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I have met the most wonderful women, in my time. I live with one of them. She is honest to a fault, trustworthy and beautiful. She is also sexual. She is “Old School.” She is well read, intelligent and has many friends, of all ages. She is a prize! And, for some mysterious reason, she loves me.

There are many of these women who I have met and know and I am grateful to all of them for being who they are. Good Mothers, fine wives and a true friend to all that have “The gift” of knowing them.

Waiting for the other shoe?

Here it is.

I have also met women who are sly, cunning, devious and down right shrews. These females seem to think that they are entitled to all the respect, deference and rewards that other women enjoy simply because of their gender. They are not!

They are not faithful to their mate, they are not good mothers, they are not capable of running a clean and wholesome home and they do not practice good hygiene. (I could say the same things about men, but that’s for another article. Lets dwell of females, for now.)

I know women who are aggressive, back stabbing, lying, creatures who think nothing of being disrespectful to the men that deserve respect and believe that men are simply a means to an end. If you ever want to see the ugliness within these particular types, take a peek at the “Women’s” restroom in a night club, at about 11PM. My lady will not go into one!

And what is my point?

My point is, be very careful with women. They can look like candy or they can be down right homely. It doesn’t matter. There are good women who are homely and good women who are beautiful. There are also ‘Bums” that fit in the same categories.

Kip Addotta

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  1. At age 13, my wife witnessed her mother and sister being murdered by her brother-in-law.So when she is not very nice to me I try to remember she has a permanent bias towards men. She cannot help herself. However, there soem real nasty womemn out there. Mia Farrow and Lena Dunham come to mind.

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