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11/12/2014 — 5 Comments


I am not a “Nice” person! I am about as mean as a rattle snake!

Theodore Roosevelt once said, “Every time I try to do something good for our country, the ‘Nice’ people get in the way!”

I find this to be true! Lyndon Baines Johnson, The President of these United States came up with what he called “The Great Society!” Welfare! Everybody thought this was “Nice.” However, it contained an odd stipulation. One could not collect welfare if there was a Father living in the home! So, all or most of the poor Fathers moved out of the home and we became the country with the most Fatherless families, in the world! Gangs sprang up everywhere and drug use became rampant!

The most evil things that have happened to our country have been sponsored by the (So Called) “Nice” people. Our automobiles have become crash proof so people no longer feel that they need be good drivers because their cars will protect them, in a crash, and they will be saved and the hell with everyone else!

Why practice safe sex when the “Nice” people have set up Abortion Clinics to protect us from responsibility! And the ‘Nice” people will counter any argument with some balderdash about women needing to be protected in case of rape and the rare case of birth defects or the dangers of giving birth to a child! The ‘Nice” people are perfectly willing to “Throw the baby out with the bath water!”

And the “Nice” people will also say that women should have control over their own bodies and I agree with that. And these ‘Nice” people are against drunk drivers, but are not against women going out and getting drunk and having no control of their behavior and willing to create and kill countless fetuses to cover up their lack of control! Women do not seem to care about having control over their bodies before they get drunk and creat unwanted babies along with modern men who are equally out of control! It wouldn’t be “Nice to expect them to have control then and it wouldn’t be good for liquor sales either!

And let’s be sure to give rapists and child molesters short sentences because we want to be “Nice” so that these criminals can be back out on the street to commit more crimes and carnage. After all we want to be considered “Nice!” And if people like me protest, these “Nice” people will attack us for being mean! We are not not “Nice!”

And if a baby makes it through the gantlet of Abortion Clinics waiting to and willing to kill them and send them into the void with no opportunity to become contributing adults, then we send them to college where they are brain washed into automatons willing to march into life with what the “Nice” people consider “Correct” behavior! The communist party is full of “Nice” people! “Nice” people who kill millions of human beings for the greater good!

Thank you, “Nice” people! We are grateful for your contributions! NOT!

I am Kip Addotta

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5 responses to Nice People

  1. James Linaras 11/12/2014 at 03:02

    I’m pretty sure that the lack of comments are due in no small part to the lack of material with which there is to argue about… Great commentary!!

    • Tommy Joseph 11/12/2014 at 05:28

      Actually James, there is plenty to argue about, even if I’m not the one to do it. Anytime political oriented comments are made, arguments come with the package. Now I am not saying all of Kip’s post was politically charged, but there were parts that surely were. I myself will not comment on them. But if someone else were to do so I would not blame them. Ok, I can’t let it go – yes, I will respond to one part of Kip’s post.

      I have often heard people complain about short sentences for criminals. I understand their frustration. But mathematically it makes no sense.

      Ok, 100 people go to prison tomorrow, each sentenced to 10 years. The following day another 100 are sentenced. They keep putting them in cages. They can’t build them fast enough. Why not just come out and say what is really felt – that anyone you don’t know or care about who is convicted of a crime should be instantly put to death. If you put them through the revolving door of society to prison and back again, whether they get out early or do their entire time, they will still be getting out.

      Are people saying that a guy sentenced to 20 years in prison who gets out in 16 years and commits a crime would not have done so had he done the extra 4 years? Sooner or later they get out. Sometimes they commit the same crime and go back, if they are caught. But it has nothing to do with the time. Everyone is different. Some people can’t handle jail. If you hand out a sentence of 5 years (and the person being sentenced actually believes he is going to do the whole time), there are some people who could be released a week later and never come back. The ones who do come back as used as examples to represent the norm, and I am not sure that is the case.


  2. Now in the South, we are always nice people. When ever we come across people that are not nice, or not normal, or somehow make mistakes, we say, “Bless their hearts.”

    • Tommy Joseph 11/13/2014 at 01:19

      Ah yes, Warren – the old ‘watermelon con’. I worked 6 months in the carnival. The last 3 months as autumn rolled in were in the south. I remember telling a fellow worker that I liked some of these Southern people. “You mean you fall for that watermelon con?”, he said.

      Later when I moved down here I saw what he meant. There are smiles all around, but don’t turn your back. A lot of agreeing down here – a lot of shoulder shrugging – a lot of “I know dats right.” It’s the complete opposite of where I’m from in PA. The people in my hometown are really dry and seem unfriendly. I used to hate that. When I moved down here I got the complete opposite – overly friendly types – and I don’t like that either. I guess I just don’t like a lot of stuff. But I love being alive. Breathing is my favorite hobby. I am not complaining. I’m a nice guy.

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