Kip Addotta on these pukes that call themselves comedians

01/28/2014 — 1 Comment


  If I had a nickel for very time I’ve had someone say “I’m a comedian too.” I would be a much richer man. When I started in the business of comedy, there were fifty comedians in the US. Do you know how many there are now? Fifty!

Going on stage at an “Open Mic” night does not a comedian make. The terrible truth is that almost every one of these ‘So Called” comedians have never even seen a real comedian work. They watch each other work and copy the mistakes of the other want-to-be comedians.They do not know how to walk on stage, deal with the mic, handle a crowd or even begin a show.

Yes, I am angry. It’s pitiful to watch these slime balls pretending to be comedians and going around telling people that they are comedians. Most  so called comedians are nothing but twenty nine and still living with their mom. They have given The Art of Comedy a bad name. People leave comedy shows, today, saying comedy is not funny. And they’re right. What they are doing is not comedy. It’s the ramblings of someone who hasn’t learned anything and will never be anything because they do not have the courage to talk about their own feelings. They spew things that they’ve heard other people say.

I wish that every one of these people (Men and Women) would come to my show, at The Ice House, in Pasadena, CA on March 23rd, at 7PM and see how this thing called stand up comedy is done. No I am not arrogant, I am humble, but having worked very hard at my art, I am without fear and know that every show I do will be a smash. Sucker!


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  1. I went to a comedy club in Baltimore to see Norm Macdonald the headliner. During the past year I’ve received emails and voice mails from this club claiming I won a raffle for 10 free tickets. Of course I know this is bull spit. The comics they showcase are these pukes and the 2 drink minimum is where they make money. Bottom line, they can’t sell tickets for the pukes Kip is writing about.

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