As A Catholic, I Have Never Committed A Mortal Sin

01/29/2014 — 1 Comment


Don’t get me wrong, I have committed many sins, however, they were not Mortal Sins.

In order for one to commit a Mortal Sin, one must do three things.

1. One must know it’s a sin.

2. One must contemplate committing the sin.

3. One must commit the sin.

Under these criteria, you have probably never committed a Mortal Sin either.  However there are people who do commit Mortal Sins and they will burn in hell if they do not ask the forgiveness of the person or persons they have committed these sins against.



One response to As A Catholic, I Have Never Committed A Mortal Sin

  1. Holy cow, Mr. Addotta! By the list provided, I think I’ve committed thousands of mortal sins!

    I think you are absolutely correct that it is necessary to ask forgiveness for the sins committed. However, because of circumstances, many of the people cannot be found or perhaps have died, so one must ask their forgiveness through God (or a deity of choice). However, if I do that, then I also have to accept the forgiveness of those who have committed mortal sins against me.

    So, without them asking for forgiveness — or even if they have refused to do so — I have forgiven and accepted the apologies from the bullies who would torment me, the woman who betrayed me, family members who hurt me, my scared mother who would change the subject, my alcoholic father who abused me, and those trusted few who molested me. I let it go with the words, “They did the best they could,” asking God to forgive them and not hold their spiritual crimes against them.

    I don’t know if it works or if it wipes out their mortal sins, but I feel so much better. They carry their own load, sure, but I helped carry it as well. Letting it go took a huge weight off of me and I am better for it.

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