A Father’s Letter To His Son

09/13/2014 — 5 Comments

Victor Addotta

Dear Son

Gee, its great being your father! I am Proud of you, more than you could know! You have always been a good kid, That’s why you have always had so many admirers, me among them!

Of course, the early years were the best for me! You looked up at me as if I were a God. Then, even after you realized that I was, indeed, not a God, you still continued to admire me and I you. You lived in my home until you were twenty-three and I loved it! Once I over heard you speaking to someone, on the phone. You said, “I’ve got the best dad in the world!” This was and remains the proudest moment of my life and I will cherish it till the end of time. Thank you!

Then there came a time when, as much as I hated the idea, I felt it was my duty to nudge you out of the nest. So, I went to you and informed you that you would be required to begin to contribute to your support. You did this without question, but after a time came to me and, as always, you told me the truth. You said, “Dad, I can’t get used to paying for something that has always been free.” I said, “I understand!”

Not long after that you moved into your own apartment. My heart was broken, but I knew that I had done the right thing.

You played and experimented with life as a young man should, then, after a few years you met a girl and after a time we, you and I, were on the phone and you said, “Dad, I’m going to ask Sibylle to marry me!” I said, “when did you come to this decision?” You said, ‘right now while we’ve been talking!”

Sibylle and you were married and have been together ever since. The two of you are in love and an ‘Item” to this day! I love you both with all of my heart!

Sibylle and I have had some rough times because, as wonderful as she remains, she did take my son from me, as all wives should do.

Those times are behind us now and I believe that Sibylle and I have come to tolerate each other well. I love my Daughter In-Law and I believe she has become fond of me.

However, as I believe, I still think of you and miss my little boy. I think it’s only natural! To me, although you are a wonderful Man, you will always be my little boy!

Your Dad

Kip Addotta


5 responses to A Father’s Letter To His Son

  1. Dinny Chisholm 09/13/2014 at 18:58

    Heartfelt, honest, and excellent. I love it!

  2. Kip… Beautifully written! Thank you for sharing!

  3. A beautiful letter from a loving and devoted father. More than mere words were displayed here; you both are very fortunate to have one another.

  4. Tommy Joseph 09/13/2014 at 23:00

    You said, “Dad, I can’t get used to paying for something that has always been free.” I said, “I understand!”

    LOL. Not just the kid’s comment, but your response. A lot of truth in his comment especially. Not only is it hard to get used to paying for things that once were free, it’s hard to shop for things you’ve never had to buy before.

    There are several common items I have never bought in my life. A hair brush is one. I have always had one, but they were always handed down to me from someone. Same with a wallet. I have a few but never bought one. I’ve lived on used stuff most of my life. Every time someone I know dies, I go, “Whoops, there goes another big part of the second-hand store.”

    Anyway, I got a laugh from your son’s comment and your response, mostly because there is truth in his comment. Not only is it hard to get used to paying for things that were always free – it’s hard to get used to paying for things you haven’t bought in a while. I go to the store for something I’ve never bought before – or some new, ‘upgraded’ version of something I owned in the past – and I am lost, totally lost. Daddy, help me!


  5. Dear Kip Addotta’s Son,
    Did your dad forget to teach you to wear sunblock when going to the beach or were you just not listening?Either way I hope you learned your lesson.

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