple the reading material. It’s hit and miss day to day. Today was a good one.

There was an article that had me riveted. Very well written. Very descriptive. I read it out loud and laughed several times.

It happened in New York. A Chinese multi billionaire named Chen who in China is considered a publicity hound had placed an ad in the papers announcing that he was giving away a free meal as well as $300 to every homeless person who attends the event at the ‘boathouse’.

Instead of going out and getting his own homeless people, or even sending his own minions to round them up, he went to the Rescue Mission and met with their leaders who offered him 200 of their homeless regulars (reminds me of a certain type of movie from the 30s), as long as Chen rescinds the promise of $300, as they ‘might’ use the money for booze or drugs.

The Rescue Mission people got a check for $90,000 from Chen for setting up the deal. They sent 200 homeless to the boathouse restaurant where they were lead to large banquet tables draped in white tablecloths where they were greeted by tuxedoed waiters who served them their first course (actual words here) – “sesame-crusted tuna with asian vegetable slaw and lemon grass.”

Chen appeared on the dais as tapes of him speaking appeared behind him. “I will give $300, as promised, for every participant today”, he said as the homeless shot to their feet, whooping and applauding. Chen then launched into a version of We Are the World. As he sang, word spread around the room that there would be no payment.

Chen grabbed a microphone and announced that he would still keep his promise. But Mr. Mayes, head of the Rescue Mission, appeared by Chen’s side at the mike and said, “Oh no you won’t. That is a violation of our contract.”

The crowd was getting ugly. Chen soothed them with promises.

The story was a hoot and fun to read. As he was interviewed later with some of the homeless still hanging around he attributed their dissatisfaction to a difference in culture between the East and West. “In fact”, he said, “next year I am going to continue my philanthropy in Africa.”

I have to give the guy credit. Intended or not he exposed our system’s underbelly, and his reference to Africa was particularly funny because from the pics I saw most of the homeless who showed up were of African descent. Funny article. You got the web, look it up.

It has been brought to my attention, that when things are brought to my attention, I seem to not be paying attention. When this alleged behavior was brought to my attention, I wasn’t really paying attention. Now, where was I ………..

My Attention!