Uncle Kippy For President In 2016

04/27/2014 — 2 Comments


It is with great humility that I have announced my candidacy for the office of President of The United States.

I never thought I would do this but due to the conditions and image of The United States in and around the world, I feel it is my duty to take up the task of getting this ship of state back on the right course.

Our economy is in ruin, our healthcare policy is a joke, people need jobs and our image around the world is an embarrassment! I know I can do this. It won’t be easy, it won’t be quick and we will all have to pitch in.

I will be a President for the people. All people, regardless of their race, gender, color, creed, sexual orientation, age or religious beliefs. My greatest asset is that i am not a politician. I am an American. I am not a rich man. I speak from my heart and I am willing to fight for the rights and the good of all people.

I cannot be beat if I simply take each issue and fix it without concern for the powers that be. All of us will feel the pain of change and I will be among you all. Working and sweating by your side in the battle to retrieve greatness back from incompetence. I can do this because I have done it! I was sent away from my home at the age of fifteen with only thirty cents in my pocket. I have survived and thrived, raising three children and building a career that is known all over the world. Failure does not enter my mind and I can and do multi-task very well. The busier I get the better I like it!

I do not consider The presidency a prize but a duty I must perform for my country, The United States of America, to which I owe everything. It is time to step up and square my debt with this great land.

I will not be known as a traveling President. I will conduct the business of state using the tools of the twenty-first century. Why should i spend Six Hundred and Fifty-Thousand Dollars an hour of the peoples’ money to travel the world when I can meet with anyone via electronics. Why would I travel to vacation in some far off land when I can enjoy the pleasures of my own country. In other words I will be a President of the present, not the past.

i believe that our greatness is derived from the multiplicity of our population and the new citizens we welcome to our home. They are our best ambassadors to their own culture.

Kip Addotta


Uncle Kippy

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2 responses to Uncle Kippy For President In 2016

  1. I think you would make a very good president, Kip. You have common sense.

  2. Tommy Joseph 04/28/2014 at 02:05

    “It is with great humility that I have announced my candidacy for the office of President of The United States.”

    Uncle Kippy

    Kip, ………It is with great pride that I announce that I do not vote, never have, and never will. However, now that you have announced your candidacy for the esteemed presidency of our land, I feel it is my duty to let you know that I too am throwing my hat in the ring.

    I will be your main challenge. First I need to know what party you’re representing. I want to make that my party too. I don’t care about the preliminary crap, the conventions, etc. All I care about is the big one in November. That’s when the people speak.

    I will announce my candidacy but will offer no platform. I don’t need one. I will make no appearance other than to announce my participation. Once they see me they’ll say, “This is the man, the guy we’ve been waiting for all these years”, and they will say it on the basis of my appearance alone. From there, a ground swell of support will rise up for the guy who slings no bull. I will be elected on word of mouth alone. No ads. No stumping. Nothing.

    And just to make sure I don’t sling any bull, I will not speak to anyone during the race. I will feel no pressure. If elected – and I fully expect that to happen – I will immediately decline the position and offer it to the candidate I think best represents my policies, which happen to be zero in number. Good luck Kip – get your bullet proof vest ready – it’s going to be a real barn burner. It’s going to be fun.


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