The State Of Comedy Today

09/04/2013 — 2 Comments

Now, comedy is not a sport. It is an art form. For decades people have been in the business of pitting comedian against comedian. The whole business is supported by the comedians. Open mic nights and the like.

Twenty five years ago there was a meeting, in Chicago, held by every club owner, in the country and it was decided that rather than pay comedians, the clubs would tele market the shows, giving tickets away and raising the drink prices to make up the difference. The clubs no longer paid the comedians anything and for some unknown reason the comics went along with it. Now the performers are working for nothing except the privilege of performing. Performers have nowhere to perform and get paid.

The level of quality has plummeted, as a result. These comedians don’t know the first thing about what they’re doing. They are simply copying mistake made by other so-called comedians. They don’t know where to stand on a stage, the club owners no longer seat the audience and there is nothing done to present the performers properly. I have been going to watch this so called comedy and it is embarrassing. In every city there is a group of ‘comedians’ who compliment each other for their work and the work is terrible.

And I haven’t even mentioned ‘mic technique or the physicality of performing.

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  1. Tommy Joseph 09/05/2013 at 05:31

    I am beginning to believe that anything that dies deserves it. I mean everything runs its course. If the comedy club dies out it will be replaced by something else. I agree about the comedy bar being lowered. But maybe everything is being lowered at the same time. And we’re too old and not limber enough to get beneath it to check it out from the proper angle. No, now I’m making excuses for bad stuff and I don’t like doing that. But my never-ending need for fairness forces me to see things from both sides, back and forth, never able to come to an actual judgment because I am too honest to be a judge. I think maybe, looking on the bright side as always, that the crappier comics get, along with everything else, maybe what emerges from that dark morass will shine more brightly than the lights that came before it. These are my opinions and I love giving them.


  2. Tommy Joseph 09/06/2013 at 06:48


    Thanks for posting my response. I suppose this comedy business could be analyzed forever. I’m the guy to do it. Now that it’s football season and the NFL is here again, I am really in an over-analyzing mood as I strive each week in our football pool to uncork the secret of how to make a living without working. It’s funny how everyone in the pool thinks they’re going to be the first person to make the discovery. I am just as delusional as anyone in the pool, maybe more so.

    Anyway, I’m glad you posted my comment and I want to add one more thing regarding comedy, which to me is defined as anything I think is funny. I come from Allentown Pa. My friend Richie, also from A-town and currently no longer alive used to call it Nazi-ville because the people seemed so serious and lacking in humor. At least that’s the way it seemed.

    But those who emerge from such a staunch environment with a sense of humor usually have a really good one. It’s like if you’re brought up in an environment where humor is a full-time thing, maybe that’s good, but maybe it gets stale, everyone doing the same thing, and maybe, even worse, it gets kind of competitive. That sort of competition produces tons of skilled people. That’s fine, but the people I’ve met with the best senses of humor come from areas where humor is hard to find. But it’s there. It’s everywhere all the time. Those who are good at finding humor at a young age will not have to search for it when they are older, it will come to them.

    Thanks again,


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