Would You Walk Down The Aisle With….?

03/28/2014 — 2 Comments

Sex in college

Would you walk, down the aisle, with someone you know had, had sex with more than three hundred partners? Could you walk down the aisle with someone after having three hundred, or more, partners yourself? Would you expect your partner to be monogamous with you? Could you maintain monogamy with them? Or would you wonder if you or they had been so callused by so many former dalliances that they would eventually become bored and look for adventure outside the marriage?

These questions are more pertinent today than ever before. Today most of us feel that, as long as we are single, we can have an unlimited number of sexual encounters and then, one day, become married and change our ways, on the spot. Do you think that you could? Or do you believe, as one lady put it to me last night, “Sex is sex and love is love.” I wonder.

Would you, after so many experiences with other people be constantly be comparing your spouse to all the other people you have “Hooked up” with. Or would you establish an open relationship, with your spouse, that allowed each of you to have sex with other people at will and then return to the hearth with no questioned?

These questions are pertinent because, in todays world the average collage student after four, six or eight years of “education” has had well over three hundred partners. I’m sure getting one to admit it, without a confidentiality agreement would be impossible, however, these are the numbers researchers have come up with.

According to The American Psychological Association after polling students aged 18-24 here’s what they found about the amount and the type of sex taking place behind closed dorm doors:

Sex is the Norm. Since this was a sex survey, not one of the respondents said they had never had sex. One third (33%) said they hit the sheets several times per week, and 12% admitted being lucky enough to get busy multiple times per day.

I believe that it would and is almost impossible to maintain a monogamous relationship after you’ve been to the big city, shall we say. I believe that, today, we live in a society far more permissive than Sodom and Gomorrah and you know what happened to them.

Considering the way we behave, today, it’s no wonder we have such a high divorce rate. You see, it’s true! “Someday we must all pay the piper.”

Kip Addotta

2 responses to Would You Walk Down The Aisle With….?

  1. Of course not. Now, I believe those people were exaggerating, but there are few moral people in the younger generations. There is also a high, a very high STD rate.

  2. Tommy Joseph 03/29/2014 at 00:06

    I have some questions of my own.

    Why get married in the first place?

    If you can’t afford to live alone, why not a roommate of the same gender? Doesn’t have to be gay, just two guys who know and trust each other very well. Separate rooms. Like being in college, I suppose. I have to suppose because I never made it out of high school (and I’m proud of it).

    But I am serious, nothing personal against married folks – if it’s working, fine – but let’s be honest, it’s all about sex, otherwise guys would be marrying their friends or even their dogs. I’d marry my cat.

    You’re going to be living with whatever you marry till you die, or so the story goes. So why choose a sexual turnoff that could turn off at any time, especially 40 years down the road. It’s a joke.

    You’ve got two people living together unmarried, a man and a woman, for like 30 plus years, and suddenly one of them wants to get married. I’d have to wonder what the big rush is now after all this time. If people want to get married, fine with me. But most married people are arrogant and think everyone should be married and have children just like them – until their marriage falls apart and all of a sudden they don’t have much to say.

    And the gays who clamor for legalized marriage, all they’re going to get out of it is the need for a lawyer when it comes time to split. At that time, with all the legal haggling and cash payouts, they’ll both be saying, “What the hell were we thinking?” I say people should be able to marry whatever they want and get divorced whenever they want with no lawyers involved. If it gets violent, so be it – they asked for each other and deserve whatever goes down.


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