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You may not approve. You may not approve of same sex marriage, abortion, immigration, people who don’t belong to your tribe. For your own good I recommend that you find a way to lose all of that.

We are not the “Judge” and that is a blessing because it is a waste of energy and time. Let’s leave that to the Lord! I decided a long time ago that I don’t care. I don’t care about any of the things I have no control of. I care about my behavior. I can control that. People who claim to be Christians seem to overlook one of the basic tenants of Christianity, “Only God can judge. God is the only one who knows all and therefore knows the motives and the experiences that shape each one of us.”

We should spend our time doing the things that we consider proper behavior, and tolerate those who do not live their lives according to our rules.

The different cultures of our land is¬†what makes our country great. The problem with the Russians is that they are all Russian. They do not have the diversity that we enjoy. The Chinese are all Chinese and they only do things that have evolved in their culture. It is when they come to America that they are exposed to our melting pot. We are the only nation, in the world, that has the blessing of the grand tapestry of all cultures combined into “One Nation Under God!” That is why other nations take our technology and use it as if it were their own. The Russian culture is a culture of large bulky design. Their machines are heavier and larger and cumbersome. Ours are lighter and more refined. However, when Russians immigrate to our nation, they are influenced by our diversity and contribute to our grand consciousness.

I love all cultures but do not love every one of every culture.

Immigrants are our best ambassadors. They come here and communicate back to their homeland and tell their friends and family all the wonderful things they find here. They talk about being able to own a car, maybe not a new car but a car. They tell their people that they can speak their mind and raise their children as they see fit. Their friends and relatives believe them because they are a member of those still in their homeland and not some representative who is paid, by us, to advocate virtues.

As far as Islam is concerned I believe that they may believe what they are told to believe. And also that we should consider what we have done to cause such anger among some of their ranks. We, the people, should see ourselves as others see us. Not an easy thing to do.

In the same way that the Jews may never again trust humanity to be humane, Islam may never be able to forgive the atrocities of the Crusades of which, as a Christian, I am ashamed. So, while I believe in defending our people from all harm I am also interested in the reasons behind these attempts on our national security.

We may not be responsible for our Fathers’ wrong doings, but I believe it will serve us well to be aware of them! Tolerance is necessary from all peoples.

I am Kip Addotta, aka Uncle Kippy, and I am running for President Of The United States!

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  1. Nice Blog Uncle Kippy! Lets hope people take it to heart!

  2. There are far too many wicked people that makes the world terrible, whether we tolerate their injustices or not.

  3. Tommy Joseph 05/05/2014 at 03:20

    I agree Kip has a nice blog. As for his “Tolerance” post, sorry, I didn’t have the tolerance to read it and am therefore unqualified to comment on it specifically.

    Now that I think of it though, about running for the Presidency – not me, Uncle Kippy – I’ve always wondered about that, voting for someone just because you know them.

    When I was a kid my uncle was the District Attorney for Lehigh County Pa. I have no idea what kind of job he did, good or bad, only that he was my uncle and everyone in the family was for him to win. He held the office for multiple elections and became President of the PA District Attorneys Society or whatever it was called.

    But when I got a little older I began to wonder about that – voting for someone just because you know them. I wonder, is it possible to know someone, even be their best friend, and not vote for them? Of course it is. But I’ll bet it’s rare.

    I will be voting for Kippy (if I register, which has not happened in 66 years). I don’t care what his stated policies are. He is my friend and he’s got my vote. Hey, it’s all about family, don’t you ever forget that. Gabeesh?


  4. One of the tools of evil is to turn one against the other. You must not believe anything you are told. They provoke hatred and intolerance with lies and false flag events..As Kip wrote let GOD handle it.

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