Bad Bad Boys

04/14/2014 — 6 Comments


Be careful! In my experience, one should always keep a sharp eye on the people around them. I have traveled the world many times over and one thing remains true wherever one is and that is that there are bad Bad People around and that include the street where you live and the lawn in front of your home!

These people do not look bad, as a matter of fact they tend to look quite harmless! Always be careful because they are always scanning for ‘Marks” to take down. We are not even safe in our friends homes! Because, there friends and their home and yard are being scanned too. Again, watch and listen and you will avoid trouble, live longer and, God Forbid, have to bury one of or all of your children.

If you discount what I am saying, now, or chalk it up to paranoia, you are making a profound mistake! Even as I write this it disturbs me. Because I see people that don’t watch their own back too often. They think that something as tragic as I am referring to will never happen to them. Thaese are the very type of person that Bad Bad People are scanning for.

I lead a life full of family fun and friends of good cheer, however, I am constantly scanning the perimeter for suspect people who, somehow, don”t belong. I go out and stay out late and am willing to go into the best and the worst areas because it makes no difference where I am, I know one thing and that is that I must always be on alert!

I do not say these things lightly! I say them because I love people. All people. And I believe that if something happens to one of us, it happens to all of us. So take good care of you and yours because I love you!

Kip Addotta

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6 responses to Bad Bad Boys

  1. Patricia Sauder 04/14/2014 at 19:58

    I love you, too Kip! Have a great day.

  2. It’s a sad commentary on today’s society but it’s so true. Being a nice person, I’ve had my share of this as fact.

    I have learned from some of these experiences, some I’m still acclimating to but not always successfully.

    There is bad everywhere, there is also good. It’s more than a shame these wolves are truly in sheeps’ clothing.

    The content is a reminder one has to unfortunately always be on ones guard. Makes one long for the good old days.

  3. They do not bother people who are self aware because there are plenty of other people with their eyes closed. Now be aware of those that own and control media, government and financial market s. Go to youtube. here are a couple new videos ,The first one is a MUST WATCH with all the Boston hoax anniversary propaganda coming out.

    BOSTON BOMBSHELL!!!! – The Smoking Gun of the Marathon
    BUSTED! Russian Crisis Actor Caught Red-Handed Acting As 3 Different People!

  4. Tommy Joseph 04/16/2014 at 05:26

    Being careful is what it’s all about. That’s one more reason why I resent people’s over-reaction to annoying practices such as talking on the phone or texting while driving. A person who espouses the careful approach, knowing one’s surroundings – the old ‘stop, look, and listen’ routine – should adapt that approach to all things. So, when I hear someone telling others to be careful and have their eyes opened at all times, yet prefers having the law do it for them, I see a contradiction there that I cannot let go unmentioned.

    The most careful man on earth – perhaps too careful,

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