So, You’re Not Going To Vote Eh!

04/29/2014 — 5 Comments

Kip AddottaMany people are totally frustrated and angry at the current political situation. Many people are fed up with the politics as usual and the polarization of the two parties. These things are a given fact.

But beyond these given fact, how many reasons are there for NOT voting? Do these reasons have merit? Are there some solutions to problems or issues around voting and the ultra low 7% approval rating for Congress? Also, what are the consequences of not voting?

1. Many people think their vote does not count. Voters believe that the Electoral College selects the President, not the actual vote count. What actually happens though is that the votes of the people in each state determine the candidate that the Electoral College then endorses for that state. This means that every vote counts, and every person should vote, because the Electoral College candidate is determined by VOTERS, not by some arbitrary process that has nothing to do with voters.

2. Many people have the excuse that they are too busy to vote. Family, work and other life events ‘get in the way’ of voting. Is that really an obstacle to voting, when it is possible to vote by mail these days?

All that has to be done to avoid the too busy excuse is to register to vote at some point during the year, and at the same time, ask for a permanent mail in ballot. The process of voting by mail is no more difficult than paying a bill.

3. Voting registration is a process that people can fear or feel intimidated by. However, the process of registering to vote is much like the process of getting an ID card, where one simple form is filled out. The process of voting registration is actually easy and effortless, and it can be done by mail or online.

4. Apathy is probably the most common reason for not voting. People often do not vote because they do not like the bickering and infighting or mud slinging between candidates. People believe with a lot of justification that politics is a dirty business, and they want nothing to do with it. As a result of the mud slinging, many choose to not pay attention to politics, or ignore it completely. However, those same people often complain the loudest about how bad things are, while not doing anything to make it better. Voting is just one small, simple thing that can be done to make a difference. If you do not vote, do not complain about how bad things are. Get informed about some clean and green political options, such as the Green Party.

5. Some people say they do not vote, because the ‘lines are too long’. However, when seen from the perspective of people dying to gain the RIGHT TO VOTE, standing in line for even a few hours seems like a small price to pay, wouldn’t you agree? There is also a simple and easy process to convert to a mail in ballot, permanently, so you NEVER have to stand in line, unless you WANT to do that.

6. Some people say they do not vote because they do not like the two candidates that are on the news every night. What most people do NOT realize is there are many political candidates and choices beyond the first two that are on the nightly news ‘programming’. If you do not like being programmed against your will, choose one or more of the third party candidates. For example, the Green Party candidates do not accept any corporate money, plus they have a platform that looks ahead seven future generations, instead of just two years. Why choose from the lesser of two evils, when there is political choice that you can vote for; with NO EVIL contained within it?

7. Some people say that they cannot get to the polling place to vote. This may have some validity if a person is sick, disabled or without transportation. It is now possible to vote early, vote by mail, or to have someone else vote for you, by signing a form that gives someone you trust the power to vote in your place. Between these many options, it is still possible to vote, even with difficult circumstances.

8. If a person is traveling, it may be an excuse for not voting, but again the same techniques already explored in the previous sections offer a way to vote. Vote early, vote by mail, or have the ballot sent to where you will be on vacation or on station in the military. There is a way to do this.

9. In Australia, coming up with excuses to not vote is not an option. Did you know that Australia REQUIRES everyone to vote, or to pay a $50 fine? Australia is a democracy and freedom loving country that understands how crucially important it is to vote. They understand (as everyone should) that democracy and freedom is a responsibility and a burden. Voting may not be easy or convenient, but in a freedom loving country, voting is a moral and ethical requirement. What would happen if EVERYONE was required to vote here in the USA? How would that change things? Pretend that this law exists, and that you are required to vote. It may be a more healthy way to look at the world.

10. Some people do not vote for a third party such as Green Party, because they are told it will ‘spoil’ the vote for one of the big two politicians. This is another propoganda piece put out to intimidate voters and get them to toe the line, or to end up not voting, through social pressure, mental and emotional pressure. Remember, this is the United States of America, where everyone is FREE to vote for anyone that they want to vote for, even if it is a write in candidate not appearing on the ballot. Saying you will ‘spoil’ democracy unless you vote the way others do is not even rational.
No one can ‘spoil’ an election. The essence of freedom is that you have the right and privilege of voting for the BEST choice, not the lesser of two evils. Why vote for evil out of fear, when you can vote for good with courage and hope?

Remember that the only people not allowed to vote are approximately 10 million illegal aliens and 5.8 million felons. These two groups are NOT allowed to vote, so these groups really do have a valid reason for NOT voting; THEY CAN’T VOTE, unlike you. So if you want to be like illegal aliens and felons, don’t vote. 5.8 million felons and illegal aliens cannot vote by law, but they wish that they could.

There is a problem with ex-felons not being allowed to vote. “The vast majority of these disenfranchised adults have been released from prison. Sentencing Project researchers found more than 4 million Americans who cannot cast a ballot because they’re on probation or parole, or live in a state that withholds the right to vote from all ex-felons.

“This is a fundamental question of democracy,” said the Sentencing Project’s executive director Marc Mauer. “These policies go back to the founding of this country. [The U.S.] was founded as a great experiment in democracy, but was very limited. Wealthy, white male landowners granted themselves the right to vote, but women, poor people, Indians, African Americans and people with felony convictions could not vote.”

The right to vote was acquired at great cost of many lives and great suffering by the poor, brave women and people of color. Why would you throw this right and freedom away?

If you want to be like people living in terror of punishment under dictatorships, with no right to vote, and no choice of candidates other than the dictator, by all means, quit voting. If you want to be like those quivering in fear under the thumb of despotic regimes such as Quatar, where free voting is NOT allowed, go ahead and do not vote. Do not be surprised when things do not go the way you want. Remember, every vote counts, and your vote is crucially important. You will certainly not ‘spoil’ anything or anyone, if you vote exactly the way you want to vote.

11. Some people say that voting does not matter, because their ONE vote will not swing the result one way or the other. The only problem with this is that many state elections have swung one way or the other based on a few votes, a couple of hundred votes or in the case of a Presidential election, a few thousand votes. The problem with this thinking is that MANY people think this way, so the problem is not just one person’s vote that is lacking, it is MILLIONS of people who think and act this way. MILLIONS of people voting can make a HUGE difference, as most campaigns are extremely close one way or the other.

12. Especially with local campaigns, even third parties can win a campaign if all third party registered voters such as the Green Party actually come out and vote. People typically do NOT vote because they ‘believe’ that their vote will not count for anything, anywhere. As a result, their fear actually comes true, because when they do not vote, their worst fear is actually realized… their vote is NOT counted, so they truly and justifiably feeling helpless, frustrated and angry.

13. Some people believe all political candidates are bought off by corporations, so why bother voting, because the votes have already been bought and sold. Those people with that belief are actually correct. However, Uncle Kippy will always be of the side of his bosses. The American people!

5 responses to So, You’re Not Going To Vote Eh!

  1. Tommy Joseph 04/30/2014 at 00:45

    I will not lie, I could not get beyond, “How many reasons are there for not voting?”, before feeling the need to jump in.

    I need only one reason – I don’t feel like it. I can explain. Your first paragraph does not describe all non voters. It does not describe me.

    It reminds me of being who call themselves atheists who really believe in God but just don’t like the way he’s been treating them lately.

    Same thing applies to some non voters. They don’t like the slate. Or they’re losing faith. I have faith. I have so much faith, in fact, that I don’t feel I even need to vote, my faith will carry me through.

    I have never voted. Had I been allowed to vote when I was 18, my prideful streak of non-voting would never have began. Back then I was young and impressionable. There was a candidate then, 1964, who attracted me. I even went to Madison Square Garden to see him speak.

    This candidate was presented by the mainstream media (is there any other kind?), as some kind of lunatic who, if elected, would take us to World War Three.

    A decade later this same candidate, who lost in a landslide, was a revered member of the Senate. A grandfatherly, wise type, that other politicians looked up to and came to for advice. I was able to understand then when a show the whole thing was. I was not bothered by it, my eyes were simply opened.

    I am so glad now that I could not vote at age 18 or my unbroken streak of non-voting would never have started. I am proud that I never voted. I am not suggesting others do the same. I am not angry like some non voters. Maybe in the beginning long ago when I first realized it’s just a show – maybe then, but not now.

    And the debates, the so-called debates – they are nothing more than a traveling promotion for the voting process. It’s true, they don’t care who you vote for as long as you vote. It keeps the process of hope alive, that every four years, no matter how bad things get, things can always be turned around.

    I do not disagree. Things can be turned around. Always. Change will come and it will be good, because all change is good. And we don’t have to vote to make it happen. Those who want to vote, however, be my guest, I’m not going to knock you for it (at least not to your face, or unless you push me into it). I am a proud non voter. That is why I spent so much time talking about it. Not everyone who chooses not to vote for negative reasons. My reasons are positive. By not voting I am teaching people to have faith without funneling it through elected officials. But if voting makes them feel better, then I suppose it’s harmless enough – so I won’t put them down for doing it. Thank you.


  2. Perhaps anyone who relies on government for a living should not be allowed to vote. They have not earned that right. They are parasites living off others.

    • Tommy Joseph 05/01/2014 at 01:35

      Ewww, they won’t let me vote, oh my God, what am I going to do now? After we deny the welfare people the right to vote we must move even further and make it against the law for non welfare people to NOT vote. We will need to organize an anti non voter group to put these new rules into effect. We must organize the anti voter squad the same way people across our great land have formed Bullies Against Bigots brigades following the incident with the owner of the L.A. Clippers. Makes me sick. Let’s mike up everybody 24/7 and see who comes out unscathed. I saw a pic in the paper of hundreds of people carrying signs against bigotry and applauding his dismissal and all I could think was, “Bullies Against Bigotry.” Sorry Al, voting is one ‘right’ they can take from me any time and you won’t hear me griping.


  3. Don’t be sorry for me TJ, I’m still waiting for someone to explain to me how a man who pays black men millions, employs a head black coach, tells his woman she can sleep with all the black men she wants is a racist because he asks her not to bring her sex partners to the games or post pictures on social media.

    • Tommy Joseph 05/04/2014 at 00:44

      Al, I would need a weekly tv show, an hour, to explain myself on certain issues (not that anyone would tune in). I see beyond ‘the issues’.

      I know the ‘issue’ is what sucks me in. The owner, the girl, the wife, the black players, the media all hyped up. I see that and I naturally ask what’s up. I tune in. But as soon as I see it’s the same old crap, I tune out.

      But there is stuff I can’t tune out of my brain. Had the guy told the girl to stay away from “the bikers”, or, “the skinheads”, she could have taken that tape and released it to every news outlet on earth and it wouldn’t have gone anywhere.

      Now, I’m a fair minded guy, so I admit there’s a difference between a race of people and ‘bikers’ and ‘skinheads’. Bikers and skinheads are people, but they do not necessarily define the white race, same as thuggery does not define the black race.

      Believe it or not, I can see their gripe. I still don’t like it. I don’t like what it breeds. It’s all about groups. Black groups. Media groups. Unless you belong to a group you will never be heard. That’s good for me. They can record me all they want and broadcast it 24/7.

      I am on no one’s side, not the owner or the those he ‘offended’. The owner’s words did not offend me, but I can see how they might offend others. So what? Everyone gets offended now and then. It is scary, and revealing, to see large crowds of people rallying against bigotry, and to look in their faces and see the very heart of it. Just because a person is oppressed, or just because that person’s ancestor’s were oppressed, that doesn’t mean they aren’t capable of being oppressors themselves. The reaction to the owner’s comments are scarier than anything he could ever say. I don’t care about the race thing, to me that’s not even the issue. It’s the draw, but not the issue, not with me. The issue is a bunch of scared people falling all over each other to show who among them is the least prejudiced and the most anti-hate. It’s sickening.


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