My Star Crossed Love!

11/18/2014 — 2 Comments


Years ago I Fathered a child!

I was in love with a woman who was the most beautiful woman I had ever known. But she did not deserve my love!

She was persistent! No matter where I was performing she would show up. I don’t know how she found out where I would be performing she was always there. She had money and would even arrive when I was in Europe. A groupie, if you will. She was an ardent fanatic fan of mine and didn’t want to accept “No” for an answer. I believe that it was not me that she was attracted to, but show business!

After fending her off for a year and a half, in a weak moment, I succumbed to her charms and we began a relationship that lasted for two years, at which time she informed me that she was with child!  (It is a girl.)  I have always taken care of and accepted responsibility for my children and I fully intended and was prepared to do so!

Then, I received a call from her and she told me that she had married another man in a wedding that was held in Hawaii. I was devastated! I had made a terrible mistake. Our child was not a mistake, the mistake was my “Star crossed” relationship with my child’s mother!

And so I bowed out, in respect for her new husband who was told that my child was his. At the same time she said that I was her one true love and her marriage was simply to have a father for our daughter! I was so naive that I believed her and that somehow we would be together, in the end!

This woman would eventually divorce this man, but then she marred yet another man and gave birth to two more children with him.

Now, she has found out that I am writing my autobiography and is afraid that I will include her, in my story. And I will, but under a different name!

She has sent her own children to befriend me and report to her as to my book. Now I am considering using her real name so that everyone will know who and what she is! I most likely will not do this, again, for the children, but there is a part of me that wants to!

I am a mortal Man

And, I am kip Addotta


2 responses to My Star Crossed Love!

  1. Tommy Joseph 11/18/2014 at 21:29

    Looks like it might be time to tap your phone line or record your conversations. I enjoyed your story. It’s an interesting one. I thought it was funny the way you said you finally ‘succumbed’ to her charms. That’s usually the excuse women make when seduced by men.

    I think I understand your dilemma, not wanting to involve or hurt the children, yet at the same time wanting to tell the truth about this woman. I am in favor of the truth. The truth shall set us free.
    Also, if a woman said she used me just to have my child – as long as she wanted nothing further out of it I would take it as a compliment. She can even send me phony pictures of the kid at Christmas time, or on the kid’s birthday – updating the kid’s travels through life, even inventing stories to make the kid sound good – best looking and most intelligent kid in the state, graduated from college with a degree in science but also wants to be an artist – has a great singing voice, is good on stage, but wants to remain out of the spotlight. Just an all round well rounded, way above average kid – my kid.


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