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I like to drink martinis. Two at the most. Three I’m under the table, four I’m under the host.
Dorothy Parker

I do not believe that the information below will change anything, however, I think you may find it interesting. There are 578, 000 liquor licenses in the United States! That’s an average of 11,560 per state. Although my family were not drinkers, because of my work, I have been around drinkers all of my life and it has not been pretty. Some people can drink responsibly, but most do not. Each drink one has makes the next drink more likely because liquor diminishes one’s judgement dramatically!

If you follow the news you know that a large majority of violent and property crimes involve alcohol or other drugs.

This crime information is gathered from government statistics adjusted for underreporting. Alcohol involved crime costs are calculated from inmate surveys on alcohol and illicit drug use at the time of the crime.

These costs include medical, mental health, property loss, future earnings, public services, court costs and sanctioning, as well as the value of pain and suffering.

An estimated 5.4 million violent crimes and 8 million property crimes a year involve alcohol. All you have to do is watch “Cops” and you know this.

These alcohol involved crimes cost society over 6.5 billion dollars in medical and mental health care and almost 65 billion dollars in other tangible expenses.

If the value of pain, suffering, and lost quality of life is added, alcohol involved crime costs totaled 205 billion dollars a year.

Violent crimes account for more than 85% of these costs. Roughly estimated, crimes attributable to alcohol cost 84 billion dollars, more than 2 times the 38 billion dollars attributable to drugs. Then if you add the cost of unwanted children created by alcohol abuse you come to a figure that could pay for food and housing for every impoverished family, in our country!

Although American media-news and entertainment dwells on the links between drugs and crime, alcohol involved crime costs are double drug-attributable costs. As a matter of fact, alcohol use is encouraged on the media. Every drama is laced with drinking scenes and people do imitate art and art imitates life!

Effective efforts to reduce the abuse of alcohol and illicit drugs should reduce costs associated with crime. But, that is not going to happen! Government should not be involved in passing laws prohibiting the use of alcohol, that was attempted long ago and did not work. The only way to address these problems is for people to monitor themselves and to become responsible for themselves. That is the ideal and probably unattainable because people are going to continue to drink no matter what the cost, because so many people are afraid to deal with life without it! It’s sad!

I am Kip Addotta and I am sorry