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08/15/2013 — 1 Comment

TOO MANY WORDS!  Can’t we say things in less time?  I know I could use some editing.  Maybe the trend toward abbreviating is a good thing.  Still, I can’t deny at times being annoyed with the language of texting.  I’m not annoying with abbreviating things, I just don’t like their style.  Their AB work is not creative enough.  The R and U thing in place of ARE or YOU is especially annoying because the words they AB are already short.  At the same time, let’s admit it, it’s easier than typing ‘are’ or ‘you’ – and not everyone can type.   I acknowledge even  further that if R and U were the norm today, it would be near impossible to get anyone to switch to ARE and YOU. 

 Maybe the text people are more intelligent than I thought.  I had assumed if you’re going to AB something, it should be a word that needs it, like really a long word with lots of syllables.  Maybe the text people are building their new language (our new language), the opposite way, which actually makes sense – ABBing short words first, getting us accostomed to it, then attacking the longer words after they’ve established a stronghold. 

 Just yesterday I was talking with a guy who texts a lot.  I’ve seen his texts.  He has allowed me to study them.  I’ve seen his AB work and I think it sucks.  Not creative enough, lots of R’s and U’s like I mentioned earlier.  I told him his AB work could use some improvement.  He asked me what I meant by that.  I told him I’d rather not say.  He asked why I’d rather not say.  I said, “Because it’s TMA.” 

 He says, “What the hell is TMA?” 

 I said, “Too much aggravation.  Or – just for you – ‘2 mch agg’.”

 Man, I’m worn out from using all these words just now.  I’m outta here.


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  1. johnny zzzap 08/16/2013 at 09:31

    kip, itz me johnny zzzap! I found out about your show to late. I am not good with g mail . I get to much spam. you r still the best of the best to me! my phone is 310 285 86 88. I would love to help you as crew on any show you do, or are in. I am sure u don’t remember me. comedy store, and prop master for love of money. I made the q tip! we have some funny things in common, I managed eddy griffion, booked him with dice in 90. he made 30 mil. and never gave me a dime. (tim allen type deal) hope to hear from you, johnny.

    qave me a dime.

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