To Tell You The Truth, I’d Have To Lie To You!

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Nothing but sheet metal

One of the most odd things to the ear is the truth! As a matter of fact the truth is the most difficult thing for people to believe. Misconceptions are so rampant that people are hesitant to believe anything but the lies that have been told to them. Over and over again!

Here are some common beliefs that people hold to be true:

1 People judge a cares value by the milage!

Even the most inexpensive car will live to role some three million miles. If people want to judge a vehicle they should look at the service records.

2 Electric cars produce less smog.

Energy must come from somewhere! If you charge a car’s batteries, that energy is produced by burning fossil fuel. Diesel, coal or natural gas. If we were to cover the US in Wind Farms and Solar Panels, they would not produce enough energy to run the US. Atomic generators would be a good choice, but the US has outlawed them. France has been using them all along with no problems. Imagine! France is able to produce safe dependable nuclear energy and the US cannot! Could it be that our people are asleep at the controls and cannot be trusted to run a Nuclear Plant? At Three Mile Island, the operators were warned well in advance of the melt down, but they decided that the gauges, warning them, were wrong! BTW the number one producer of pollutants are not our vehicles, it is our homes by a large margin.

3 Front wheel drive is better.

Front Wheel Drive vehicles are cheaper to build and more expensive to repair. When GM went Front Wheel Drive they lost all of their Police business because The Police know that Rear Wheel Drive is safer and more dependable. (When you suffer a rear end collision, the most common accident, You will be happy to have a Rear Wheel Drive around you) Ford continued to produce Rear Wheel Drive and did not need a Government bail out. GM did! The main problem with Frnt Wheel Drive is that between the dash board and the rear bumper, there is nothing but sheet metal. Rear Wheel drive cars have a frame, a drive train and a rear axle! Front Wheel Drive vehicles have none of these. Mercedes, Rolls Royce, Aston Martin, Mustang, Ford, (Mostly) Ferrari, Lamborghini, Bentley, Jaguar and all other fine cars are Rear Wheel Drive! But, Front Wheel Drive is better in the snow! Not if you learn hoe to drive a car!

I am Kip Addotta and I am Sorry

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