How Do I Feel before A Show?

03/23/2014 — 5 Comments


Well, how does one feel the day of an important opening?

I feel great and am looking forward to doing my show, “An Evening With Kip Addotta” at The Ice House, in Pasadens CA, tonight at 7PM

Am I nervous about It? As Elvis said, “I have no right to be nervous. I have an audience to entertain and they don’t deserve, for me to be nervous.” For me the show is already done. I have made all the preparations and feel confident in my own skin.

My only concern is that the audience will be nervous. But, I have made preparations to avoid even this. Audiences have a tendency to become nervous for a performer. That’s why I avoid all contact with anyone, before the show.

I fully intend for this show to be a “Happening.” A show that the audience will never forget. There is no ego here, just facts. One must have this inside of them to do a proper show. I will get an adrenaline rush. People often mistake this for a case of the nerves. However, if one doesn’t have an adrenaline rush there is something wrong.

My show, tonight, will last approximately between 90 and a 110 minutes, depending on the audience. I will receive two encores. how do I know this? Because they are built into the show. Now, I will make sure that my wardrobe fits. I have several wardrobes, is different sizes so we will see.

Kip Addotta



5 responses to How Do I Feel before A Show?

  1. Break a leg, Kip! Tell me all about it later! Have fun!

  2. I hope there will be photos posted for those of us in distant time zones

  3. Have a great show, Mr. Addotta! Everyone’s been buzzing about it all week!

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