The Death Of A Friend

09/05/2014 — 8 Comments

Today i am saddened by the news of a friend of mine’s death!

I will miss this friend, but will not mention my friends name, lest I be confused with all the people who did not know my friend, yet, believe that my friend would enjoy all the cruel and hateful things being said about my friend, with no concern fot my friend or my friend’s family. And, of course people will use my friends name, in order to draw people to their posts and news items!

Yes, my friend said deprecating things about many people, but never more than my friend said about my friend’s self! And I’ve never known anyone who worked harder, including myself. My friend was someone to admire and I do truly admire my friend. God Bless you kiddo!

My friend was taken off of life support, today. I wonder if these people who are posting comments about my friend know what being taken off of life support means? Does a doctor do it? No! Does a nurse do it? No! Does a hospital orderly do it? No!

When someone is taken off of life support, the switch it turned off by a person with power of¬†attorney or the closest relative. In this case it was my friend’s daughter that turned the switch off.¬†That is how it is done! If anyone can find humor in this please let me know, because I cannot!

I am mourning the passing of my friend and will not go to any of my social sites, today, for fear that I might see the hateful things, I hear, are being said! No, today, I will hang my head down and cry, I am crying now! Good bye fiend! See you soon!

I am Kip Addotta

8 responses to The Death Of A Friend

  1. Dinny Chisholm 09/05/2014 at 02:51

    Perfect, and perfectly sad!

  2. James Linaras 09/05/2014 at 03:49

    …written (spoken) like a TRUE friend!! Today, I too am saddened by the loss of your friend. I pray that all of her friends and family may find comfort in her memory.

    Yet again, your gift for words makes me proud to be your friend Kip.

  3. Uncle Kippy, not too long ago your friend had the courage to speak the truth about something and was attacked for it by the same phonies who now heap praise.

  4. and predictably the media vultures dredge up something negative from the past between two deceased people.

  5. Your Death of a Friend really hit home with me. It brought back memories of a friend I lost years ago. This may sound strange, but thank you for the tears the memory brought to me.

  6. Kip, beautiful post and right on the money! Hopefully everyone will find a chance to remember someone who was a trail blazer for lots of people and remember the greatness, smiles and just how much this person changed the way we enjoyed our laughter!
    Peace be with in you and the family.
    Nick D

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