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I have come to believe that I do my best work when i am tired!

When I am tired, I don’t care and not caring brings the creativity out of me. Gone is the worry about what others will think. To hell with the politically correct and the overly concerned. “Frankly, Scarlet, I don’t give a damn!”

If someone doesn’t like me because of the lack of color in my skin so be it! They can go pound sand!

If people want to ridicule me for expecting them to be responsible for themselves and there actions they can go spin on a fence post.

And I am sick and tired of pretending that women are better than men when women can’t even produce a feather weight boxing contender. Get down off of those stilts you call shoes and dig in like the rest of us! Girls DO have Cooties and we all know it!

I’m going to say it. I like tattoos! It makes it easier to spot the idiots! (Except for my daughter in-law. She’s bigger than I am)

And another thing, mow your lawn, in the summer and shovel your walk, in the winter and if you don’t have a lawn or a walk get them, you nincompoop!

And to you (So called) boys, out there. Pull your pants up so you can run from the police with some style, for crying out loud. You look like a bunch of sissies. And why aren’t keyboards in alphabetical order? Then we’d all know how to type!

Here’s a special note to Chef Gordon Ramsey! Get a TV Dinner, sit down and watch your flat screen, like the rest of us, you pompous epicurean puke!

Here’s another special note to all the girls at Fox News, stop talking so fast and stop talking over each other, we can’t understand a word you’re saying! Also, Greta Van Susteren! Stop shopping at Brooks Brothers, buy a dress! And if you can’t afford a dress barrow one from Alan Colmes, a flowered print, even a MooMoo would be an improvement!

Finally, I think that the next President of The United States should be a dog! We’ve never had a Canine President and I think it’s about time! An Airedale would be nice!

There! I feel better now!

I am Kip Addotta and I approve this message!

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I never could afford to maintain a car, not even when I worked fulltime. Needing a car was never high on my priority list. When I was 20 years old I owned two cars and didn’t even work. You could get a decent used car for $30, less than minimum wage for a week’s work back then. I haven’t owned a car in 35 years. I’d love to own one but am not about to put any effort into it maintaining it or anything else for that matter.

When I drove a cab in L.A. the son of the guy I drove for offered me a decent old car. It ran, but I knew maintaining it would be more trouble than I could afford. I told him thanks but he’d be better off giving it to someone who is able to take care of it. I know myself.

In 1968, before I moved to L.A. at age 21, I owned two cars, a 48 Plymouth and a 59 Studebaker Lark station wagon. I had to decide which one to take to L.A. What a luxury dilemma that was – and I didn’t even work. I chose the station wagon. It cost $80 and was one of the best cars I ever owned.
It got me to L.A. and lasted a while before it started overheating. The gas stations back then were all full service. Every time I’d pull up for water a mechanic would come out running. “What seems to be the problem?”

The problem was it was always the most expensive thing they could find, something I could never imagine paying. I need a new radiator or a flush job, something beyond my comprehension.

One day I pulled up again to a water hose, not looking for mechanical help, just wanting to let the engine cool down for the water flow, and here comes the mechanic asking what the problem is. I’m waving him off. “No no, that’s alright, I can’t afford any repairs, I just need a little water.”

But here he comes anyway, must have been the 30th mechanic I’d encountered during such drop ins. He asks me to unpop the hood.

“Looks like you need a new radiator cap”, he says.
I tell him there’s one on there.

“Yeah”, he says, “but it’s no good – you need a new one.”
“How much are they?”, I ask.

“Let me see if I have a spare one in the back”, he says.

He goes into the shop and comes out with a used cap and puts in on and the car is good to go. That was it, no more overheating. I had to go through 30 mechanics to get to that guy – and I wasn’t even looking when it finally happened. I had given up. Can you blame me? But I am not afraid to admit that repairing and maintaining things was never my forte in life, probably because I always assumed I’d be a millionaire by the time I was 20 and other people would be doing it for me. I assumed wrong.

I don’t know how long that car lasted, maybe a few months. Something minor went wrong with it. But it wasn’t minor enough for me to do anything about it. So, like all the other cars I have ever owned I let it sit on the street until one day I walked by and it was gone – in the same way that one day you and everyone you know will be gone – poof – towed away forever, just like that.



I recently read an article on the things that successful people have in common!

Of course hard work, long hours and faith in ones self were mentioned. But, there was one attribute that caught my mind. Neatness! “A place for everything and everything in its place!”

I know that if “My” space is cluttered or in disorder I cannot function effectively! I am nervous, distracted and my stomach is as upset as, how I imagine, a death row inmate’s stomach is. I believe that I am a classic “A Type” personality!

I feel guilty if I waste my spare time relaxing, I must be doing something in order to relax, I hate vacations and holidays and anything that slows or interrupts progress towards a goal, I need to be successful in order to derive enjoyment from an activity, I generally move, walk and eat rapidly and I am happiest when I am doing more than one thing at the same time (Multi-tasking) As an example, at the very moment, I am drafting “This” blog I am using the time I have while thinking about what I will express next to shave my face, with my electric razor. And, of course, all the clothing, in my closet is hung and folded in a specific manner!

All of these behaviors could be defined as faults and yet, every one of them is a trait shared by successful people!

When I make a promise to “Myself” as in, I will exercise, write a blog and put up a video everyday, I must accomplish these things if I want to get a good night’s sleep, this evening! OCD? Could be! I do not recommend this sort of life style, as a way of life for anyone else, excepting those, of you, who want to be successful!

I am Kip Addotta

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The Human Species

12/01/2014 — 2 Comments


I am always amazed at the behavior of my species!  At the same time I am hopeful that my impressions are not correct.

When I see people who seem to have no concern for, or even worse, have contempt for their fellow man I am confused. Is it really, “A dog eat dog world?”

I have gone to a few baseball games, in my time and, of course, I have a team that I hope will win, but if the other team makes a great play, I can appreciate it for the brilliance of that performance, and yet the people around me don’t seem to appreciate it. They are angry that the brilliant play was against “Their” team. They call themselves sports fans, but there doesn’t seem to be anything “Sporting” about them. These people will even support cheating if it benefits “Their team!”

In the voting booth, are people voting for the general benefit of Our Country? It does not seem so. It seems that they are voting for whatever helps their particular agenda. We have the “Black Vote, the Gay vote, the Woman’s vote, the conservative vote, the youth vote, the senior vote and the liberal vote!” Where are the American voters? The media has separated us into groups and pitted us against each other to give themselves more content and we continue to allow it!

It seems to me that the same people who want Government programs that benefit “Them” are people who are not willing to be honest about their own income and pay their fair share of the cost of these programs. Cheating on ones taxes has become expected, even encouraged. “Everybody cheats on their taxes!” has become an accepted attitude! Well, I do not cheat on my taxes and I do not respect people who do.

I am also disappointed in myself, in many ways. I know I can always do better and strive to do so knowing that I will never reach perfection. But, I can achieve perfection in “The Striving” towards perfection! I expect myself to do everything to the best of my abilities and will not allow myself to do things half way! It is not enough to seem like an honorable person, I must be an honorable person and it is never convenient to do so! The words, “Nobody is perfect” are not a license to be imperfect, they are an acknowledgment that there is room for improvement!

I believe that doing the right thing is important in all matters, and it is easy to figure out what “That thing” is. If you are presented with a problem and wish to deal with it in the “Right” way, make a list of your options. Then, find the one that is the most difficult and inconvenient. That choice will be the “Right” one!

A member of The Human Speceis

Kip Addotta


If you let yourself waste time on people who you dislike by even giving them a corner at the back of your mind you waste the precious space for feelings of content and happiness. There is only that much real-estate in your heart and filling it with negative feelings towards someone leaves no room for anything else.

The less time we spend minding someone else, someone else we despise, the more time we have to enjoy life. After all, there are very few people in the world who truly deserve hate – and even then, it’s giving them too much credit, thinking about them. Having no emotions for someone who has done you wrong is a better option in any case. It’s even better to turn your negative emotions around, turn them into pity or acceptance. It is even possible to turn them into respect if you try hard enough.

There is good I everyone. Some just tend to have more than others but there is something to be found in every single individual, something that can be admired. You may not like what they do or how they do it but you can admire their courage to do these things or their determination. There is always something you can find too, to help you develop tolerance and, even, a certain amount of respect. Why? Because the alternative will harm you more than it will harm them.

What we feel affects us, first, and then it also affects people around us when we lash out – and we do lash out eventually. Negative vibes tend to affect only those who care about us – people we care about. And if left untreated it can spiral down into an inflated issue where there wasn’t one to begin with.
If you can’t find something good in someone, forgive and move on. That’s the best way to rid yourself of these needless emotions. The moment you do you’ll feel happier. And it really doesn’t matter why you had them in the first place – how you feel will only hurt you, no other; by feeling anger or hate you only let them hurt you more.

There is a good exercise for letting go of such feelings towards people around you: find one good thing about them, just one – and hold on to that thought. Every time you feel anger or disdain towards someone go back to that thought, a positive thought about them and see the negative feelings vanish. It feels like a breath of fresh air, truly.

The fewer people you feel upset with, or things for that matter, the happier you’ll feel. Negativity tends to pile up and unless you actively let go of it, let it drain, it’ll boil on to the surface and lead to all sorts of things you might regret in the future. With very few exceptions, there is good to be found in everyone, always something to be admired or, at the very least, respected and accepted.

I am Kip Addotta

This from Neila Rey

The Blob

11/13/2014 — 1 Comment


The Blob

Without breathing nothing is possible. I love breathing. I could be a blob and enjoy it. Defense could be a problem; blobs are easy to get at. But even if you die as a blob, as long as you keep coming back as a blob, then everything is cool. You just go on breathing with split second pauses between each death, only to return again, over and over forever, savoring the wondrous gift of air and the throbbing contentment it brings to things that don’t demand too much. Merely existing is the greatest luxury there is.

To be in the know
Live life slow
Grow and glow
Let it come, let it go
Take it high, take it low
Be a blob and go with the flow


Being Happy

11/08/2014 — 2 Comments


Someone once said, “In order to be happy, one must have three things! Something to do, something to look forward to and someone to love!”

I have all of those things. I am a happy man! If there is anyone happier than I am, I don’t know them!

Wy woman is Dinny! She is the best person I know! Dinny is a tall, beautiful, red head and the drapes match the carpet.

Dinny is also a master, watercolor artist and if you would like to see her work, let me know and I will arrange a showing!

We fight like cats and dogs, but I would never and will never be with another woman! If Dinny goes, I have a list of possible replacements that Dinny gives me the OK on. The list includes about thirty and counting. You see, Dinny wants me to be be happy, even if she is gone and I have promised to mourn for a full three hours after her funeral! And, I have promised Dinny that I will not have another woman in our bed for a full three weeks after her death!

This is what one does when one loves someone! I love and am in love with Dinny and she loves me and is in love with me!

Yes, I am a happy man!

I am Kip Addotta


I have never tried to hide my age or lied about my age!

I believe that the older I get the more successful I have been at taking care of myself and winning at life. The Lord has seen fit for me to live a long time! Younger people try their damnedest to live a long time and yet when they see someone doing it, they attack them! “You’re old, why are you still here?” I’ll tell you what I’m doing. I’m having the time of my life!

The last bastion of bigotry in Ageism! When people refer to me as old it is usually meant as a derogatory word. And they seem to think that this sort of bigotry is allowable. It is not! I have been where you are going! You had best ask me what lies before you. You had best tape into the vast well of knowledge that people like me possess! If you do not you are bound to make the same mistakes that I may have, Wise up!

People that are afraid of their own age and lack of accomplishment, often lash out against people like me! And people like me are tired of it! As of now, I am giving fair warning! Anyone who practices ageism will be challenged and I am asking all of you to join my cause!

As I see people lash out against us, I will let you know about it and vice versa. Let’s go after these people and show them that it is not cool, anymore!

Join Me

I am Kip Addotta



I Must Have Balance

For me, lack of balance in things is a huge flaw. I must have balance. For example, if I have a car with a large noticeable dent on one side and can’t afford to fix it, I’d rather pay someone less to put a dent on the other side, just to balance it out.

Physical flaws don’t bother me as much when there is balance. The other day for instance. I was watching tv. I lay there closing one eye and opening the other, testing the relative vision of each. My left eye is stronger and has clearer vision than my right eye. But it was not the weakness of my right eye that bothered me, it was the lack of balance.

I tried all sorts of tricks to improve the vision, if only temporarily. I twisted my eye lids, rubbed my eyes vigorously, squinted, blinked repeatedly, the whole nine yards. Nothing worked. Then I decided to toy around with my left eye to distort the vision so it was as bad as my right eye. It worked. But only briefly. If I went to a doctor and was told my right eye could not be improved, I might ask him to reduce the sight of my left eye to balance things out. It it wasn’t too bad I might do that. Anyway, it doesn’t have to be an operation, it could be a lens to reduce the vision so it perfectly matches my weaker eye. Balance.

Even now, earlier actually, typing this note, I looked up and noticed the second paragraph was longer than the first. Way too long. It disturbed me to the point where I went up and split the paragraph into two matching halves. I can’t say it enough – balance means everything to me.

But of course there is a limit. For example, if I lost my left arm I would not be able to grow it back. The only way to achieve balance would be to have my right arm amputated at the exact same spot as the left. Then I’d have balance.

But I probably wouln not go that far. Having at least one arm means something in this world. But with other less important stuff – like a car with a huge dent on one side and the other side is normal, or an atrophied arm on one side of the body and a normal arm on the other – I would pay to have a dent put on the normal side of the car, and my good arm surgically reduced to the same dimensions as the withered one, just to even them out – that is how much balance means to me.


Ming, The Living God King

Although, i am a Roman Catholic and follow the spiritual leadership of Pope Frances, My life coach is Ming, The Living God King!

Ming, The Living God King is from the planet Zoldar, in the Zeta Reticuli Star Group and is on Earth to save Earth from Itself!

Born September 12, 1981

Location 90210

Affiliation The Living God King Teachings


The Humanitarian Award Given Anonymously! 1982

Best Performance In The Miniature Golf Course Finals! 1984

First Place At The Rugby Boy Watching! Super Dome! 1985

Finest Earwax Collection On Earth 1987

First Prize, National, US, Fart Dodging, Mixed Competition! 1990

Second Place, Free Style Badger Toss, Montreal! 1993

Winner, First National ATM Challenge! 1996, Time, 14 sec!

Skeet Shooting Competition, Singles Only! 1997

Nobel Peace Prize! 2000 Award Accepted By Mohammed Ali!

World Heavy Weight Boxing Championship! 2003 Held For Seven Full Hours!
Gender Plural (neutral)

Personal Information

When in the presence of Ming, The Living God King, you will conduct yourself with respect and homage to Ming, The Living God King!

Personal Interests

Teaching, Listening, Moderating, Helping Earthlings, Ruling, Rugby and Kettle Bells!


Even before Ming’s birth, the Living God King from the planet Zoldar, in the Zeta Reticuli Star Group, was triggering miracles.

Official biographers say Ming’s birth in an electrical storm on the slopes of The Honqoqeenq Mountains, in September 1981 was foretold by a Zoldarian Raptor and was heralded by a double rainbow.

When Ming was born, a new star appeared in the night Heavens.

Landing on Planet Earth, the first time Ming picked up a golf club, in 1982, Ming shot shot a 45-under par round on Pales Verdes Golf Course, including 14 Holes-In-Ones. Ming then decided to retire from the sport for ever! But, Ming can still be found licking the dew off the 7th green at dawn! Ming, The Living God King stated that the dew reminds one of the taste of a Zoldarian virgin’s genital Gland!

Ming has the ability to alter the weather simply through the power of thought.

The fledgling leader was a genius as an infant, with official Zoldar biographers stating that Ming had learned to walk at just 3 days old and was speaking in 146 languages including Zoldarian in 7 days.

As a school pupil in QyonQyanq, he corrected and chastised the teachers for their incorrect interpretations of history.

Ming, The Living God King wrote six full operas in three days, All of which are better than any other in the history of music!

Ming, The Living God King designed the Tower of the Juqhe Iqea, a 786-meter Phallic Symbol on the East bank of the River Qaeqonq in central Qyonqyanq that is topped by a glowing Green Fist.

Ming, The Living God King’s official biography also notes that Ming wrote 1,500 books during the time at QunQ Universiqy, from where It graduated Magna Cum Likely Lately in 1979.

According to the Zoldarian Central News Aqency, ZCNA. Ming, The Living God King is an expert on all aspects of the film industry and improved the scripts and guided the production of the movie Diary of a Girl Student. Ming’s favorite movies are reportedly, Friday The 13th, Rambo and anything starring Miley Cyrus.

Ming, The Living God King employs six hundred servants to inspect every grain of rice that is served to It, eliminating any with the most minor of flaws!

And me?

I am Kip Addotta