The Truth About Electric Cars

I hope you’ve done some research on electric cars. (This particular Model has a two hundred mile range, therefore not really a candidate for a road trip) The stats are alarming. Electric cars put more pollution in the air than a muscle car. Why? Because, the power one uses to recharge them comes from a power plant.

These power plants run on diesel fuel. More smoke in our air. Contrary to popular belief, the number one cause of pollution is not cars and trucks. It is our homes. Our air conditioning, appliances, electronics, vacuum cleaners, nose hair trimmers and on and on. The whole electric car culture is simply wishful thinking.

It would be great if they worked to keep our air clean, but, they do not and will not. So, you may have the money to spend (In this Case) one hundred and twenty five thousand dollars on a vehicle you use to tool over to the market or visit a neighbor, but, most people do not. If you get the hots for one of these, at least be honest about it. You bought it because you like the way it looks.

Fine, but please don’t go around posing as an environmentalist. What you are is a politically correct polluter. BTW, we have troops in Afghanistan. What does Afghanistan have that we might want? Lithium! The same stuff that is used to manufacture the batteries you will have in your electric car. Batteries that have a life span and are extremely expensive to replace (About five thousand dollars) and very bad for our environment. Happy motoring!

One response to The Truth About Electric Cars

  1. Tommy Joseph 09/02/2013 at 06:20

    Glad to see your posts at the top of the page where they belong. I have not owned a car in 35 years and have nothing to say regarding electric vs gas energy. I walk. My feet cause pollution. Even worse when the socks come off. Pollution is ugly. I wonder if seeing it makes it worse. I remember jogging in L.A. in the middle of summer, sometimes I’d enjoy the smell of gasoline in the air. Not saying I’d want to inhale it from a tailpipe, but there was something oddly comforting about it. Ah, the good old days.

    I agree with your comments in one regard for sure, that no matter what they create as a new energy source, it too will have it’s problems. And it will be costly. What does gasoline cost these days, close to $4 a gallon? If they convert garbage to fuel tomorrow, the cost of garbage will be $4 a pound.


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