Tommy Joseph Has An Opinion?

10/26/2014 — 1 Comment



I was at the peak of my virility in my teen years, 13 to 15 bringing standout memories. But women would have nothing to do with me. I was too needful. Women don’t like that. Now I’m just about totally impotent and they’re swarming all over me.

I have never had a child, and boy am I glad. But I’m sure I could have spawned a good one. A boy. A boy to grow into the most virile of men. Why? Because the most virile men are the product of sexual intercourse between a man at his peak of virility with a woman at the peak of hers.

What I’m trying to say is, sex should be encouraged among teenagers – not just the boys, but the girls. And girls should not be allowed to go out with older boys or men either. Line them up with boys of their own age and let them choose.

I have never been able to understand why adults forget what it was like to be a horny kid. For some reason parents won’t let their kids do what they did when they were kids. Why do kids have to lie when they come home late?

“Where have you been at this late hour”, demands Dad when the kid walks in.

“Uh, me and Timmy were watching a football game and doing our homework during the commercials.” Give me a break. Why can’t the kid say, “Dad, I was up the street messing around with Becky Sue and I lost track of time.” And why can’t Dad say, “Ok, son – just make sure you always exercise caution.

“What do you mean, Dad?”

“I mean when you’re making love and you’re holding her tight, don’t squeeze her too hard or too long or you might crush her to death.”

“Ok Dad, got it.”

Why can’t Moms and Dads accept that? They claim they discourage sex for their children because someone might get pregnant. So what? Maybe 13 year old kids can produce better offspring than people beyond their peak of virility – stronger and healthier offspring than ever. And if they’re not having outright intercourse, what’s wrong with messing around a little bit? I want honest answers.


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  1. Dinny Chisholm 10/26/2014 at 20:30

    Thoughtful, interesting, and fresh!

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