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I’d rather be alone forever than live with company I can’t get rid of. But I am not a loner. I do not dislike people. I enjoy company now and then.

Last night a guy and gal from down the street stopped over. He smokes weed and she drinks. She’s in her 40s. She drinks a lot and still manages to get up the next day and function. I can’t do that. He doesn’t drink. He is her designated driver.

What I am about to describe is something I have seen from these two before – but some times are worse than others. They have a habit of talking at the same time – stories I’ve heard before. Every so often they’ll interrupt each other with, “No, no, let me tell this one”, or, “Ok, ok, I think you should tell this one”, but the story is never completely handed over to one or the other – it’s always to some extent both of them yammering away. It’s like my head is on a swivel. And I don’t have the guts to ask one of them to please shut up.

I appreciated their visit, but by the time they finally left my nerves were screaming. I can’t blame them though. I know it’s going to happen, especially once they get really bombed out, but I do nothing to prevent it. I toss out a few occasional meek hints. But I never come right out and say, “Can we take this one at a time, please?”, or, pointing at one of the two and stating emphatically, “Ok, I am listening to – YOU.” Instead, I just sit there and take it. It’s like being in a tag team wrestling match without a partner.


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