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If you’re going to rob Peter to pay Paul you should be especially nice to Peter!

Robbing Peter

I dreamt that I was being prepared for open heart surgery and out of the corner of my eye I see George Plimpton scrubbing up!

If you get this joke you may be as old as I am

My parents didn’t like me. My father attached a mouse trap to my bicycle seat. My mother would poop in my diaper and blame it on me. When I took a bath they didn’t give me a rubber duck to play with. They would give me a toaster. But, I’ll never forget the day my dad taught me to swim. I thought I’d never get out of that sack!

My Sad Childhood

I asked Sheila (I think her name is Sheila, I called her Sheila and she didn’t say anything), I said, Sheila do you think I should get a hair piece, a toupee, some sort of thing to cover my bald spot? She said, “When I see a man wearing a toupee I see a man who is not willing to show me his true self. I see a discrepancy in his personality!” I said, well then I should probably take this sock out of my trousers. She said, “No, but you could move it around to the front!”

Hair Piece

When I die, I want to die peacefully, in my sleep, like my Grandfather. Not kicking and screaming like the passengers in his car!

When I Die

True Naughty Love

01/16/2015 — 2 Comments


Eat your heart out ladies, I have found true love!

After sixteen years “It” and i have gone erom interest, suspicion, fighting, forgiving, rebuilding and now love.

She is in a place of trust in me and I in her. We have gotten to the stage that we can be ourselves around each other and boy do we have fun doing it. We are two equally wonderful people having fun during the best years of our lives.

We are both pranksters and serious people who can have conversation and debate and I marvel at her wisdom and she takes pleasure in the fact that I am a bit of a loose canon.

Oh, yes, sex too. We have great sex, thank you very much and are totally comfortable in each others arms. When we are out people compliment us on being such a cute couple and we smile and pinch each other, under the table. “Iy” is a never ending fascination to me extremely feminin on one side and a bit of a tom boy on the other! I like that.

I am a happy man!

Kip Addotta


The things, in  my life, that I have the most remorse about are the times when i didn’t follow my gut!

I believer that we are all blessed with the power  of doubt. The problem is that we discount what our gut is telling us. When someone is overly friendly it might feel good, but chances are that they are after something we have and intend to take it from us. And yet, even though, I know this I find it difficult to resist someone who seems to like me.

We all do! I think that most people know that when someone smiles at us they are likely to be con artists or predators and yet we enjoy bring smiled at. Serial killers always smile at their victims a split second before they strike in the same way a snake does and serial killers seem to have no problem finding willing victims!

If an animal shows us it’s teeth we back away yet when a human does it we are drawn to them, when smiling means the same thing in both species. Hookers always give a man a smile before they take him down for money and, if they can, steel his watch while there at it! Lotharios do the same to women and even though women are bright ceatures they tend to fall for it more often than not!

That sick feeling one gets immediately before they sign a contract is our sensory perception trying to tell us something. And because we don’t want to seem rude to the other party we sign it anyway.

It can not be stressed enough that we should all be wary, in life. It is not the dislikable people we should be afraid of, it is the likable! Ted Bundy was an extremely likable person and he murdered thirty women!

We must also be clever enough to appreciate genuine kindness which can be recognized by the courteous, straight forward and serious manner, in which it is offered. If you’re hanging off of the edge of a cliff and someone is about to pull you up to safety I guarantee that they will not be smiling when they do it. I can also guarantee you that during that split second before someone puts a bullet behind your ear they will be smiling!

Remember that only evil come easily!

I am Kip Addotta

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I suffer from occasional depression. It usually occurs if I am distracted from the things that I am working on and that are important to me. They say it can also be caused from a chemical-imbalance, although I do not believe that is a factor in my case..

Depression is something I have to ride out and get through. Exercise helps burn off some of the anguish, but getting rid of whatever is distracting me helps the most.

Christmas and New Years are always depressing because everyone is caught up in the wave of obligation that comes with both and I think that we all suffer from some depression during these times. Personally, I wish they would disappear! And when, finally every remnant of these distractions are gone I always feel better.

Let’s face it, these holidays have more to do with bumping up that fourth quarter for “The Man” that they do with the really important things, in life, like family and friends. I’m good to my family and friends all year and do not need sociatal forces telling me that these times are when i must be generous to the people I love! Every year, I feel violated by these so called “Holidays.”

I am sick and tired of the media and the powers that be jerking my tears for thirty five days at the end of every year!

Bah Humbug!

I am Kip Addotta



12/29/2014 — Leave a comment

UnknownI want you to know that I care. I care about every one of the billions of cells that you contain. I care about you and yours!

I care about your success too. I want you to be all that you can be. However, if that is your wish, it will have to be your concern every waking moment of every day. Remember, if you live to be seventy-two you will have lived twenty-five thousand days. Didn’t know that did you. So, wasting time is not an option!

If you follow the powers that be, you will be doomed to failure!

Foe instance, if you have a three-day “Holiday” coming up (Saturday Sunday Monday) and you follow the trend of leaving or stopping work at noon on Thursday, as many do, you are not a rebel, independent or dedicated. You are simply one of the throng of people who will spend their tim here on earth and then pass without notice. If you believe you have an obligation to go out and drink on St. Patrick’s Day, then chances are you will not be notable for anything when all is said and done.

I urge you to work hard and truly walk to the beat of a different drummer because if you allow society to influence your work habits you will have nothing to show for you merger efforts, in the end!

Now pardon me, I must go do my workout!

I am Kip Addotta

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12/28/2014 — 2 Comments


I have had my share of liquor and I have done without it for four years, now. No, I did not get into any twelve step plan to do it. If that’s what you need to accomplish alcohol free living great. But I have never been a joiner of groups. I find them incestuous!

One day I simply admitted the truth to myself and that truth was that I did not nor ever have ever liked the taste of the stuff. And I had made a promise to myself that I wouldn’t ever again do anything that I did not enjoy doing!

Imagine life without liquor. Crime would be near non-exsistant, traffic deaths would be a seldom occur, people would feel better and look better and marriages would more often than not be a life long experience and un-wanted children won’t be created. Abortion clinics would dry up and blow away and the debate over wether or not abortion should be legal would end! (Even though I am against abortion, I do believe that, in some cases, it may be necessary, but never simply to enable men and women to live irresponsibly!)

When I go out, I have a great time and am able to be as annoying as I ever have with liquor in me. (A real plus) Try it sometime. Go out and don’t drink. The first thing you will notice is how badly the people around you are behaving. You used to be one of those people! But, not any more! No longer will you have to drive home with the pressure of having to drive with the real danger of being pulled over by the authorities and incurring a mark on your record and added expences, that over the course of ten years will amount to Thirty Nine Thousand Dollars. More than enough to put a down payment on a beautiful home. A home that you will be able to afford because you no longer have the expense and ancillary expenses that liquor creates. The benefits of an alcohol free life are endless!

So give it a shot 9No pun intended!

I am Kip Addotta

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