The Brass Ring

01/24/2015 — 3 Comments


In show business the most difficult thing is getting to the audience!

One may have a great idea for a song, music style, TV show or movie and have it all fleshed out and ready for prime time only to run into that old “Brick wall.” The “Brick wall” is comprised of people who’s task it is to keep your project from ever seeing the light of day. Especially if it might compete with a project, of lesser strength, that they are promoting. An example of this is the hit show ‘Mad Men” which took ten years to finally run the gauntlet of neigh sayers, at studios, to become one of the most popular shows ever.

Of course these things go on in all businesses!

One can submit a project to an agent, a production company or artist and these people do not concern themselves with the quality or creativity of your idea, but only if it fits into the mold of things that have already done or has been done! Hence all the sameness in the media we are exposed to. If it’s new the answer is no! This is obvious when watching, so-called, talent searches where every contestant sounds exactly like the one before.

Even worse is the trick of telling you that they love your project only to then put it on “The Shelf” where it will never be seen by anyone. “Shelving” a project, is an old, tried and true, method of stonewalling the competition.

The public seldom gets to see the best of ideas, but only the ones that are the property of the power brokers who have little concern with quality, but are only concerned with the money that they can make on an entity even if, in reality, it is a piece of junk. Don’t get me wrong, there are many ideas offered to agents and producers that are simply bad ideas and do not merit consideration and these are sent packing post-haste!

So, if you think you have an idea with merit put on your old clothes because you are embarking on a journey through traitorous and muddy waters. If you are able to wade through a hale of rejection and doggedly continue on your quest, maybe, just maybe, you might grab the brass ring!

I am Kip Addotta

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3 responses to The Brass Ring

  1. Spoken (written) like a true, consummate professional!!

  2. Warren Lunsford 01/24/2015 at 19:50

    You are correct Kip. This phenomena you see in the entertainment business is in all business.

  3. Dinny Chisholm 01/24/2015 at 20:13

    True true true! Look at Van Gogh. Originality is worth fighting for . . .

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