I asked Sheila (I think her name is Sheila, I called her Sheila and she didn’t say anything), I said, Sheila do you think I should get a hair piece, a toupee, some sort of thing to cover my bald spot? She said, “When I see a man wearing a toupee I see a man who is not willing to show me his true self. I see a discrepancy in his personality!” I said, well then I should probably take this sock out of my trousers. She said, “No, but you could move it around to the front!”

Hair Piece

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  1. Roberta Vickers 04/14/2017 at 04:03

    Laughing so hard right now! I used to watch you on Don Kirchner rock concert show. Always loved you. Sad to say I lost track of you until now. So glad you are still around making us laugh. Big hugs to you, God bless u!

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