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Thank you to Angela Delfavero, Morley Shulman and Robert Elam for you contributions.

It was interesting to watch people that are supposed to be my friends run for the hills when I announced my candidacy for President. When i win they will be back sucking up to me. But, it is a good thing that they are showing their true colors now. Even my family are hiding in the bushes. “Dad has lost his mind!”

Well, I have not lost my mind! I have found a cause that I believe in. That cause is The United States of America.

I’m calling the bluff of those that say they want good, clean government. Our Constitution says,”We the People of the United States, in Order to form a more perfect Union, establish Justice, insure domestic Tranquility, provide for the common defense, promote the general Welfare, and secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity, do ordain and establish this Constitution for the United States of America.”

We’ve heard it all our lives but we have not seen it in decades. More than fifty percent of our population doesn’t even vote and why should they? They don’t feel that their vote counts! And it is hard to convince them differently! They have good points when they say that our Government is run by people who are out for themselves. Corruption and graft run rampant. Research any government project and just under the surface we find that someone close to the official i charge is getting a cut or making an undeserved profit for doing nothing at all. Our unions are openly connected to gangsters and our public officials are financed by these gangsters.

However, as it turns out one feels more comfortable dealing with gangsters than they do dealing with our bankers who have cheated us out of hundreds of Billions of dollars. And who makes up the difference? We do! The American tax payers! This will stop!

Yearly bonuses paid to corporate chiefs will be monitored and will no longer be available to those who have not made a taxable profit.

I say let’s solve the problem from the top down rather from the bottom up. I will put measures into place that will make it illegal to transfer funds to off shore accounts and for those who decide to physically transport cash to off shore accounts The FBI will intercept them and arrest them in the same way The DEA intercepts drugs being brought into our country.

It will also be illegal to export jobs out of our country. Companies who relocate to other countries will no longer be able to peddle their goods in our country. However, we will offer tax breaks to companies who come back to The United States of their own volition. Our minimum wage will be raised to a level that will support our families. I suggest our minimum wage should be $13.75 an hour.

Legal immigration will be encouraged, quotas will be eliminated and the process to become an American citizen will be less difficult and less lengthy. A functional ability to speak our American language will be necessary. No longer will people from other countries be held hostage by language barriers, enabling so called “Community Leaders” to control them by fear and ignorance.

Our borders will be closed and using the technology we have today we can and will seek out and destroy attempts to tunnel under our boarders. Our airports will be open to those who want to migrate to our country. No more death toll in our deserts. These immigrants will be encouraged to settle in less populated States, eventually doing away with the need for Electoral Colleges! Every vote will count and voter fraud will carry harsh penalties.

i am Kip Addotta, aks Uncle Kippy

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