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I've known many men. Men who have taught me many things. Famous men like Sammy Davis JR., Frank Sinatra, Jack Benny, Norm Crosby, Tom Jones, Milton Burle, Bob Hope, Howard Cosell, Mohamed Ali, Fred Travalena, Steve Martin, Dick Snawn and on and on.

And not famous, but great men like Earl Dewey, Dick Clair, Hughey Myers, Dr Robert Davidson, Dr Barry Unger, Lester Bennett, my lawyer Steven Weisberg, Greg Carpenter, Victor Addotta, my son and too many to go into, but men who I've learned from and admired.

Men have gotten a bad rap and, my problem is, too many of them deserve it. My daughter Kathy looked for a good man for a long time and, thank God, she found one in my son in-law Michael, but they are few and far between.

I see men today who are predatory animals who are not looking for anything more than sex or money. I sex men that dress like bums and maybe this is a good thing because it is an easy way to spot the rabble.

But, the most disturbing thing is that I see men that are not willing to take reasonability for their own actions. They impregnate women and disappear. These men don't even have the courtesy to use protection so that the women they get drunk and take advantage of are left with decisions that no woman should have to consider.

Gentlemen. We all have a duty to Lead lives that are good examples for young men coming up. I want and expect us to be honest, dependable and polite,

I also expect and hope that we begin to speak without "Gutter Words" that have become so easy to use, these days. These words are not what our for fathers meant when they told us that we had freedom of speech. Our forefathers meant that we had the freedom to voice our opinions. So, guys, lets bring our game up. Let's be the kind of men we would expect, hope and wish our fathers were. Let's show the world that we are decent beings!

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  1. Kip, let’s be totally honest here. Until there are as many women as men on death row (and skid row), our society and it’s women will never know the meaning of true equality.


  2. It's all part of the evil that exists to destroy the family unit and separate people from GOD.  Good GOD loving men with conservative values are enemy #1 to the powers that be. We are mocked, hated and branded as the enemy. Let's be honest, homosexuality is now being pushed as something to be celebrated. Part of this jihad.

    As for the men who pump out babies, I cannot relate. But I will tell you the US Government encourages women to pump out babies out-of-wedlock. Between WIC, welfare, Section 8 housing, disability, free healthcare, and the rest a comfortable life is had by doing nothing but childbreaing. It is a career choice now.

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