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We all know that our health care system is broken. It’s too complicated, too expensive and leaves our doctors without time enough to spend with us. This is not as complicated a fix as one might think.

When you see a doctor you will incur a bill from him/her. If you side step the insurance, you may or may not have, you will get a deep discount on your services because you are relieving the doctor of the chore of dealing with insurance companies all together. This means that the doctor will have more time to do the things you’re actually there for. Treatment!

I have raised three children and in doing so I have, of course, had doctor bills. Every month I would get a bill from my doctor and every month I would sen as much as I could afford. Never once has any doctor complained about this system. And never once have we been turned away without treatment.Doctors (And this may surprise some of you) have to make a living. They do not treat us for free!

However, if you show some respect to your doctor with a monthly payment you will always be treated well and the doctor will always have time for you.

So what am I talking about here? It’s called “The Honor System.” We expect our medical professionals to have honor and yet show none to them in return. Pay your medical bills! No matter how much or how little you pay, your doctors will accept your situation and ability to pay.

It is the insurance companies that complicate things by burying our doctors with so much paper work that they don’t have time to do their real work. Treating us!

I have a bill on my desk right now from jest Diagnostics for $147.77. I will call them and ask them if I can have a discount on this amount. If they say no, then I will ask them if I can make payments on the account. Or I may simply send them a check for the full amount. Is this too complicated?

And I am Kip Addotta, aks Uncle Kippy

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