Open Letter to Helen Myers on Syria 9/11/13

09/11/2013 — 2 Comments

Helen Myers, You think we should pray? Well, you’ve solved the problem. Let us pray. That will do it. And BTW are children’s lives more important than other lives or was that a little excursive in pandering. All life is of equal importance. we should never gotten into the First or Second World War and we should not get into the third.

We should have never gotten into the ‘Police Action’ in Vietnam, we should not be in Afghanistan (We are there for two reasons. Lithium and Poppies). We were in Vietnam for the oil in Tonkin Bay. If we don’t stop allowing The Rothschild family and The Scull and Bones society run the world we are all doomed, prayers or not. Stop it with the kittens, the puppies and the children crap. Teddy Roosevelt had it right when he said; “Every time I try to do something good for our country the ‘Nice’ people get in the way.

Research what the Jews did to the German people before Hitler came along. Tell me why The Rothschilds financed the killing of their own people. The fact seems to be that you have done no research on this topic. BTW, how many Catholics did Hitler burn in those ovens? You don’t know, do you? On a lighter, not do you know that all Catholic and all Muslim boys are circumcised too? BTW, the number of Catholics killed in prison camps during WWII is Eight Million. Look up The Romani. You see, not all information is available in Bars.


Kip Addotta

2 responses to Open Letter to Helen Myers on Syria 9/11/13

  1. Tommy Joseph 09/13/2013 at 02:43


    I despise history when it’s tinged with politics. Anybody can sling together a bunch of pictures and attach notes. You can take a photo of people standing in line for a rock concert and pass it off as a bread line. Sure, there were a lot of corpses after WW2 (which I agree we never should have got into), and which I also believe more than half of our patriotic military members felt the same way but couldn’t do anything about it because of something called “the draft”) – but I think a lot of those corpses were Germans who were starved out during the so-called allied invasion. I agree with your comments except I do not claim to have any answers, I merely state from the start that I detest history of a political or military nature because it cannot ever be trusted. I don’t care who those bodies belonged to, they were casualties of war. Some smart, forward-thinking people have seen fit to claim those corpses as their own and use them even to this day to further their image as innocent victims, getting whatever they can out of it in the bargain. Otherwise, I don’t know what happened. I can assure you however that if it were not for the draft there would not have been many Americans in WW2, especially against Germany. I don’t need history to tell me this. Common sense is good enough.


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