The Champion Loser

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This from Tommy Joseph


Years ago I decided that since I’m never going to be a winner it might be easier to be a loser. Not just any loser, but a champion loser – the greatest loser of all time. I felt it might be less competitive on the losing end.

I was stuck in the middle. I had spent some time trying to go up the ladder. It wore me out. But going down was not so easy either. But I kept plugging away.

Eventually I worked my way more than halfway down. Finally I was on the bottom rungs, the losing end. I was on my way to the top of the bottom. I was getting good at going down. But near the bottom things bogged down. I found myself trapped in a pack of determined losers. I had put myself in a worse place. High or low, it didn’t matter, I was always stuck in the middle.

My dreams of being the world’s number one loser were dashed. I decided not to chase either winning or losing. Too much work. Nor would I settle for being in the middle of the ladder with people clawing from below and kicking from above.

I decided to get off the ladder completely. It was not easy. It was a scary jump. But I did it. I picked myself up on the ground floor and walked away for good.

Tommy Joseph

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