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There are so many Cats and Kittens on Facebook my computer is beginning to smell like a Litter Box!

Cats & Kittens

I know what I know! I do not know what you know! I know that there are no complicated answers. There are only complicated questions! The answers are always simple. What is the most important thing in a restaurant? The food! You may apply this method to any problem you encounter!


As our forefathers roll over continuously in their graves loike pigs on a spit, I wonder what happened to the Good Ole’ USA That drafted me (think conscription) in the early 60’s and left me hanging like a redheaded step-child, out to die. I mean dry..Naw former not latter.Then there is a bunch of stuff I’m not supposed to mention!! Well FTA!! You can read about it in my book, including my favorite “Knock, Knock” Joke! Like Charlie Hefton used to do!

Our Forefathers

Humility is highly over rated!  I find it an in genuine posture for anyone who practices it! If one works hard at something or is born with a talent that stands out, I believe one should shout about it from the roof tops!  I believe that people who portend to be modest “Are.” These people truthfully have nothing to be proud of and are taking a stance that is safe for them. Hiding their lack of accomplishment behind the mask of someone who would rather not boast! When, in fact, they have nothing to boast about!


In my general opinion, what the general public believes to be true is generally incorrect!

The General Public

I am very quietly sitting here weighing fifteen pounds less then I did four weeks ago!  I am wearing one of three pairs of jeans that I could not get into four weeks ago! Does that make me better than you?.. YES!


I’ve thought about switching to Gay! But, I would want a man with a very small pecker, cause I don’t want to get hurt!


People seem to be surprised that I am so available and approachable, but, you see, this is the way I have always been. When I get up, in the morning, skid mark in tow, I never feel like I am anything but a blue collar guy, going to work. And that, indeed, is who and what I am!

Kip Addotta

Take my advice. Never proposition a female under the age of twelve. Wait until you are twelve!


It has been brought to my attention, that when things are brought to my attention, I seem to not be paying attention. When this alleged behavior was brought to my attention, I wasn’t really paying attention. Now, where was I ………..

My Attention!