Where Is That Ego?

07/23/2014 — 1 Comment


I seldom know what to think about people! Or, I may know exactly what to think.

People may think they are crafty, but, really they are transparent. It’s the ego of it all. As a performer, I am not allowed nor do I want to have an overbearing ego. It seems to me that the ego is all behind the camera, out there in the darkness. Frustrated people who begrudge the very thing they are supposed to supply one with. Support!

I’ve seen it in agents, managers, lighting people, sound people, directors and producers. They seem to have animosity towards the performer. I say, “Then perform, if you like!” Get in front of the camera and bare your soul to the world. Let’s have a good look at you! I want you to feel the heat of exposure. I want you to show your humility for all of us to see.

Being in front is horrifying! Go ahead, step out there! Not so sure, now, are you? You would rather be in the shadows judging someone else and commenting on how egotistical “They” are.

It saddens me to see these things, in people.

I am Kip Addotta

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  1. Dinny Chisholm 07/23/2014 at 05:32

    Beautifully described!

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