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I see in the news that an African American serial killer has been arrested in Gary, Indiana. I remember the good old days when serial killers were almost always white. As a white male, it was one of only a few things I could be proud of. Now here come the African Americans once again to spoil everything once again.

For a long time, the mantra of black folks was, “Only white people kill for fun.” For a long time I almost believed they were right, that serial murder and child molestation was strictly the work of white folks. Not much to be proud of, but at least it was something.

A few years back they caught an African American serial child-molester/killer in Atlanta. Remember that guy? At the time it was big news. Since then, however, there has been a proliferation of Negro serial killers, to the point where once again they are challenging one of the few remaining bastions of whites-only dominance.
Negroes enjoyed their exclusive non-serial-killer status for a long time. But once the door was cracked and they saw a chance to compete, they ran with it. Not content with domination of basketball, boxing, and soul singing, today they are ahead of us in many areas and neck and neck with us in others. Serial killing was our domain. Let’s take it back. How? There is only one way. Kill the Negroes and wipe out the seed of black male serial killing dominance. Kill them now while we still have the chance to remain number one at something. I am just kidding, of course. Truth is, I am glad to see that true racial equality is finally on the rise in our land.


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