Why Isn’t Kip Addotta Funny?

02/25/2014 — 4 Comments


I am fascinated by people. I am interested in what they're doing and how they do it. I am well aware that my social media posts are not funny. And I feel no responsibility to make them funny.

What i post, as a private citizen, is how I feel or what I am concerned with, at the moment.

I also have complete confidence in my funny and believe that when i am contracted to do a job of work, I can flip that switch and become the silly fellow that my audience wants and deserves me to be. However, I have long since needed to prove it to people, in my private life. When I am not on stage, I am myself a man like any other man. I am not looking for approval, I am looking for communication.

Pardon my Id, but I believe that I am as good as one can be at whatever they do for a living. I have made my bones. The person that I am on stage is me, but, a more concentrated me. A more entertaining me. As Humphrey Bogart once said, when asked if he thought he owed his audience anything, he said, "All I owe my audience a good performance." When asked why he charged so much to perform, he said, "Cause I can get it."

When I step on to a stage I am the most relaxed me I can be. I am in MY water! I am fearless. When an interviewer asked Elvis Presley if he got nervous before a show, he said, "I have no right to be nervous, I have an audience to entertain."

What I do at work is enjoyable. However, the people I work for are in it for money, ticket sales and liquor sales. I would be a fool to allow people to make money without being remunerated for it myself.

Entertaining and entertainment is not magic or, as some people think, something that simply happens. It is complicated and many preparations and conditions must be realized for a performance to be entertaining. There are lights, sound, temperature and logistics involved. When you see a performance, all of the real work has already been done. The show you see begins long before show time.

People like me are supposed to make it look easy. It is not!

I see people perform at Karaoke and think, "Gee, I can sing just like the artist on the recording." That is because the recording is always done in a key that most people can sing in and the interpretation of the song is already done for you.

I'm sure you can sing along with Frank Sinatra, but could you sing the song if you had never heard him sing it. That's what he had to do. He had to interpret the song and make it his own. There was musical arrangements and orchestrations that had to be done.

If you were to see me perform or listen to one of my CDs you could use my material, pacing and dynamics. It would work for you too. But that does not make you a Comedian. It makes you a Parrot. (With all due respect) People love doing Rodney Dangerfield jokes. But, remember, that it took Rodney weeks or even months to perfect that joke. He worked very hard.

So, no, I am not funny all the time. I am funny at 8:PM and 10:PM. I don't sit around waiting for someone to say or do something that sets me up to be funny. I am stand alone, without context funny. Try it sometime!

Kip Addotta 

4 responses to Why Isn’t Kip Addotta Funny?

  1. Well the case appears solved Kip. It was a browser issue. I switched over to Internet Explorer from Firefox and my comments are making it through.

    My guess it is younger people (I’m almost 55 btw) who feel entitled to have you perform for them on social media. Being funny on twitter is a hobby for me. I saw Jerry Seinfeld perform nearly 25 years ago because he expertly and painstakingly crafted his material to be funny. That he succeeded on a TV sitcom when most stand-ups failed is no surprise to me.

  2. Tommy Joseph 02/26/2014 at 01:19

    The natural comic:

    He is sometimes at his funniest when he least wants to be, like when he is frantically trying to make a serious point and everyone keeps laughing. “No, no, I’m serious”, he cries, as the laughter of those around him only increases. Oh, the frustration.

    But at some point he realizes the laughter is not derisive, that he did indeed say something very funny without knowing it. That happens often with natural comics. Some of their own best material may elude them until alerted by the laughter of others.

    If the natural comic is also a modest man (like me), he may then ask those who laughed what they were laughing at specifically. He then realizes that he told a joke without knowing it, something he does many times per day, because he’s a naturally funny guy and there’s nothing he could do about it even if he tried.


  3. Apparently TJ enjoys mocking you Kip.

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