Tommy Joseph Strikes Again!

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When I call you Addotta instead of Kip, that means I am serious, very serious. I went into your site as requested but could not find the “licking “It” is a sin” post. I even clicked on “Kip’s Quotes” and didn’t find it there either. I would like you to not stress over this. All I can say is, I looked and did not find “It”. In a way I’m glad as I really was not in the mood to comment on “It” as I’m really more of an butt man, although I’m not into “The Starfish” thing, just looking and grabbing perhaps an occasional whiff. The smell of “It” on the right woman also turns me on.

But eating “It” is not my idea of a great time. It’s work. Since I don’t have “It” – even with a great imagination I find it hard to imagine how to make “It” feel good. Everything revolves around me. That is why, even though I am not “Swishy.” I wouldn’t mind a female with a penis.

I’m talking about a real female here, not a transvestite. I can understand the penis but am at a loss with “It”. I’d rather gently sniff one and fall to sleep with head resting on “It” than to stick my face all the way in, pretending to know what I’m doing, but really don’t. If the “It” looked more like a “Staff” I could identify with it easier and hopefully show its owner a good time. Anyway, I could not find the post. Just thought I’d let you know as I did not want you to think I forgot about “It.” I am a man of my word. Word up.


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