So You Think You’re Different

03/31/2014 — 5 Comments


I put more thought into my Blogs than I do into my Videos. My videos are off the cuff and ad-lid pieces, in which I set up the camera, set up the lights turn the Camera on and begin to speak. What comes out, comes out. People seem to enjoy my casual comments and, I must admit, I enjoy doing them. I want them to be simple and home spun, after all I am not equipped nor do I have any desire to make a video of myself jumping The Snake River canyon on a motor cycle that is on fire. I would get many views, but I have no interest in doing such stunts,

My Blog is another matter. In my Blog, I want to be as provocative as possible within the constraints of good taste. I don’t see any advantage in crossing the line. So many people want to shock and disturb that it has become hackneyed to do so. Their are those who believe that my content is quite daring and I agree with then. So, I will begin.

I find the people who are desperately trying to be shockingly different boring. Because there are so many people doing it. I believe that wearing a jacket and tie to an event is much more daring than showing up in a “Goth” outfit with jet black hair, tattoos and facial piercing to be much less daring because there are so many people doing it, under the cloak of wanting to be different. You not being different, you are trying, desperately to it and blend in with a larger group. exactly opposite of your stated goal.

You show me a man in a jacket and tie or a woman in a nice dress, a string of pearls around her neck and and sensible heels and I’ll show you two people who are truly rebels!

So to all of you creature, out there with jet black hair, tattoos, piercings. and black nail polish, I pity you because you are the conformists. You are the conventional, you are the ones with no courage and you are the ones who blend in to the throng of would be avant guards who are truly the mundane!!

Kip Addotta 

5 responses to So You Think You’re Different

  1. Susie Doing 03/31/2014 at 17:07

    My daughter went through that phase and thankfully came back out of it. The more she tried to be different, the more she realized it’s all been done before.

    • Tommy Joseph 04/02/2014 at 04:46

      Suzie says: “My daughter went through that phase and thankfully came back out of it. The more she tried to be different, the more she realized it’s all been done before.”

      True. It has also been said many times before that it’s all been done before. I’m glad to know you are aware of this. Older people who scream about “this new generation” as if they had nothing to do with it, they really have their heads in the sand.

      The funniest aspect of people going out of their way to be different in a commonly accepted way – spiked hair, tats, piercings, whatever – is when they go out of their way to make themselves look as grotesque as humanly possible, then pull the old, “What the hell are you staring at?” routine when they catch people checking them out. It makes them feel superior, as if they’re open to all new things and are totally without prejudice. Of course that is not true because even the most open minded among us is prejudiced at times. I can be narrow minded at times. But I like to say I arrived at my narrow beliefs through wide thinking.


  2. Shirley Lieb 03/31/2014 at 20:19

    Kip, your column is right on the money. I am different—I have no piercings, tats or other self mutilation.

  3. Yesterday I saw a woman with her young son. He couldn’t have been older than 7 or 8, yet he had a stud earring in his pierced ear. How sick is that woman?

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