A Good Man Is Hard To Find

05/17/2014 — 1 Comment


“A good man is hard to find!” Truer words were never spoken. And yet are good men being sought? Are there women out there looking for a good man? They don’t seem to be. Women, as you may have noticed, seem to want bad goys, at Least for a while. Then after being defiled by every bum in town they choose some nerd to marry. Someone once said, “Never marry a girl in her own home town because every young man at the wedding will have already been there.” Why are wedding gowns white, again? Oh, yeah, to signify purity, virginity. How many women are virgins when  they marry? I the number is not 0 it would surprise me.

Before you say it, I will. Men are no better! But we don’t hear the phrase, “A good woman is hard to find.” No! They get a pass on that one. Today, men are nothing but vagabonds looking for sex with no reasonability involved. However, “It takes two to Tango.” So, there has to be a woman involved.

The bottom line here is that husbands and wives both cheat to different degrees, As a matter of fact I really shouldn’t call it “Cheating.” I seems to be the norm and the term “Committed relationship” seems to have come to mean, “We will both se other people but we won’t talk about it. Or maybe we will if that’s what excites you. ‘Mom’s not home, you see Dad’s out of town so she is out with a boyfriend.” Nice!

I’m an old fashioned man and I expect a monogamous relationship with the woman I love. Nothing else would be acceptable to me!

I am Kip Addotta and I’m running for President

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  1. Tommy Joseph 05/18/2014 at 03:29

    I am planning to run for president on the macho platform. I am not married. When the media asks why not, my answer will be, “Because I enjoy going with a different woman every night.”

    At first this shocks them. But as the media launches reports designed to destroy my campaign, the publicity only brings me more support from the average Joe. “Wow, a different one every night.”

    The first time I say this, they will act shocked. Then I will back up. Not because I’m afraid I’ve offended anyone, only because I need briefly to rethink my words.

    “Well, I don’t mean necessarily every single night. I just don’t want to be chained down to one woman, know what I mean?”

    “But every president before you was married”, a reporter yells.

    “That was then and this is now”, is my response. “If you want a guy with new ideas, you might want to consider a guy who likes new women. Fresh. See the connection? When a leader is freed from the shackles of common spousehood, he is freed to work harder on the problems that face our country.”

    Eventually the crowd roars, I gain popular support, am elected, then step down because I have contacted the HIV virus from being with too many women and the medication I’m taking for it is messing with my mind. Now, not only am I free from the shackles of spousehood, I am free from the responsibility that comes with the job I was after and probably didn’t really want because it’s too much work. I like being the guy who almost ran the country. Turned to for advice when things go wrong, not held responsible when they get worse.

    In the meantime, until I am sure I’m going to put my plan into action, I am throwing all my support behind Uncle Kippy in his quest to make this a better world for all mankind.


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