The Shaving Of Crotches

03/25/2014 — 8 Comments


When I go out with a woman I assume that I am with a funky grown, adult, female. A little dinner, a little dancing, a few cocktails and, if I’m lucky, I end up in her bedroom. She excuses herself and visits the bath room. When she returns she is naked and her pubic hair is completely shave off. She looks loke a thirteen year old!

Ladies, stop it with the shaving of your crotches. Stop it! You look silly! And if your significant other asks you to shave your crotch, I wouldn’t leave him alone with the kids, if I were you.

Why is it that women seem to want to erase of eliminate anything that alludes to any sign of humanity.

Now a Bikini Wax is fine. A little gardening down there is appreciated and, of course eye brow plucking, shaven legs, anal waxing and arm pit shaving seems only civilized. But any more than that is down right obscene.

If a “Lady” steps out of her powder room completely devoid of any hair at all the whole evening seems rather premeditated. One gets the impression that this girl plans on bedding every man she encounters. Not good!

A man should be given, at least, the illusion of spontaneity. The illusion that a woman thinks he is special and not just another “Hook Up.”

I knew a women, in Cleveland , who shaved her vagina and had a tattoo of a male lions face tattoos on it. When her red pubic hair grew back out, the effect was both impressive and startling! I never went out with her again.

Kip Addotta

8 responses to The Shaving Of Crotches

  1. The lady in Cleveland….a LION? That’s one BIG Pussy!

    I totally agree with you about a man wanting “Brazilian” treatment to her crotch. I never understood the desire of any man to want a woman to resemble a child in her private area. I have the same thought as you, lock up your daughters and perhaps sons while he’s around!! BTW a real lady doesn’t bother to manage that area until a relationship is established…but I’m old fashioned….or just OLD!

  2. Tommy Joseph 03/25/2014 at 23:07

    Looking at porn is the extent of my sex life, by choice. Occasionally I’ll yearn for the real thing, but when it comes along I find myself wishing to be alone with the porn.

    I am with you on fake breasts and other copy-cat porn star features, but a shaved puss is fine with me. You look at porn long enough, when the real thing comes along it’s like, “What the heck is that?”, when you see the bush. I don’t like the way it sometimes gets wet and comes to a soggy point like the devil’s beard.

    Porno also can jade a person. Fantasy becomes preferable to the real thing. The real thing isn’t good enough. Oh sure, I could go in for a little cuddling, which women claim to love – but believe me, it you don’t deliver the goods they will have nothing to do with you.

    But what made me laugh about your post was the way you started out condemning the shaved vagina and praising the wonders of natural beauty, etc., only to then say that bikini waxing and others things are ok (for you). It was funny the way you were writing the laws on that one, the final judge on what is and is not normal. Hey, seriously, how about a compromise? Someone should come up with a removable vagina beard. Realistic, made of actual human hair, it pastes on and is great for guys who like the forest, and can be removed for those who like it smooth. I agree about the rings and tattoos and so forth being a turn off. But a big mat of sopping hair can be a turn off too, especially when the needy female spreads her legs with no foreplay or titillation whatsoever as if it is the duty of man to become her personal sex robot. Which I suppose in most cases it is.


    • Tommy, They do make removable hair for male cancer patients. Its called a merkin and I hear it looks like someone dropped a donut on the barber shop floor.

      • Tommy Joseph 03/27/2014 at 04:28

        Susie, the image of the doughnut ring made me laugh. Believe it or not, despite my long post earlier, the topic of sexual preference generally bores me. It’s like discussing the bible, or worse, politics. But there can be humor in anything and anything can be interesting.

        I’m telling you, if it weren’t for the glue, I have always believed that fake beards and mustaches as well as fake tattoos are better than the real thing. I picture an independently wealthy person – doesn’t have to be rich, just a guy who doesn’t have to work (real wealth), getting up each day with a long stretch, then opening a drawer filled with a bunch of different styles of mustaches and beards, and grabbing one and announcing with his first smile of the day, “Ah, this one looks good”, and setting it aside for a post shower put on.


  3. Dinny Chisholm 03/25/2014 at 23:37

    This whole topic makes me think of ‘professional’ women. Out of my realm of experience, and interest. Poor women!

    • Tommy Joseph 03/26/2014 at 03:05

      The last girl I lived with was a whore, a street walker at the time. But she quit and got a job as a waitress. I have been a whore myself, so I understand.

      Anyway, I liked her, but sexually she didn’t do much for me. I’m not blaming her, I’m a hard to please guy who learned at a young age that he can turn to porn when the real thing doesn’t do it.

      She was not the only street whore I have known or been with. From my limited experience I have to say it’s the opposite of what most people think. Most think, oh she’s a whore, I’ll bet she knows it all. It’s not that way.

      In short, hate to say it, she was bad in bed. Maybe I was too. But I’m not talking about me this time. I never paid for it but have spent bed time with female friends who were whores. Street whores. They were all the same, not so good. I wondered why, there must be a reason. And there is. I figured it out.

      When you’re a street whore you don’t have to do anything to turn on the trick. He’s already there. He’s coming to you ready to go. So they get used to that, never learning how to work a guy up, because the guy is already worked up when he hits the street with cash in his pocket. That is my theory on why whores are generally bad lays. Which is not to say I’m anything special or that I’m putting them down – just an observation. And arguing over sexual preferences is pretty insane too. Imagine a war starting over it – one group devoted to shaved pubes, the other to un-shaved – smashing into each other carrying flags emblazoned with the image of the thing to which they now devote their lives in glorious battle.


  4. No one wants to see a bald clam. One of the great sex symbols of the 1970’s-Debbie Harry of Blondie was a nude model in the 1960’s and you can see beautiful photos of her with unshaven natural dark pubic hair.

  5. I don’t think it’s the men that started this trend. This trend started in the late 80’s/ early 90’s and it was the women who liked it better. Not the men. I know from living in Florida that a lot of women kept it groomed because of wearing swimsuits more often.

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