Whitey Bulger By TJ 8/16/13

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Not much here but am sending anyway.  Not much honesty to it because I didn’t even follow the case, not interested at all, but was drawn into writing my story by a follower of the Bulger news saga who told me she thought Whitey’s last name was funny, that every time she saw it in print she thought of the word “bulge”.  Well, so do I.  I always did.  Here’s why.

I heard from a guy who knew Whitey Bulger personally and even went with him on a few whack jobs that one of Whitey’s nicknames was in fact ‘The Bulger’, because when Whitey told his victims they were going to die their eyes bulged out.

 Actually, I was that guy, and I’m also the guy who gave him the nickname.  I remember when it happened.  We’re sitting in a coffee shop talking about what went down (yeah, we talk shop), and I says, “Hey Whitey, did you see the look on that guy’s face when you told him he was gonna die?”

Whitey says, “I didn’t notice.”

I said, “Whitey, the guys eyes were bulging out.”

“Oh yeah”, Whitey says, “Yeah, that – I noticed that, I always notice that – I thought you was talking about something else.”

I let a pause go by before slyly asking Whitey what his last name is.

“What kind of question is that?”, he says, “you know my name is Bulger.”

“Yeah”, I told him, “but It’s not just Bulger, it’s “The Bulger”, announcing it with dramatic flair – and Whitey looks at me all perplexed like he doesn’t understand, so I explain.  “You know, Whitey – ’cause their eyes bulge out when you tell ’em they’re gonna die” – and Whitey just breaks up laughing and says, “That’s a good one Tommy, I’m gonna have to remember that one.”

 But Whitey didn’t have to remember.  I told the rest of the gang about it the next day and from then on everyone started calling Whitey “The Bulger”.  Whitey was proud of it.  But after a few years he grew to dislike the nickname and vowed that if he caught anyone using it in his presence or even behind his back they would be the next to die.  I never used it after that.

 I never told this story to anyone before.  You are the first one, the only one.  I am able to tell you this now because Whitey was sentenced to life in prison the other day and I really couldn’t care less what he thinks anymore.  Even if he has internet access in prison, it’s not like he’s ever visited your site.  Has he?


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