A Snowy Day In North Carolina 2/15/2014

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Notes from North Carolina:  Snow walk.
 I went to the store and back yesterday when the snow was still coming down.  It was hard and cold because it was half snow, half sleet.  But it wasn’t that bad.  Only half a mile away.
Today I went to the same store, a flat walk, and ran into a guy I know who lives down the hill.  He was on his way to the store as well.  We walked to the store, then I walked back to his place at the bottom of a pretty steep 1/4 mile long hill.  I wanted to do it.  Once I’m out I might as well move a bit.  We didn’t go down the steepest hill, we took a longer but less steep one.
I visited with him and his girlfriend for maybe 15 minutes and then decided to walk home up the big steep hill.  It was dark out.  There were people snow-boarding and sledding down the hill – a steep and winding quarter mile run, not bad.  But for me, the big thrill was standing at the bottom and looking up to see something coming down at a much faster speed than the others.  I wondered what it was until it got closer, which did not take long because it was really flying.  It was someone on skis.
Not only have I never skied in my life (even though had I tried I would have been good at it), I have also never seen someone ski in person, only on tv.  it was a thrill to have my first-ever view of someone skiing happen on a city street where I would least expect it.  I walked up the hill with a bunch of those who had sledded down.  One of the guys was married to the woman on skis.  She was really flying.  It looked scary and could have been even scarier if a car had been coming along one of the 3 small side streets that adjoin the hill.  It was the highlight of my day though, which only further proves I need to get out more often.


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