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Now that I have time and experience to look over, I can comment on things more clearly and I hope that you take this to heart and not cosider it “My Opinion!”

I have dealt with many Bullies in my life and they all have had one thing in common. They are cowards!

When I was thirteen years old we all would hang out at The Dairy Queen, on Kilburn Ave, in Rockford, IL. There was a boy there that was a quarter larger than the rest of us and he used his size to great advantage. He would bully all of us. One day I bought a twenty-five cent cone (My entire allowance) and was about to enjoy it when this boy came over, took it from me and began to eat it. I had had enough! I used the palm of my right hand and shaved the entire cone into his face and took off! He chased m, but I was faster and left him in my dust!

That boy never bothered me again! He was afraid of me and knew that I was willing to defend myself. Again, a coward!

Over and over I have stood up to Bullies and without fail, they have cowered! However, if you come up against a group of Bullies you will have to fight!

My first real job, in life was as a carhop at Steak and Shake Drive in in Loves Park, IL.

Not all of our customers were nice.  Every weekend a car full of boys, in a 1956 Chevy, would pull in and park out at the end of the parking lot.  They would taunt me with remarks like, “You’re a Queer, you’re so skinny, and you look like a girl.”  One night they pulled a trick on me.  The driver hadn’t backed his car all the way into his spot.  When I ran up to the driver’s side door to take the order, he put his car in gear and backed up to place his left front tire squarely on top of my left foot.  All the boys laughed and jeered.

On another night I had, had enough!  When these boys started to call me a ‘Queer,’ I said, “Hey, I don’t know where you boys come from but I have never seen any of you with a girl.  I think you boys are Queer!”  With that, they piled out of their car and started beating me and kicking me.  I was down on the ground stabbing them in their legs with my lead pencil.  These boys were beating me for a long time when I heard the most wonderful sound.  The sound was Hughey Myers dragging a logging chain across the black top.  Hughey began twirling his logging chain over his head and said, “You boys better let my man up!”  When those punks saw Hughey and that logging chain they jumped in their car and burned rubber away.  I never saw them again.

Hughey helped me up and put his arm around me and said, “You got your ass kicked man, but you got your licks in, I’m proud of you!”  For the first time in my life, someone had called me a man.  I loved Hughey Myers!

Right now I am dealing with a Bully named Stephen Shaeffer and he is another big and cowardly man. I have never met him, but he has decided that I will be easy pickings. Well I’m afraid Stephen Shaeffer has another thing coming. I hired a detective and found out where he lives, his address, his wife’s name, where she works and his mother name and phone number. Stephen Shaeffer is already running for the hills after I called his wife and his home this morning! Another coward!

So remember. If you are Bullied by someone, stand up to them and they will always get rubber legged!

I am Kip Addotta



I was at the peak of my virility in my teen years, 13 to 15 bringing standout memories. But women would have nothing to do with me. I was too needful. Women don’t like that. Now I’m just about totally impotent and they’re swarming all over me.

I have never had a child, and boy am I glad. But I’m sure I could have spawned a good one. A boy. A boy to grow into the most virile of men. Why? Because the most virile men are the product of sexual intercourse between a man at his peak of virility with a woman at the peak of hers.

What I’m trying to say is, sex should be encouraged among teenagers – not just the boys, but the girls. And girls should not be allowed to go out with older boys or men either. Line them up with boys of their own age and let them choose.

I have never been able to understand why adults forget what it was like to be a horny kid. For some reason parents won’t let their kids do what they did when they were kids. Why do kids have to lie when they come home late?

“Where have you been at this late hour”, demands Dad when the kid walks in.

“Uh, me and Timmy were watching a football game and doing our homework during the commercials.” Give me a break. Why can’t the kid say, “Dad, I was up the street messing around with Becky Sue and I lost track of time.” And why can’t Dad say, “Ok, son – just make sure you always exercise caution.

“What do you mean, Dad?”

“I mean when you’re making love and you’re holding her tight, don’t squeeze her too hard or too long or you might crush her to death.”

“Ok Dad, got it.”

Why can’t Moms and Dads accept that? They claim they discourage sex for their children because someone might get pregnant. So what? Maybe 13 year old kids can produce better offspring than people beyond their peak of virility – stronger and healthier offspring than ever. And if they’re not having outright intercourse, what’s wrong with messing around a little bit? I want honest answers.




I Must Have Balance

For me, lack of balance in things is a huge flaw. I must have balance. For example, if I have a car with a large noticeable dent on one side and can’t afford to fix it, I’d rather pay someone less to put a dent on the other side, just to balance it out.

Physical flaws don’t bother me as much when there is balance. The other day for instance. I was watching tv. I lay there closing one eye and opening the other, testing the relative vision of each. My left eye is stronger and has clearer vision than my right eye. But it was not the weakness of my right eye that bothered me, it was the lack of balance.

I tried all sorts of tricks to improve the vision, if only temporarily. I twisted my eye lids, rubbed my eyes vigorously, squinted, blinked repeatedly, the whole nine yards. Nothing worked. Then I decided to toy around with my left eye to distort the vision so it was as bad as my right eye. It worked. But only briefly. If I went to a doctor and was told my right eye could not be improved, I might ask him to reduce the sight of my left eye to balance things out. It it wasn’t too bad I might do that. Anyway, it doesn’t have to be an operation, it could be a lens to reduce the vision so it perfectly matches my weaker eye. Balance.

Even now, earlier actually, typing this note, I looked up and noticed the second paragraph was longer than the first. Way too long. It disturbed me to the point where I went up and split the paragraph into two matching halves. I can’t say it enough – balance means everything to me.

But of course there is a limit. For example, if I lost my left arm I would not be able to grow it back. The only way to achieve balance would be to have my right arm amputated at the exact same spot as the left. Then I’d have balance.

But I probably wouln not go that far. Having at least one arm means something in this world. But with other less important stuff – like a car with a huge dent on one side and the other side is normal, or an atrophied arm on one side of the body and a normal arm on the other – I would pay to have a dent put on the normal side of the car, and my good arm surgically reduced to the same dimensions as the withered one, just to even them out – that is how much balance means to me.


Stuck On Cute

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After being on social media for a while, now, I have come to a disturbing conclusion. People seem to be Stuck On Cute!

Photo after photo of kittens, puppies and babies are everywhere. Rather than voice an opinion or take a stance on something relevant people choosing to hide behind these “Cute” photos and sappy “Memes” that are usually something like, “I’m for goodness and nice people. How about you?” Everyone seems to be bent on this “I want to be seen as a Nice Person” kick!

Advertisers pump this image of themselves as having motives of the betterment of mankind and the earth or the environment for selling their product. If you buy our brand of car it will be good for the environment, because our car runs on lithium batteries! What they leave out is the part about Lithium being poisonous to both pour bodies and our soil! And, by the way, “It’s all natural!” Well, rocks are all natural, rat parts are all natural and yes, toenails are all natural! And we fall for it because, you see, stupid is all natural too!

And we don’t seem to care if our political candidates are competent as long as they are good looking! Do you realize that not since Dwight D. Eisenhower have we had a President that didn’t have a full head of hair. We seem to believe that a full head of hair can run the most powerful country in the world much better than a person that has some experience running a business or even having a lemonade stand, for that matter. And the USA is the only country in the world that believes this.

However, we make an exception for female candidates. We prefer our female candidates to homely, the homelier the better. And we want them to have butts that are near the size of Cleveland! Because women with butts nearly the size of Cleveland won’t intimidate the female voters who’s butts are actually the size of Cleveland and its suburbs. Women with big butts know who to run big countries!

In the upcoming election, I plan to vote for a candidate that is tall, has a full head of hair and a big butt. Lets see. Marlon Brando is dead, so I can’t vote for her. Let me think, hmm… Wait, I have it! I’m going to vote for Jhon Goodman! At least he’ll be able to act like a President!

I am Kip Addotta

See you at the polls!







I see in the news that an African American serial killer has been arrested in Gary, Indiana. I remember the good old days when serial killers were almost always white. As a white male, it was one of only a few things I could be proud of. Now here come the African Americans once again to spoil everything once again.

For a long time, the mantra of black folks was, “Only white people kill for fun.” For a long time I almost believed they were right, that serial murder and child molestation was strictly the work of white folks. Not much to be proud of, but at least it was something.

A few years back they caught an African American serial child-molester/killer in Atlanta. Remember that guy? At the time it was big news. Since then, however, there has been a proliferation of Negro serial killers, to the point where once again they are challenging one of the few remaining bastions of whites-only dominance.
Negroes enjoyed their exclusive non-serial-killer status for a long time. But once the door was cracked and they saw a chance to compete, they ran with it. Not content with domination of basketball, boxing, and soul singing, today they are ahead of us in many areas and neck and neck with us in others. Serial killing was our domain. Let’s take it back. How? There is only one way. Kill the Negroes and wipe out the seed of black male serial killing dominance. Kill them now while we still have the chance to remain number one at something. I am just kidding, of course. Truth is, I am glad to see that true racial equality is finally on the rise in our land.



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Stalking is unwanted or obsessive attention by an individual or group toward another person. In this case Kip Addotta! Stalking behaviors are related to harassment and intimidation and may include following the victim in person or monitoring them on the internet. The later is true, in my case. Yesterday on 10/21/14 I posted a video, on YouTube in which I did a rant on the ravages of liquor and drugs on our society!

I immediately started getting comments from a Stephen Shaeffer accusing me of smoking weed on a video I put up in May of 2011. Stephen Shaeffer went on to infer that I was  hypocritical for doing a rant on liquor and drugs while I, myself, was smoking pot. In addition to this he went on to castigate me, saying that I had gone against my statement that my “Word” was 24 carrot gold! I took offense to this and, with that, he accused me of only wanting positive posts, on my videos!

I informed him that I have never deleted a negative post on TouTube before, but he was having none of that! He had been waiting all these years to find a chink in my armor and thought his dream had come true!

The creepy thing about Stephen Shaeffer is that I have never heard from him before, even though he has obviously been monitoring me for years and had eighteen of my videos uploaded to his YouTube page, seemingly waiting for an opportunity to pounce.

The word stalking is used, with some differing meanings, in psychology and psychiatry and also in some legal jurisdictions as a term for a criminal offense.

According to a reports by the National Center for Victims of Crime, “virtually any unwanted contact between two people that directly or indirectly communicates a threat or places the victim in fear can be considered stalking,” although in practice the legal standard is usually somewhat stricter.

Good Day, Mr. Shaeffer!

I am Kip Addotta

Ming, The Living God King

Although, i am a Roman Catholic and follow the spiritual leadership of Pope Frances, My life coach is Ming, The Living God King!

Ming, The Living God King is from the planet Zoldar, in the Zeta Reticuli Star Group and is on Earth to save Earth from Itself!

Born September 12, 1981

Location 90210

Affiliation The Living God King Teachings


The Humanitarian Award Given Anonymously! 1982

Best Performance In The Miniature Golf Course Finals! 1984

First Place At The Rugby Boy Watching! Super Dome! 1985

Finest Earwax Collection On Earth 1987

First Prize, National, US, Fart Dodging, Mixed Competition! 1990

Second Place, Free Style Badger Toss, Montreal! 1993

Winner, First National ATM Challenge! 1996, Time, 14 sec!

Skeet Shooting Competition, Singles Only! 1997

Nobel Peace Prize! 2000 Award Accepted By Mohammed Ali!

World Heavy Weight Boxing Championship! 2003 Held For Seven Full Hours!
Gender Plural (neutral)

Personal Information

When in the presence of Ming, The Living God King, you will conduct yourself with respect and homage to Ming, The Living God King!

Personal Interests

Teaching, Listening, Moderating, Helping Earthlings, Ruling, Rugby and Kettle Bells!


Even before Ming’s birth, the Living God King from the planet Zoldar, in the Zeta Reticuli Star Group, was triggering miracles.

Official biographers say Ming’s birth in an electrical storm on the slopes of The Honqoqeenq Mountains, in September 1981 was foretold by a Zoldarian Raptor and was heralded by a double rainbow.

When Ming was born, a new star appeared in the night Heavens.

Landing on Planet Earth, the first time Ming picked up a golf club, in 1982, Ming shot shot a 45-under par round on Pales Verdes Golf Course, including 14 Holes-In-Ones. Ming then decided to retire from the sport for ever! But, Ming can still be found licking the dew off the 7th green at dawn! Ming, The Living God King stated that the dew reminds one of the taste of a Zoldarian virgin’s genital Gland!

Ming has the ability to alter the weather simply through the power of thought.

The fledgling leader was a genius as an infant, with official Zoldar biographers stating that Ming had learned to walk at just 3 days old and was speaking in 146 languages including Zoldarian in 7 days.

As a school pupil in QyonQyanq, he corrected and chastised the teachers for their incorrect interpretations of history.

Ming, The Living God King wrote six full operas in three days, All of which are better than any other in the history of music!

Ming, The Living God King designed the Tower of the Juqhe Iqea, a 786-meter Phallic Symbol on the East bank of the River Qaeqonq in central Qyonqyanq that is topped by a glowing Green Fist.

Ming, The Living God King’s official biography also notes that Ming wrote 1,500 books during the time at QunQ Universiqy, from where It graduated Magna Cum Likely Lately in 1979.

According to the Zoldarian Central News Aqency, ZCNA. Ming, The Living God King is an expert on all aspects of the film industry and improved the scripts and guided the production of the movie Diary of a Girl Student. Ming’s favorite movies are reportedly, Friday The 13th, Rambo and anything starring Miley Cyrus.

Ming, The Living God King employs six hundred servants to inspect every grain of rice that is served to It, eliminating any with the most minor of flaws!

And me?

I am Kip Addotta


Well, my Granddaughter, Kayla is now ten years old. I remember the day she was born like it was yesterday.

I was standing outside of the delivery room with my ear to the door listening for some sound. Then I heard my daughter Kathy exclaim, “Aha” having seen Kayla for the first time. I passed out and crumpled to the floor. It was a good thing the floor was carpeted.

When my eyes opened, people were milling about, happily discussing “The Great Event.”

My daughter, Kathy, had been looking forward to this day for a long time. She is a beautiful woman and fun to be around, but wasn’t having much luck finding a likely father for the baby she longed to have. The years went by and she dated some boys, but none of them were “The one.” It is difficult to find a suitable partner, in this day and age. I kept encouraging her saying, “Kathy, don’t settle. Mr, right would come along. Trust me!”

A decade went by and, still, there was no one that could cut the muster. then, my prayers were answered! Kathy introduced me to a boy named Michael. He was right under her nose and she hadn’t seen him. You see, Michael was working for years at the same company Kathy did, Telecom International, in West Lake California. And unbeknownst to Kathy, Michael had been pining over her for quite some time. Finally, he gathered up his courage and ask Kathy out.

When she brought him home to meet me, as she had with so many others, I knew right away that Michael was “The one.” But the decision was hers, not mine!

Then the two of them went off on a weekend alone. On one of those days, Kathy and Michael were walking along a beach when Michael presented her with a ring and popped the question. I was so proud that the first person she called was me, her dad. After all the growing pains and conflict that fathers and daughters go through, she had called me to give me the good news. Words cannot describe the feeling of pride that came over me!

Kayla was conceived on the second night of their honeymoon. I guess Michael and Kathy were too pooped to pop after the extravaganza of a wedding we had for them!

Now, Kayla is ten.

There may be someone who is having a better life than we are, but I can’t imagine who that is!

I am Kip Addotta


Aunt Eileen, Uncle Victor Dawn, Ronny and Joyce Addotta

My father was becoming more and more predatory.  As time went on, he would beat me!  Not spank me, mind you, beat me.  These beatings were coming more and more often.  I believe that was because I reminded him of my mother who had disgraced him in the eyes of the family.  In the Sicilian culture, if a man’s wife left him, it was assumed that it was because he couldn’t satisfy her in the bedroom.  This, I believe, mortified him and he hated me around as a reminder of his assumed inadequacies.

My Grandmother knew very well that my father, Frank Addotta, as she would say, “Had shit in his veins.”  So, for my protection, we got on a train and traveled from Rockford, Illinois, to Brooklyn, New York, to lay low at her other son’s (my Uncle Victor’s) home.  There, as it turned out, I got a reprieve or at least a break.

We arrived after a three day train ride.  My Uncle Victor picked us up at the Grand Central Train Station and drove us to his home in Brooklyn, at 180 Sterling Place, at Flatbush Avenue, just three blocks away from the home of Albert Anastasia, the head of Murder, Incorporated.


I have had some experience with fans.

First, they approach and begin to embarrass you with adoration. As the conversation continues they will switch gears and begin to use the phrase “I am not saying these things because you are famous, but because I like your style and enjoy your work.

Then they tell you that they too have had some experience with performing and go on to say that they understand what you do from the inside.

Before long they will tell you that they have asked their friends if “They” liked your work and have gotten mixed opinions and sometimes are told that some of their friends don’t know who you are or that they vaguely remember you.

Again, they reiterate that they are not saying any of these things because you are a celebrity and that they don’t have any interest in celebrities, if you were one. And if you are, indeed, a celebrity, you owe me because I am a fan and without me you would be nothing!

If you have the horror of being introduced to people they know, you will notice that you are the only one that has a last name. It’s Bob, Marsha, Mike, Floyd, Ted, I want you to meet Kip Addotta! If there friends don’t know who you are they will demonstrate disdain for you and give you that “Your not as important as I thought you were” look! You will never be asked to mingle with them again.

If they run into you again they will claim that they didn’t know who you were when they met you and infer that as far as they are concerned you are not “All That!”

Fun Huh!

I am Kip Addotta