Success Is Not An Option

09/08/2014 — 2 Comments


As I observe people, in their business practices, I realize that they don’t seem to be going for the “Win!” To put it simply they aren’t willing to make the commitments to the due diligence that is required to be successful! They don’t return phone calls, show up on time for appointments and be prepared for the appointments.

Once they form bad habits they seem to stubbornly hold on to these bad practices and defend them with the explanation that these bad practices are their style and will not change their bad behavior even if doing so would gring them to success!

I have met a young man that says he has goals he wants to achieve, however he continues to be distracted by things that will insure his failure. He stated that he wanted to speak to me about business matters and he agreed to call me in a few minutes, one evening. I waited and waited, but his call never came. I made a call to him and he begged off, saying that he had forgotten that their was a game on that he wanted to watch and asked if we could talk the following day.

Now, when you have a family to support, one would think that, “The Game” could wait, but not him! He was determined to watch this game and his future be damned. He Just had to watch this game. The next day came and went and there was still no phone call. I’m ready to hook this guy up with work that would help him support his family and further his career and he was too busy to talk because he was in a bar “Watching another game!”

At this point I gave up and lost interest in dealing with him at all! He was so programed, by society, that he had the right to  watch sports games that he believed that it was more important to watch another game. That was his right, as an American citizen.

I’ve run into this sort often! And these signs that I was seeing were the signs not of a man that loved sports, but a man who had a drinking problem because nine times out of ten “Sports” was connected to liquor. Sports usually is. And that, in reality, was what was holding him from being successful.

I have given up on this individual all together, because I would never let sports and liquor come between supporting my family and furthering my career!

I am Kip Addotta

2 responses to Success Is Not An Option

  1. Yes, it’s all about what “he wants”. It seems most people “want” without determination, hard work, generosity and sacrifice. His word to Kip Addotta should come first.

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