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Years ago I Fathered a child!

I was in love with a woman who was the most beautiful woman I had ever known. But she did not deserve my love!

She was persistent! No matter where I was performing she would show up. I don’t know how she found out where I would be performing she was always there. She had money and would even arrive when I was in Europe. A groupie, if you will. She was an ardent fanatic fan of mine and didn’t want to accept “No” for an answer. I believe that it was not me that she was attracted to, but show business!

After fending her off for a year and a half, in a weak moment, I succumbed to her charms and we began a relationship that lasted for two years, at which time she informed me that she was with child!  (It is a girl.)  I have always taken care of and accepted responsibility for my children and I fully intended and was prepared to do so!

Then, I received a call from her and she told me that she had married another man in a wedding that was held in Hawaii. I was devastated! I had made a terrible mistake. Our child was not a mistake, the mistake was my “Star crossed” relationship with my child’s mother!

And so I bowed out, in respect for her new husband who was told that my child was his. At the same time she said that I was her one true love and her marriage was simply to have a father for our daughter! I was so naive that I believed her and that somehow we would be together, in the end!

This woman would eventually divorce this man, but then she marred yet another man and gave birth to two more children with him.

Now, she has found out that I am writing my autobiography and is afraid that I will include her, in my story. And I will, but under a different name!

She has sent her own children to befriend me and report to her as to my book. Now I am considering using her real name so that everyone will know who and what she is! I most likely will not do this, again, for the children, but there is a part of me that wants to!

I am a mortal Man

And, I am kip Addotta



If you let yourself waste time on people who you dislike by even giving them a corner at the back of your mind you waste the precious space for feelings of content and happiness. There is only that much real-estate in your heart and filling it with negative feelings towards someone leaves no room for anything else.

The less time we spend minding someone else, someone else we despise, the more time we have to enjoy life. After all, there are very few people in the world who truly deserve hate – and even then, it’s giving them too much credit, thinking about them. Having no emotions for someone who has done you wrong is a better option in any case. It’s even better to turn your negative emotions around, turn them into pity or acceptance. It is even possible to turn them into respect if you try hard enough.

There is good I everyone. Some just tend to have more than others but there is something to be found in every single individual, something that can be admired. You may not like what they do or how they do it but you can admire their courage to do these things or their determination. There is always something you can find too, to help you develop tolerance and, even, a certain amount of respect. Why? Because the alternative will harm you more than it will harm them.

What we feel affects us, first, and then it also affects people around us when we lash out – and we do lash out eventually. Negative vibes tend to affect only those who care about us – people we care about. And if left untreated it can spiral down into an inflated issue where there wasn’t one to begin with.
If you can’t find something good in someone, forgive and move on. That’s the best way to rid yourself of these needless emotions. The moment you do you’ll feel happier. And it really doesn’t matter why you had them in the first place – how you feel will only hurt you, no other; by feeling anger or hate you only let them hurt you more.

There is a good exercise for letting go of such feelings towards people around you: find one good thing about them, just one – and hold on to that thought. Every time you feel anger or disdain towards someone go back to that thought, a positive thought about them and see the negative feelings vanish. It feels like a breath of fresh air, truly.

The fewer people you feel upset with, or things for that matter, the happier you’ll feel. Negativity tends to pile up and unless you actively let go of it, let it drain, it’ll boil on to the surface and lead to all sorts of things you might regret in the future. With very few exceptions, there is good to be found in everyone, always something to be admired or, at the very least, respected and accepted.

I am Kip Addotta

This from Neila Rey

The Blob

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The Blob

Without breathing nothing is possible. I love breathing. I could be a blob and enjoy it. Defense could be a problem; blobs are easy to get at. But even if you die as a blob, as long as you keep coming back as a blob, then everything is cool. You just go on breathing with split second pauses between each death, only to return again, over and over forever, savoring the wondrous gift of air and the throbbing contentment it brings to things that don’t demand too much. Merely existing is the greatest luxury there is.

To be in the know
Live life slow
Grow and glow
Let it come, let it go
Take it high, take it low
Be a blob and go with the flow


Nice People

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I am not a “Nice” person! I am about as mean as a rattle snake!

Theodore Roosevelt once said, “Every time I try to do something good for our country, the ‘Nice’ people get in the way!”

I find this to be true! Lyndon Baines Johnson, The President of these United States came up with what he called “The Great Society!” Welfare! Everybody thought this was “Nice.” However, it contained an odd stipulation. One could not collect welfare if there was a Father living in the home! So, all or most of the poor Fathers moved out of the home and we became the country with the most Fatherless families, in the world! Gangs sprang up everywhere and drug use became rampant!

The most evil things that have happened to our country have been sponsored by the (So Called) “Nice” people. Our automobiles have become crash proof so people no longer feel that they need be good drivers because their cars will protect them, in a crash, and they will be saved and the hell with everyone else!

Why practice safe sex when the “Nice” people have set up Abortion Clinics to protect us from responsibility! And the ‘Nice” people will counter any argument with some balderdash about women needing to be protected in case of rape and the rare case of birth defects or the dangers of giving birth to a child! The ‘Nice” people are perfectly willing to “Throw the baby out with the bath water!”

And the “Nice” people will also say that women should have control over their own bodies and I agree with that. And these ‘Nice” people are against drunk drivers, but are not against women going out and getting drunk and having no control of their behavior and willing to create and kill countless fetuses to cover up their lack of control! Women do not seem to care about having control over their bodies before they get drunk and creat unwanted babies along with modern men who are equally out of control! It wouldn’t be “Nice to expect them to have control then and it wouldn’t be good for liquor sales either!

And let’s be sure to give rapists and child molesters short sentences because we want to be “Nice” so that these criminals can be back out on the street to commit more crimes and carnage. After all we want to be considered “Nice!” And if people like me protest, these “Nice” people will attack us for being mean! We are not not “Nice!”

And if a baby makes it through the gantlet of Abortion Clinics waiting to and willing to kill them and send them into the void with no opportunity to become contributing adults, then we send them to college where they are brain washed into automatons willing to march into life with what the “Nice” people consider “Correct” behavior! The communist party is full of “Nice” people! “Nice” people who kill millions of human beings for the greater good!

Thank you, “Nice” people! We are grateful for your contributions! NOT!

I am Kip Addotta

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Being Happy

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Someone once said, “In order to be happy, one must have three things! Something to do, something to look forward to and someone to love!”

I have all of those things. I am a happy man! If there is anyone happier than I am, I don’t know them!

Wy woman is Dinny! She is the best person I know! Dinny is a tall, beautiful, red head and the drapes match the carpet.

Dinny is also a master, watercolor artist and if you would like to see her work, let me know and I will arrange a showing!

We fight like cats and dogs, but I would never and will never be with another woman! If Dinny goes, I have a list of possible replacements that Dinny gives me the OK on. The list includes about thirty and counting. You see, Dinny wants me to be be happy, even if she is gone and I have promised to mourn for a full three hours after her funeral! And, I have promised Dinny that I will not have another woman in our bed for a full three weeks after her death!

This is what one does when one loves someone! I love and am in love with Dinny and she loves me and is in love with me!

Yes, I am a happy man!

I am Kip Addotta


I have never tried to hide my age or lied about my age!

I believe that the older I get the more successful I have been at taking care of myself and winning at life. The Lord has seen fit for me to live a long time! Younger people try their damnedest to live a long time and yet when they see someone doing it, they attack them! “You’re old, why are you still here?” I’ll tell you what I’m doing. I’m having the time of my life!

The last bastion of bigotry in Ageism! When people refer to me as old it is usually meant as a derogatory word. And they seem to think that this sort of bigotry is allowable. It is not! I have been where you are going! You had best ask me what lies before you. You had best tape into the vast well of knowledge that people like me possess! If you do not you are bound to make the same mistakes that I may have, Wise up!

People that are afraid of their own age and lack of accomplishment, often lash out against people like me! And people like me are tired of it! As of now, I am giving fair warning! Anyone who practices ageism will be challenged and I am asking all of you to join my cause!

As I see people lash out against us, I will let you know about it and vice versa. Let’s go after these people and show them that it is not cool, anymore!

Join Me

I am Kip Addotta


Some people will never get it!

I have said it before. How many times do I have to get my dingle dangle caught in my zipper before I get it? Evidently, it takes at least seven. That’s how many times I have done it, to date!

How many times do I take my eyes off the road, when i’m driving and only nearly miss a rear end collision or worse, strike a pedestrian?

And then there is the ring leader of a nest of cockroaches, in New York, that, for whatever reason,have decided to go to their philosophical deaths in an attempt to Bully me. A man who cannot be bullied! They are like Kamikaze pilots diving to their deaths in support of a war that is already lost!

And how many times is Nancy Rizzuti going to be caught and publicly humiliated before she stands down. She seems to be so mired down in her own masquerade that she refuses to change even when not changing means her total annihilation? She is both stupid and sly, as Shakespeare put it! A woman who has clung to bogus theories so long that she is incapable of changing course. Sad!

Is she waiting for a Nuclear Weapon to to strike and melt her world into molten glass? A weapon that i have and do not want to use. I will do the same thing that President Truman did with Japan. Nancy you have eleven days to surrender or I will launch a strike force that will profoundly change your world, as you know it!

I hope that for once in your live you make the correct decision. It’s easy to pick the right thing to do. It is the one that is the most difficult!

Happy Halloween!

I am Kip Addotta