Christmas Depression

12/15/2014 — 2 Comments


I tend to go into a depression around Christmas time and i don’t think I am alone.

I believe the cause of this is that everyone is too busy to service relationships and, to me, that is the meaning of Christmas. In other words, I get lonely! I miss the chit chat and the exchange of the mundane. Christmas has become too economically important with businesses trying to bump up that fourth quarter. Nothing gets done or moves forward and everything gets put off until “After the holidays” which means the middle of January!

We work hard and save our money all year long only to empty our bank accounts during the holidays. Or even worse, go into debt!

I know that I am “Tilling at windmills” and that my writing this will not change anything. But, this is the feeling that I will not come out of this funk until it is over.

I want people to be merry during this season, not greedy and competitive! Yes, I am dreaming!

Kip Addotta

2 responses to Christmas Depression

  1. Kip Addotta knows the truth. Listen to him. Who benefits by people emptying their bank accounts? The only gifts I buy is for the “secret santa” at my job and something for my wife if she asks for it. The truth is December 25th was originally a pagan “holiday”. Christmas, as we know it, didn’t originate until three or four hundreds years after the crucifixion. If you research the truth you will find that your perception of Christmas, like most things, is totally fraudulent.

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