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imagesPeople want to have a presence on FaceBook, but many of them try to do it by ‘fake posting’!

Fake posting is when one doesn’t really have anything to say so they find things that other people have created and post it simply to give their friends the impression that they are active.

I do not consider posting a photo or some sort of innocuous statement a valid post, because it doesn’t come from the mind of the person who posted it! I want to know what you think?  I want to know how you feel about something that is going on in your life? That’s a post!

Recently, a former friend of mine posted a video that must have been made in 1963. It was about a white woman who was complaining that she had to sit next to a black lady, on a bus. While I know that there is still work to be done on the matter of racism, I do believe that we are well past that sort of thing and personally, I am bored with the topic!

However, I can honestly say that I have never been a racist of any kind. And as Martin Luther King once said, “It is not the color of ones skin that is important, but the content of their character!” I believe that! Not all people of any color are good people!

One year, in High School Shop Class, I worked all year on a sheet metal hammer. I turned shaft and gnarled the handle on a lathe, I shaped the head on a milling machine and hand polished it to a high shine, by hand. It was beautiful! I was walking to school with it, after showing it off to my father, on the day I was supposed to turn it in for a grade. I was sure I would get an “A.”

As I walked along, I was admiring it when three boys stopped me and one of them asked me for directions while the other two slipped behind me. As I was giving the first boy the directions he asked me for, the other two grabbed my arms. The boy standing in front of me grabbed my hammer, punched me in the face, and knocked me to the ground. Then they all ran off with my hammer and my “A.”

I failed Shop Class that year because I didn’t turn in my project! I didn’t even tell the Shop Class teacher why. I simply took the failing grade and moved on. Later, I saw the boy during recess with the hammer I had made. He was bragging about the fact that he had taken it from some white kid and turned it in to his Shop Class teacher and had gotten an ‘A.’

I hated those boys! But I didn’t hate them for the color of their skin. I hated them for the content of their character. And I believe that life has punished those boys much more severely than I could ever have!

But I still take satisfaction in the fact that my hammer got an “A!”

I am Kip Addotta





7 responses to Racism

  1. Great story Kip. I hope it’s in the book!!

  2. STEVE EPSTEIN 09/03/2014 at 07:26

    Kip I miss your videos so you are forcing me to read. I almost forgot I like doing that too. Great stuff. Looking forward to the book.

  3. charles hefton 09/03/2014 at 07:53

    The Hammer gets the “A” as henry arron goes yard! Seriously, “Those darn kids took my “A” ? Okay.

  4. Uncle Kippy, so true. Sadly the world is run by evil fanning the flames of hate pitting people against each other. Even more sad, most people are blind to this fact or would rather live in denial out of fear.

  5. James Linaras 09/04/2014 at 01:48

    Nah…a post is a post. Sometimes it’s just as simple as finding something that a friend posted so funny, inspiring, entertaining or educational that a person thinks it’s worthy of being shared so that other friends can see/enjoy it too.

    The BEST thing about it though is that it creates dialogue between people!! As always, I enjoy your posts Kip.

    Thanks again for keeping us thinking!

  6. Tommy Joseph 09/04/2014 at 04:40

    I enjoy discovering minor bits of racism and other flaws in myself from time to time. Small stuff, nothing dramatic. I have two examples.

    One was about 12 years ago and involved me posting to a comedy newsgroup that was very active. I enjoyed the banter. But the place could be cliquish. One guy I enjoyed talking with, a good communicator (also agreed with me a lot, that counts for something), was part owner of a small comedy club in New York. After months of newsgroup banter I clicked on a link that took me to the club’s site. The guy was black. I never knew it. In fact, I thought he talked too good to be an N guy. Hah hah hah. So, it was fun to see that in myself. I enjoy being exposed by myself through others.

    The other one is better. At the poolroom I hung out at in Hollywood, my regular spot, I knew everybody, one day a bunch of us were sitting around talking about music, who likes what, almost a competitive feel to it – like what’s the greatest song of all time or some other really stupid debate.

    So after a while I looked at Amos, a tall lanky laid-back black guy who wore a cowboy hat that fit him perfectly. As the music debate swirled I glimpsed at Amos and the thought went through my head, even though not with words exactly – “Hey, this guy is black, he ought to know what good music is.”

    So I asked him. I said, “Amos, what kind of music do you like?”

    Amos sprawled back in his chair with a big cigar in his mouth and that cowboy hat tilted back and drawled, “Well, Tommy Joe – to tell you da troof, I really don’t likes music too much.”

    Another lesson learned. Not all black people like music. Every day I learn something new. We all do. Thanks for the inspiration Kip.


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