The Trouble With Advocates

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The trouble with advocates is they are paid to have a specific stance on a given topic. If an advocate is being paid to say the world if flat, nothing you say will change their minds. You can show them photos, taken from space showing the world is round and they will continue to advocate it is flat. They’re being paid to have to espouse this opinion and no amount of proof to the contrary will change this!

When we watch the news, most of the people being interviewed are advocates. I do not think most people are aware of this. For instance, the same advocate is promoting a positive view of Obama Care one week, can be paid to be against it the next. This is dangerous because most of the time they are not introduced as advocates. Even if they were, most people, I’m afraid, wouldn’t know what that means. Those people would go around repeating the advocate’s position as if were, indeed, fact.

Take a pharmaceutical company advocate, distributing a product that, over time, is exposed to be harmful, if not, deadly to its patients. The advocate will continue to discount the drug risk no matter how many people are injured or even killed by it.

Never once have I seen or heard an advocate alter their position on any subject even though the proof against their employer’s product or position is exposed to be a flat out lie. If the company who employing these advocates is proven in court to be responsible for damage to their costumer, they deploy their lawyers to defend and exonerate the culprits for the damage caused.

I was hired to go to Hartford, CT. I was doing a show for the company insuring a large American automotive manufacturer that was having trouble with one of the models, in their line. The problem was when this particular model was rear ended, the gas tank would explode and everyone in the car were being killed.

When I landed there, I was picked up and driven to my hotel by an insurance company executive. I asked him about the obvious design flaw and what, if anything, the auto manufacturer would do in response  He said, “They’re not going to do anything about it. It is cheaper to pay off the decedents’ families’ law suits than it is to re-design the car.” The company in question had hired advocates to go on the media and lie about the cause and who was responsible for these deaths.

The moral of this story is, “Don’t believe everything you read, see or hear.” There are attractive people out there who are being paid to lie to us. So if you have, for instance, a political view, you have heard on the media, you may be perpetrating and espousing information that is simply un-true! BTW, I have no affiliation with any corporate entity. You have been warned!

Kip Addotta

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  1. This is a very important topic.They are both advocates and government trained crisis actors.There is an entertaining movie called Diggstown. In short James Woods and Bruce Dern make a substantial bet over a boxing match. SPOILER, the winner controls both fighters and orders one to take a dive. The government and media are both controlled by the zionist bankers. Through the Federal Reserve, a private institution, they issue currency which they lend the government. From MSNBC to FOX they own it. Both sides like the winner in Diggstown. They are also war promoters and profiteers. You may have heard the term “illuminnati”. That’s who they are and their icon is a pyramid (like on our currency) they are the top of this pyramid. One of them, Larry Silverstein puchased the WTC and buildings in 2001 which had been diagnosed with absestos. He insured them for terrorism. The buildings were taken down by underground explosives. what you saw on TV was CGI trickery. youtube this. Also youtube “Robby Parker” a crisis actor laughing before getting into character as a Sandy Hook parent.

    You good people should do your own research. Lots of evidence to be found on youtube.

  2. Tommy Joseph 03/27/2014 at 23:22

    “So if you have, for instance, a political view you have heard on the media, you will be perpetrating and espousing information that is, simply, un-true! BTW, I have no affiliation with any corporate entity. You have been warned! …………..” Kip Addotta

    I read the whole thing but didn’t need to as I already know what you’re saying is true. As for your comment above, fact is, most people’s views are formed by what they hear or read on the news – so I go one step beyond your advice to take the news carefully, I don’t take it at all.

    I read two papers a day. But I only read what I want – stuff that is entertaining or informative or interesting or even dramatic. The puzzles alone are worth the price of the paper. But I don’t read any of the political crap – none of it. Oh, if somebody gets assassinated or there’s some huge scandal, I might take a peek.

    I believe that all people who vote are fools. This is not a harsh statement as we’re all fools anyway. But people who vote are taking it to a higher level. Even worse are those who vote and condemn those who don’t – they are arrogant fools, the worst kind, and they come in great abundance.

    They hop on the bandwagon with great ease. Remember 9/11, how shortly after you began seeing lots of cars with American flags on them. I saw pickups with huge flags, one posted in ever corner of the truck bed, plus one posted at each window. I would estimate that at 9/11’s zeal peak it was one in every 2, maybe 1 in every 4 cars that had a flag on it. It never reached the 50% mark, but it came close. Can you imagine what might have happened had it gone beyond 50%. I can. I imagine that anyone without a flag on their vehicle would be branded a traitor or a coward or both with repeat offenders dragged from their vehicles and beat into the turf. God, I hate politics and those who debate ‘the issues’, which are pretty much the same ones they’ve been given to play with for decades now, and they still don’t get it.

    TJ – Advocate for Non Voting, Precinct 45, Zone 3, Southeast Division…….

  3. If anyone wants to read up about what’s really going in this country and the world. This explains it all. I am not expert on this, but hopefully this will open your eyes.


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