It’s Not Easy Being Me

05/09/2014 — 7 Comments

Kip Addotta

Who are we in this current world, what have we become? We want everything we do to be easy and we want instant gratification. Well, nothing worthwhile comes easy! Raising children, paying ones’ debts, taking care of our parents, avoiding temptation, keeping ones’ marriage vows, dieting, saying no, are all difficult.

As JFK once said in reference to all the things involved in going to the moon, “We are not doing these things because they are easy, but because they are hard.” We’ve heard it all through our lives. It’s hard to do this and it’s hard to do that. Tell me what is easy. If done well there is no job that is easy. There is no relationship that is easy. Again, nothing worthwhile is easy!

And yet we look for the easy way out, the straight line between two points, the soft spot. There are none. They say, and I believe it to be true, that one can accomplish anything if one spends one hour a day on it. Even this is not easy. There are so many distractions and so many obligations. Getting this damn blog out every day is not easy. I am not a typist. I am a speaker. Dictation programs are not easy. And don’t get me started on punctuation and grammar. BTW, thanks to all of you for your patience!

The most difficult thing is, “Seeing ourselves as others see us.” If I were to believe what other people say about me I would think that I am arrogant, annoying, narcissistic and aggressive. I do not feel any of these things. I see myself as determined! I am the dark horse, the under dog, the little train that could!

Thus I have spent my life doing things that other people considered unreasonable and unrealistic. However, I have never failed to accomplish my goals. I am not afraid of hard work, while most of those around me have been slackers, vagabonds and malcontents. As The Marines say, “The difficult we do right away, the impossible takes a little time!”

Trust and love are not easy although I trust too easily and love too deeply, it seems. However, it takes me a long time to let anyone into my love and too short a time to earn my trust. I am a cock-eyed optimist.

All this being said, I am the most trustworthy person I know. Always on time, always true to my word, and always ready to roll up my sleeves and work as hard as I can. The ‘difficult’ does not intimidate me, and I am not afraid of the ‘impossible.’ Yes, I am running for the office of The President of the United States of America!

I like me!

Kip Addotta, aka Uncle Kippy

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7 responses to It’s Not Easy Being Me

  1. Tommy Joseph 05/10/2014 at 02:46

    Kip, that was an LOL. I read the whole thing. But it was mainly the opening and closing lines that got me. I picture a candidate announcing his candidacy using your words:

    “It’s not easy being me. Yes, I am running for the office of The President of the United States of America!”

    Then going on to tell everyone of his personal sacrifices in life, punctuating each sacrifice with, “You think it’s easy being me?”

    Like a poem, almost.

    I worked harder than anyone I ever knew
    You think it’s easy being me?
    I never backed down
    You think it’s easy being me

    I many times felt like quitting but never gave up
    You think it’s easy being me?
    I won’t quit till I have achieved my goals
    You think it’s easy being me?
    Well, do ya, punk?

    Just as Lincoln’s speech came to be known as the Gettysburg Address, yours will become known as the, “It’s not easy being me” poem.


  2. I will vote for Uncle Kippy to be President. However, no human has ever been to the moon. As a kid I didn’t know any better. As a fully awake adult I do know better.

    • Tommy Joseph 05/11/2014 at 04:13

      Al, are you saying that Ralph Kramden’s wife, Alice, was not human?


      • TJ,
        You know all of Ralph’s schemes failed. Alice never made it to the moon despite his best efforts.

  3. Susie Doing 05/11/2014 at 15:26

    In all the hard things a person has to do, The easiest thing is to be honest. Lying is a difficult thing (For anyone with a conscience). There is so much more to have to remember when you lie. Honest men sleep easy at night with a free mind.

    • Tommy Joseph 05/12/2014 at 22:02

      Susie, well said. Lying is hard work. But can one brag about not lying if the only reason they don’t lie is because they hate hard work? I have asked myself this question, along with others regarding ethics and principles.

      For instance, am I a nice guy because I’m a nice guy, or because I lack the guts to be the opposite? Do I refrain from punching people in the face because I’m against violence, or is it because I’m afraid of getting hit back? I often ask these questions of myself. This proves I have a conscience.

      I do not lie. I like to say I have never lied, but that would not be true. But it is true since I made it my official policy 20 or so years ago. Even before that, lying was not my thing. You’re right, it is hard work. But I can see someone getting caught up in it – a web of lies – where one begets another, growing ever more tangled and complicated and difficult – where they have to keep lying forever, each new lie impressively evolved over the preceding ones. Or, one day, no longer able to endure the hardship of lying, they break down in a shoulder-shaking outpouring of sobs and confess over and over, “I lied, I lied – I’m nothing but a liar – I’m sorry, oh my God, I’m so sorry”, as their bodies convulse and their brain feels about to burst until suddenly they feel renewed, invigorated (the truth shall set ye free!), as a smile comes to their face, at which time, starting with a clean slate, like coming out of the confession box, they vow to either never lie again, or revel in the fact that they can start lying again, only this time more carefully thought out and enacted.

      Oh, the humanity. Ok, I’ll vote for Kip because he’s honest – but let’s be honest – once elected he is going to need an army to protect him, and many in that army will be liars and worse. Watch out, Kip – for the love of God, watch out……!


  4. Amanda Cohen 05/11/2014 at 22:15

    You have my vote.

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