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“I am not a member of any organized political party. I am a Democrat.” – Will Rogers!


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I like women!

I like all women! i like the tall ones, the short ones, the thin ones, the round ones and all the women in between.

I like all of women’s parts. I like their heads, necks, eyes, ears, noses, shoulders, arms, breasts, stomachs, hands, fingers, (even the tips) their butts, thighs, knees, shins, calves, ankles, feet, toes and hair or lack of hair. Yes, I like women’s elbows too!

As a matter of fact, even my mother was a woman and I liked her.

I like the way women think, smile, smell, eat, think, dress, listen, cook, feel and sleep. I like women of all colors, nationalities, religion, political beliefs, station in life and neighborhood. i have never met a woman that I didn’t like! If you have never had a woman, i recommend them highly!

If someone were to put a gun to my head and tell me that if I didn’t tell them something I didn’t like about women they would blow my head off, I would think for the longest of times and after much consideration, I would lean forward and without a sound, I would mouth the words, “Their voices!” But, I wouldn’t mean it…

I am Kip Addotta

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I like to drink martinis. Two at the most. Three I’m under the table, four I’m under the host.
Dorothy Parker

I do not believe that the information below will change anything, however, I think you may find it interesting. There are 578, 000 liquor licenses in the United States! That’s an average of 11,560 per state. Although my family were not drinkers, because of my work, I have been around drinkers all of my life and it has not been pretty. Some people can drink responsibly, but most do not. Each drink one has makes the next drink more likely because liquor diminishes one’s judgement dramatically!

If you follow the news you know that a large majority of violent and property crimes involve alcohol or other drugs.

This crime information is gathered from government statistics adjusted for underreporting. Alcohol involved crime costs are calculated from inmate surveys on alcohol and illicit drug use at the time of the crime.

These costs include medical, mental health, property loss, future earnings, public services, court costs and sanctioning, as well as the value of pain and suffering.

An estimated 5.4 million violent crimes and 8 million property crimes a year involve alcohol. All you have to do is watch “Cops” and you know this.

These alcohol involved crimes cost society over 6.5 billion dollars in medical and mental health care and almost 65 billion dollars in other tangible expenses.

If the value of pain, suffering, and lost quality of life is added, alcohol involved crime costs totaled 205 billion dollars a year.

Violent crimes account for more than 85% of these costs. Roughly estimated, crimes attributable to alcohol cost 84 billion dollars, more than 2 times the 38 billion dollars attributable to drugs. Then if you add the cost of unwanted children created by alcohol abuse you come to a figure that could pay for food and housing for every impoverished family, in our country!

Although American media-news and entertainment dwells on the links between drugs and crime, alcohol involved crime costs are double drug-attributable costs. As a matter of fact, alcohol use is encouraged on the media. Every drama is laced with drinking scenes and people do imitate art and art imitates life!

Effective efforts to reduce the abuse of alcohol and illicit drugs should reduce costs associated with crime. But, that is not going to happen! Government should not be involved in passing laws prohibiting the use of alcohol, that was attempted long ago and did not work. The only way to address these problems is for people to monitor themselves and to become responsible for themselves. That is the ideal and probably unattainable because people are going to continue to drink no matter what the cost, because so many people are afraid to deal with life without it! It’s sad!

I am Kip Addotta and I am sorry


Fuel prices are low and we love it, but why are they low?

They are low because The Mideast is afraid of Keystone Pipeline and are willing to lower their prices so that we again become complacent and begin to think that we don’t need said Pipeline!

Don’t be fooled. As soon as we give up on The Keystone Pipeline, the mideast will bring prices up even higher than before. These people are not our friends!

Of course there will be groups who are against The Keystone Pipeline claiming environmental issues that have, long since, been solved. The Alaskan pipeline has been in place for a long time and, yes, there have been minor problems that have been dealt with in a timely manor. I am all for protecting our environment, animal species and the needs and concerns of tribal entities. But, I am even more concerned about our nation and our desperate need for affordable fuel.

(We have been stopped from using nuclear power which has been working in France for decades without incident)

Electric vehicles are not the answer because electric energy has to be generated somewhere and that somewhere is diesel generators that are, at this very moment, generating the power that we get when we plug an electric vehicle into an outlet to charge the battery. We can wish and hope until the cows come home, but the reality is that we do and will run on fossil fuel and we have plenty of it right here on our own continent! “Drill Baby Drill!”

Our only true hope is Hydrogen Energy and, in time, we will have it and our problems with fuel will be over once and for all! So don’t listen to the nay sayers. We are on the right track and we will overcome our geopolitical and energy problems well within out lifetime if we are not stalled by people like our present President who seems to be stuck on stupid and rather than do things for our Country he is concentrating on doing things for his party and our Country be damned!

So let’s stop all the wishful thinking and “pie in the sky” solutions and fix this damn thing!

I am Kip Addotta

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Long live America!


I suffer from occasional depression. It usually occurs if I am distracted from the things that I am working on and that are important to me. They say it can also be caused from a chemical-imbalance, although I do not believe that is a factor in my case..

Depression is something I have to ride out and get through. Exercise helps burn off some of the anguish, but getting rid of whatever is distracting me helps the most.

Christmas and New Years are always depressing because everyone is caught up in the wave of obligation that comes with both and I think that we all suffer from some depression during these times. Personally, I wish they would disappear! And when, finally every remnant of these distractions are gone I always feel better.

Let’s face it, these holidays have more to do with bumping up that fourth quarter for “The Man” that they do with the really important things, in life, like family and friends. I’m good to my family and friends all year and do not need sociatal forces telling me that these times are when i must be generous to the people I love! Every year, I feel violated by these so called “Holidays.”

I am sick and tired of the media and the powers that be jerking my tears for thirty five days at the end of every year!

Bah Humbug!

I am Kip Addotta


The Interview

12/18/2014 — 3 Comments


Let me get this straight. A movie studio produces a film about two men who are asked to do an interview with a sitting head of state. Say President Obama. In the movie the actor who is to play the head of state looks a lot like our President Obama.

In the movie the two main characters are asked to assassinate this head of state. Do you think that our government would allow such a movie to be released? Personally, I doubt it. I think we might be outraged.

Now, let’s add to that the fact that the movie studio attempting to release this film is owned by a company who’s origins are a country that has historically been an enemy of the state which is led by this President. How bright does one have to be to realize that this might not be a good idea?

Now, it is not lost on me that the head of “This Country” is, to say the least, a Daffy Dictator. But, this does not make the idea of the film any less appropriate.

There are those who will argue that the film is a comedy and the movie studio is only joking, but, let’s not forget the words of Shakespeare who wrote, accurately, that, “Many a truth is said in jest!” There are also those who will say that movies don’t influence peoples’ behavior and yet fortunes are paid to production companies to use products on camera to do exactly that, influence peoples’ behavior!

So now “This Country” is declaring this movie to be an act of war and movie theater chains are refusing to show this movie! And there are those who are saying that these movie theater chains are cowards and are bowing to the demands of “This Country with the Daffy Dictator.”

Let’s examine this! What if these theater chains did show this movie and  “This Country with the Daffy Dictator” were only bluffing. It is not a stretch of the imagination to think that some unrelated terrorist group would commit act of unthinkable horror, on these packed movie theaters knowing that, “This Country with the Daffy Dictator” was to blame resulting in a catastrophic war between nuclear powers, all in the name of “Jest.”

Funny Huh!

I am Kip Addotta


I tend to go into a depression around Christmas time and i don’t think I am alone.

I believe the cause of this is that everyone is too busy to service relationships and, to me, that is the meaning of Christmas. In other words, I get lonely! I miss the chit chat and the exchange of the mundane. Christmas has become too economically important with businesses trying to bump up that fourth quarter. Nothing gets done or moves forward and everything gets put off until “After the holidays” which means the middle of January!

We work hard and save our money all year long only to empty our bank accounts during the holidays. Or even worse, go into debt!

I know that I am “Tilling at windmills” and that my writing this will not change anything. But, this is the feeling that I will not come out of this funk until it is over.

I want people to be merry during this season, not greedy and competitive! Yes, I am dreaming!

Kip Addotta


Years ago I Fathered a child!

I was in love with a woman who was the most beautiful woman I had ever known. But she did not deserve my love!

She was persistent! No matter where I was performing she would show up. I don’t know how she found out where I would be performing she was always there. She had money and would even arrive when I was in Europe. A groupie, if you will. She was an ardent fanatic fan of mine and didn’t want to accept “No” for an answer. I believe that it was not me that she was attracted to, but show business!

After fending her off for a year and a half, in a weak moment, I succumbed to her charms and we began a relationship that lasted for two years, at which time she informed me that she was with child!  (It is a girl.)  I have always taken care of and accepted responsibility for my children and I fully intended and was prepared to do so!

Then, I received a call from her and she told me that she had married another man in a wedding that was held in Hawaii. I was devastated! I had made a terrible mistake. Our child was not a mistake, the mistake was my “Star crossed” relationship with my child’s mother!

And so I bowed out, in respect for her new husband who was told that my child was his. At the same time she said that I was her one true love and her marriage was simply to have a father for our daughter! I was so naive that I believed her and that somehow we would be together, in the end!

This woman would eventually divorce this man, but then she marred yet another man and gave birth to two more children with him.

Now, she has found out that I am writing my autobiography and is afraid that I will include her, in my story. And I will, but under a different name!

She has sent her own children to befriend me and report to her as to my book. Now I am considering using her real name so that everyone will know who and what she is! I most likely will not do this, again, for the children, but there is a part of me that wants to!

I am a mortal Man

And, I am kip Addotta


Nice People

11/12/2014 — 5 Comments


I am not a “Nice” person! I am about as mean as a rattle snake!

Theodore Roosevelt once said, “Every time I try to do something good for our country, the ‘Nice’ people get in the way!”

I find this to be true! Lyndon Baines Johnson, The President of these United States came up with what he called “The Great Society!” Welfare! Everybody thought this was “Nice.” However, it contained an odd stipulation. One could not collect welfare if there was a Father living in the home! So, all or most of the poor Fathers moved out of the home and we became the country with the most Fatherless families, in the world! Gangs sprang up everywhere and drug use became rampant!

The most evil things that have happened to our country have been sponsored by the (So Called) “Nice” people. Our automobiles have become crash proof so people no longer feel that they need be good drivers because their cars will protect them, in a crash, and they will be saved and the hell with everyone else!

Why practice safe sex when the “Nice” people have set up Abortion Clinics to protect us from responsibility! And the ‘Nice” people will counter any argument with some balderdash about women needing to be protected in case of rape and the rare case of birth defects or the dangers of giving birth to a child! The ‘Nice” people are perfectly willing to “Throw the baby out with the bath water!”

And the “Nice” people will also say that women should have control over their own bodies and I agree with that. And these ‘Nice” people are against drunk drivers, but are not against women going out and getting drunk and having no control of their behavior and willing to create and kill countless fetuses to cover up their lack of control! Women do not seem to care about having control over their bodies before they get drunk and creat unwanted babies along with modern men who are equally out of control! It wouldn’t be “Nice to expect them to have control then and it wouldn’t be good for liquor sales either!

And let’s be sure to give rapists and child molesters short sentences because we want to be “Nice” so that these criminals can be back out on the street to commit more crimes and carnage. After all we want to be considered “Nice!” And if people like me protest, these “Nice” people will attack us for being mean! We are not not “Nice!”

And if a baby makes it through the gantlet of Abortion Clinics waiting to and willing to kill them and send them into the void with no opportunity to become contributing adults, then we send them to college where they are brain washed into automatons willing to march into life with what the “Nice” people consider “Correct” behavior! The communist party is full of “Nice” people! “Nice” people who kill millions of human beings for the greater good!

Thank you, “Nice” people! We are grateful for your contributions! NOT!

I am Kip Addotta

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Some people will never get it!

I have said it before. How many times do I have to get my dingle dangle caught in my zipper before I get it? Evidently, it takes at least seven. That’s how many times I have done it, to date!

How many times do I take my eyes off the road, when i’m driving and only nearly miss a rear end collision or worse, strike a pedestrian?

And then there is the ring leader of a nest of cockroaches, in New York, that, for whatever reason,have decided to go to their philosophical deaths in an attempt to Bully me. A man who cannot be bullied! They are like Kamikaze pilots diving to their deaths in support of a war that is already lost!

And how many times is Nancy Rizzuti going to be caught and publicly humiliated before she stands down. She seems to be so mired down in her own masquerade that she refuses to change even when not changing means her total annihilation? She is both stupid and sly, as Shakespeare put it! A woman who has clung to bogus theories so long that she is incapable of changing course. Sad!

Is she waiting for a Nuclear Weapon to to strike and melt her world into molten glass? A weapon that i have and do not want to use. I will do the same thing that President Truman did with Japan. Nancy you have eleven days to surrender or I will launch a strike force that will profoundly change your world, as you know it!

I hope that for once in your live you make the correct decision. It’s easy to pick the right thing to do. It is the one that is the most difficult!

Happy Halloween!

I am Kip Addotta