A Perfect World

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We are responsible! We can stop abortion, in our nation, by no longer creating fetuses that we are not able or unwilling to give birth to. Men and women alike, can close up every abortion clinic in, our country, by not giving them a reason to exist. Rape? Us men can put down the liquid courage and not rape women. You show me a rapist and I will show you a drunk or drug addict! Women can stop parading themselves around in costumes that invite the wrong kind of men to them.

Every person, in our country and around the world, can save countless lives by driving with the SEE method taught in motorcycle training. Scan, Evaluate, Execute. Our automobiles are transportation. They are not “Discos,” “Offices” or “VIP Rooms” in Strip Joints! They are meant to carry us from one place to another and if that place is a drinking establishment we should not be in them.

Do you have a problem with authority? How dare you! Who do you think you are? If you want equality maybe you should begin behaving like an equal. You are not special and I am not either! If you have a problem with the authority then maybe the authorities should have a problem with YOU! “Straighten up and fly right!” “My fellow Americans, ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country.”

Do you belong to a gang? If you do, then, you are a coward. You need to have a group of “Thugs” or “Bitches” around you because you are NOT “All That!” You are a tiny person with a giant ego and I, personally, am going to slap the fake mask off your face. I have bigger badder boys and girls in my crew. They wear uniforms and they carry a badge and you can see their face. Do you want to play? Let’s play! We love to play! You can take that to the bank, “Coward!”

If you want honest government, stop electing people who are on the take. How do you spot them? They’re “Smiling.” I want the people I deal with to have the grim look of determination, on their face. The look of a person who expects the best from themselves and the best of others. Tired of being cheated? Stop cheating. “You can’t cheat an honest man. “We can stop theft if we stop stealing. Take your hand out of the cookie jar and point its finger at the people who continue sealing. Honesty begins at home.

Need a job? Go create one. Grab a broom and begin sweeping the sidewalks on your street. Before long people on other steers will want their sidewalks to look as good as yours. These people are called “Costumers.” Nothing honest is beneath me! I was sent away from home at fifteen with fifteen cents in my pocket. I have never received a 1040 form. I am an independent contractor. I’m the 1099 guy! I have generated millions of dollars creating works out of thin air!

I have faith in the Lord and have little faith in structures supposedly built to worship the Lord in. The Lord does not have a board of directors. Churches do! If I am in a church I pray to the lord. But then I pray to the Lord in gas stations too. When I ask, I have always received.

I n closing I must ask, “Why isn’t it a perfect world?” God has certainly given us the time to make it so.

I am Kip Addotta, aka Uncle Kippy and I am running for President!

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